The Rays promotional schedule is set to be announced today, but here is a sneak peak (the schedule was handed out at FanFest). We were told that the good folks over at Rays Renegade will be posting pictures of some of the items at some point today. So be sure to check over there.

A couple of dates we are looking forward to: 4/21 Evan Longoria (arms raised) walkoff figurine; 6/3 Flash Jennings bobblehead; 6/15 Joe Maddon bobblehead; 6/29 Don Zimmer bear; 7/22 Matt Moore bobblehead; 9/23 Fan Vote bobblehead (gotta figure this will be Evan Longoria).

And as usual, there will certainly be a few added during the year to capitalize on hot topics (e.g. Sam Fuld supercape)…



  1. Martin B says:

    Are they doing a summer concert series this year? Haven't heard anything about it yet.

  2. Alex says:

    I hope the drawstring bag isn't just for kids...and hopefully it's not crap. I really want that and the tshirts

  3. Dave L says:

    Wonder which one has the best chance of getting bumped?

    Remember the Fuld cape was added to replace the 'Man Ram collectable Home fertility test kit' that became obsolete when he was suspended.

    Note there is nothing associated with Big Jeff or Wade, they are being cautious this year.

    The nice thing about the T-shirts is they have so far been first quality btw.

    Get 4-$12 tickets for you and your friends, park for free. Bring in bottled water and a tuna sandwich, get your free t-shirt watch the game then after sell the shirt online to some far flung Rays fan and you can break even!q


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