The Rays have extended Spring Training invitations (has a player ever declined a spring training “invitation”?) to shortstops Tim Beckham and Hak-Ju Lee, catchers Nevin Ashley and Craig Albernaz, and pitchers Ricky Orta, Ryan Reid, Bryan Augenstein and Marquis Fleming.

We’re glad the Rays are more patient than we are. Because if it were up to us, Beckham would be the opening day shortstop for the Rays. He can’t be worse offensively than what the Rays had in 2011. Just give him a shot to sink or swim.


  • Prince Fielder has been worth about as much as Carl Crawford, and both have aging concerns. And yet Fielder is the one with the $214 million contract. [BI Sports]
  • Some in Pinellas County are pushing for a light rail system as a way to boost attendance at Rays games. []
  • The Rays may be forced to return $33 million to the state because they haven’t been housing the homeless at Tropicana Field on nights in which the stadium is not being used. This is just a guess, but it sounds like backlash against the dubious means used by the Marlins to get the city and county to finance their new playground. Also, it is not clear that the Rays would actually owe anything as the Trop is operated by the city and county. Wouldn’t it be their responsibility? [The Miami Herald]
  • And all of a sudden, the Bucs are the only team with a head coaching vacancy. [Joe Bucs Fan]




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