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Another former Rays player may be heading to a division rival. This time it is Johnny Damon. According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the Yankees have spoken with Damon about being their DH.

It is interesting that Damon wasn’t even good enough to get an offer from the Rays but now he could end up with the Yankees. But it is even more telling that the Yankees newfound payroll constraints are limiting is forcing them to now look at a DH that even the Rays wouldn’t take.


  • Rays FanFest will be held on February 18.
  • Andrew Friedman said the Rays are still looking for a bat, but that player doesn’t necessarily have to play first base. []
  • Marc Topkin says an extension for Joe Maddon may not happen until the end of January because the skipper just left for a European vacation. []
  • The Yankees are also reportedly interested in Carlos Pena as a potential DH. []
  • The Rays spoke with the Astros about acquiring Carlos Lee, but according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, the Rays aren’t willing to take on Lee’s contract ($18.5M in 2012) even if the Astros ate a big chunk of it. [Boston Globe]
  • The last time the Bucs hired a head coach, they took a guy with no head coaching experience. This time, not only does it look like they want a guy with top guy experience, but one scenario has them hiring THREE former head coaches. [Joe Bucs Fan]




  1. Don says:

    Damon was rated as the 3rd best DH in the AL last year, the Yankees will pay for that, the main thing for Damon, and for knowledgeable fans (like me) the Rays won’t even make an offer to guys like Damon….maybe he stays in FLorida for $3 mil/1yr. (incentive to win Div., WS) We will never know…How are they going to get better?
    Luke Scott types for $5mil….please!

    • pete says:

      What do you know about Luke Scott , Don? He was injured in 2011 but from 2008-2010 he was the 6th best LH batter in the American League. His Career OPS is .843 and his Career OPS+ is 121. You’ve been asking for a professional hitter and Luke Scott is just that.

      • Don says:

        WE will see who the professional hitter is….Luke Scott VS. Johnny Damon oppening weekend at the Trop…Gee I hope Scotts injury is ok…for $5mil

    • Tom says:


      By what measurement was Johnny Damon the 3rd best DH in the league last year? By OPS he was not even in the Top 10. The Top 10 (Min 125 PA’s to qualify) were: Konerko,Ortiz, Martnez, Encarcion, Thome, Butler, Young, Hafner, Willingham, and Kubel.

      Also, if I remember correctly were you the one commenting about how “stupid” the Rays were for not resigning Crawford last year? The Red Sox were now guaranteed a playoff spot because they has CC. As I remember it you said you wanted to see the look on Maddon’s face when CC stole home against the Rays. How did that work out for the Red Sox, o knowledgable one?

    • J W says:

      Damon wasn’t even close to being the 3rd best DH last year. I find it funny that you bust on Scott, yet continue to pump a 38 yr old dh who finished 10th out of 14 dhms in OPS last and has seen his BA and OBP drop for 3 straight years. Continue to ignore what those trends mean for a 38 yr old (he’s done). Knowledgable? Ha

  2. Jon says:

    Carlos Lee would be nice.

    • pete says:

      He’s been trending downward for 2 seasons and at 19 million per year , Houston would have to pick up at least 17 million for us to make that trade. I don’t like the deal unless he is essentially free.

  3. Joe says:

    Yankees have 1-2 million to spend on their DH and Pena will not be a Yankee. Now we just gotta out bid and out smart those Indians.

  4. J 2.0 says:

    Don’t want Pena. Rather have Derek Lee. Prefer to trade for Trumbo.

    • pete says:

      So you want either a guy who looked helpless in his first stint in the American League , or a guy who’s OPB was .291? That’s good logic.

      • J 2.0 says:

        First, Lee had a bad year while still hitting .267 w/ 19 hr and 59 rbi for 2 horrible offenses. His OPS was .771 and career OPS is .859. Not too bad if you ask me. He provides pop from the right hand side, veteren leadership, and solidifies 1B this year. Trumbo is young and nearly won ROY. He is under team control for 5 more years maybe more if can work out a deal. His numbers are only going up from here on out. Kotch had a fluke year. It’s great he hit over .300, but the odds of that happening again are slim. And Pena is a 1 year band aid and we know what we are going to get. Being realistic the best Pena can offer is .225 30 hr 90 rbi w/ .350 obp. Not too bad, but it will cost you $7-8 million. Kotch is least attractive option, then Pena, I like Lee better than Pena, and Trumbo has the most upside. So shove it Pete.

        • pete says:

          Well at least you came back with a solid argument. I know Lee had a “down” year but he’s been on a downward trend for 2-3 years now and when in Baltimore last year looked helpless , then he went to the Pirates and started to hit. Suggests to me that he can’t handle the AL East much like many before him.

          As for Trumbo , him almost winning rookie of the year means nothing to me. A .291 OBP% is abysmal. Pena at least plays defense and can take a walk. Just because a bunch of old timer sports writers don’t value sabermetrics doesn’t mean he’s a good player. I will agree that Trumbo has the most upside but only if he learns to walk.

  5. Dustin says:

    With that short porch out in right, Damon might not be such a bad pickup for the Yanks.

  6. CC says:

    Damon’s pretty much done. Started off strong and had a terrible second half. (.238 BA) . Scott should prove to be an upgrade at DH over the course of the entire season. Definitely need a quality first baseman to round out the lineup.We shall see.

    • J 2.0 says:

      With Scott’s injury I see simialr #’s to Damon at the end of the season, which is best case scenario. Only I see it as inverted as to Scott will start out slow then pick it up for the 2nd half.

  7. Don says:

    April 6-7-8 Damon Vs Scott…fight of the century, you boys get your excuses ready, Damon in a landslide…throw in Pena if the Rays sign him…Pena & Scott don’t out hit Damon oppening weekend..If Pena hits a hr…possible…. he won’t hit another for a week….Bet you

    • J 2.0 says:

      Who cares how someone does on opening weekend? Last time I checked the Rays took over a week to win a game last year. How did that turn out again?

    • pete says:

      Did i miss Damon signing with the Yankees? Damon chases the money and the highest bidder will win his services. Yanks have 1-2 million for a DH and Baltimore will give Damon a better offer.

      For a guy who posts on a Rays blog , Don I’ve never seen you write anything positive about them. Either it’s how terrible 2 time manager of the year Joe Maddon is or how every free agent move sucks.

      Don go post on some Yankees boards because you obviously need to spread your knowledge with the rest of the Yankee fans. Either that or maybe introduce yourself to some sabermetrics so you can understand how a team with 1/3 the payroll of the Yankees manages to be neck and neck with them year in and year out.

      • J 2.0 says:

        Pete, we had a disagreement earlier in this thread, but you nailed it. Everytime Don posts something it is negative. And to think that letting Damon go in favor of Scott can be detracted based on opening day weekend, is downright foolish. If Scott can match his .900 OPS of 2010, it would be a great move regardless of how the first week of the season goes.

      • J 2.0 says:

        Furthermore, just for the record. Evan Longoria has yet to reach .900 OPS in his career thus far.

        • pete says:

          For sure , and to think from 2008-2010 Scott was the 6th best left handed bat in the American League with a career OPS+ of 121. Dude can rake , 2011 was his worst season since his cup of coffee in 2005 but he was injured and i’m sure Scott will provide an OPS north of .800 which is a huge addition to this lineup.

      • Sarah says:

        You know, Don had completely disappeared from this board, and then when the Rays signed Lueke and there was some discussion about the gory specifics of the sexual assault charges against him and Don came back to life.

        I still think “Don” is the fictitious alter ego for someone who just likes throwing a monkey wrench into every discussion. He’s chuckling as we all get in a lather arguing with each new and more ridiculous claim he makes. Ignore him and he will stop.

  8. Don says:

    Sarah/ Pete & Co. know you get up every morning and try to find out what “really” is going on with the Rays future and “don” is your best source…
    The only time I missed was when I said the Rays would never cut Burrell, but they did and ate the $8 mil, in the mean time Burrell went on to “play” the outfield for another team and they won the WS…Missed the prediction…for a Rays disaster….I was trying to be positive that they couldn’t be that stupid

  9. CC says:

    You missed when the Red Sux signed Crawford how great that was for them and there was no way we were going to compete for a playoff spot. You are a f***ing joke.

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