It looks like Raymond is getting a new partner-in-crime.  The picture posted below comes via the Twitter account of Jonathan Gantt, a member of the Rays’ Communications department. And yes, that is DJ Kitty “in the flesh.”

We still need to see the full costume, but it does appear that Kitty is wearing Assless Chaps. Just sayin’…



  1. Charles says:

    Is there anything to say aside from “this is awesome”?

  2. It could only get better if it was DJ Fresh in the costume spinning the wheels of steel in the Trop. But I digress……

  3. JLovelady says:

    DJK gonna be raising the roof all season long!!! Followed shortly, by the Rays raising a WS banner!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOO RAAAAAAYYYYSSS!!!!!

  4. Mike M says:

    Think they can build him a DJ turn table area on the Party Deck?

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