The column is entitled “Power Rankings: No. 4 Rays.” So naturally, we would expect this piece to be about how the Rays will perform in the AL East this season. Good lord do we feel like friggin’ idiots. Not. Even. Close.

The entire column is about whether or not the Rays will “vanish” from the Tampa Bay area.

The Rays are dead in the water at Tropicana Field, and even St. Petersburg Mayor Bill Foster knows it. That’s why he finally is dropping his cold-war approach to a lease that Vince Naimoli signed as he was paying MLB’s expansion franchise price of $130 million in 1995.

Huh? When did this happen? Just last month, Foster came out of a meeting with Stuart Sternberg “confident that Sternberg and the Rays organization are prepared to honor their current contract through 2027.” Does that sound like Foster is dropping his “cold-war approach”? Or does it sound more like Khrushchev pounding his shoe*?

Whatever Richard Justice was for Sternberg, apparently Rogers is for Mayor Bill Foster. In other words, we, the fans, are getting played (and screwed) by both sides.

Go on…

Foster has shown a willingness to negotiate an early end to the lease, which would allow the Rays to explore a stadium in downtown Tampa or near the intersection of I-4 and I-75, east of Tampa.

ARE YOU F#@%ING KIDDING ME?!? Did Phil Rogers just make this shit up? First of all, WHAT DOES ANY OF THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE 2012 RAYS? Second of all, SHUT UP! Just SHUT. THE EFF. UP!

Foster has never been willing to allow the Rays to explore a stadium in Tampa. THAT’S THE ENTIRE PROBLEM.

*head hits desk*

Rogers goes on to speculate about the Rays moving (“Portland, Ore., is the best market but Charlotte, N.C., and Las Vegas are possibilities”) and even contraction (“could contraction be on the agenda at some point”) even though EVERYBODY including Bud Selig have said contraction is not a possibility.

Oh, and by the way, nothing in this column on the 2012 Rays. Not. One. Sentence. Some power rankings Phil.

Remember when we kept saying this would get worse before it got better? Welcome to 2012 folks, where nobody wins, and only the fans lose.

P.S. Sorry about all the yelling. But F*ck the Heck?

* Yes, we know that the shoe-pounding incident may have never happened (there were conflicting reports and no photos), but it is still one of the enduring mental images of the cold war.



  1. Erick says:

    Can you put up the link to these power rankings so we can all call this guy an idiot?

  2. Raysfan137 says:

    Good idea, Erick. Maybe we can have some fun this season. When we're marching towards an AL East championship and all they want to do is stir stadium issues, and with poor articles like this, we get as many people as possible to go to the site and post one word... "Idiot".

    • Sarah says:

      I already spend an embarrassing amount of time logging on to national and Northeast regional sports sites to kvetch. Man, if I could channel that energy into something productive I probably could have ended world hunger by now! But what the heck, I guess it will be another year of defending our team and region against the no-nothings.

  3. Kerry says:

    I was amazing at reading this " power ranking" article. All of one paragraph about the team on the field and a bunch of made up stuff about the stadium. Ridiculous!

  4. Justin H says:

    This is the only thing the national media ever talks about when it comes to the Rays and it's beyond ridiculous at this point. NO OTHER TEAM IN SPORTS is more disrespected than the Tampa Bay Rays. They've made the playoffs 3 out of the last 4 seasons, beating either the Yankees or Red Sox every time, and the only thing anyone ever says about them is how they have no fans and a shitty stadium. Just imagine if an NFL team was the worst in the league for 10 years then beat the two of the most iconic teams to make the playoffs 3 out of 4 years, do you think all they'd want to talk about is a stadium?

  5. Jeff says:

    At this point we can't avoid it and it's probably best to let the media force the issue. The whole thing is such an embarrassment, and as we all know the Rays are indeed pretty much "dead in the water" in St. Pete, as far as generating real revenue through attendance. The Rays are disrespected only because the perception is that noone down here cares. We know that's not true but reality is in the attendance and that outweighs everything else in the national media's mind.

  6. Raysfan137 says:

    So I actually went to the link and read the article. I have to say, I don't know what Cork is all worked up about. On page two of the article there were a couple of closing bullets about the team (e.g. I'll bet no one knew we signed Luke Scott). It also says we got value for the Garza trade last year. If that's not showing love, what is ? He's scooping Topkin, Rosenthal and all of the rest with that article. It should certainly win him a "Pew"-litzer.

    But hey, dealing with moronic media is what makes us Rays fans special. I think about last Feb (2011). when I was vacationing on Maui. The wife and I standing on top of a bluff with amazing views in three directions. We took a few shots and I saw another couple heading up the trail from the road. I said to my wife - let's go and allow these people to have this to themselves now. As we past the other couple, the guy looks at my Rays hat and says, "Rays.. you guys can have the best team in the world, and no one would know it". I said, "Yeah, well I know it, and so do you, Yankee fan" (lucky guess on the accent). The surprise on his face was priceless. Then as we drove away with the convertible top down, I had both arms extended, yelling "AL East Champs!!!" (this was just after the 2010 season). Now if not for the media constantly attacking attendance, we wouldn't get opportunities like that, would we ?

  7. Leighroy says:

    And they wonder why newspapers are dying....

  8. I sure will be glad if the stadium issue ever dies. Personally I don't have a problem with the stadium but I do admit Tampa is probably where it needs to be.

  9. Roger Mallett says:

    I have heard there is talk a lot of the time ownership gets the Media Press to talk about attendance a lot and to beat the drum to try and stir up the need for a new stadium and to get MLB involved. Just what I heard but could be a lot of cods wallop...Ownership doesn't want to keep bringing it up cause they don't want to pi$$ off the fans but they are thinking about it and the way to do it is to make the national media bring it up. Sternberg either wants a new stadium or for cities around the nation try and buy out the lease for the Rays.


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