According to a report on ESPN Deportes (in Spanish), the Rays have signed reliever Fernando Rodney. Here is the translation…

Dominican reliever Fernando Rodney said Thursday it signed with the Tampa Bay Rays and seek the opportunity to become the team’s closer…”It’s confirmed, will be published in January if God permits. I signed for one year with Tampa Bay to keep working hard and see if God gives me something better,” said Rodney

Rodney will reportedly make “just over” $2 million. We should note that we do not know yet if this is a guaranteed big league deal. It could be a minor league deal with the salary contingent on Rodney making the team.

Rodney spent the last two seasons with the Angels, saving 17 games combined. In 2009, Rodney saved 37 games with the Tigers. This past season, Rodney has a 4.50 ERA (4.71 FIP) in 32.0 innings, with 26 strikeouts and 28 walks. He spent about a month on the DL with what was called an “upper back strain.”

In 2009, Rodney was suspended for three games after he fired a ball from the field at The Trop that landed in the press box near several working writers.



  1. Joe says:

    For a while now I was thinking any Rays move would pump me up because I was so bored. I was wrong, Rodney is awful.

    • pete says:

      I'm thinking they are worried about Farnsworth's elbow and this is just a move for depth. I think awful is a bit strong. It's a weird signing but he's pretty average.

  2. Joe says:

    Outside of springing for Ryan Madson, a RP was unneccesary IMO and lets face it, AF could of done a lot better. To me, Rodney is the guy you sign when you have no one for a spot in the pen and its ST time.

    You got the 4 locks in Farnsworth, Peralta, McGee and Gomes
    The loogy in JP Howell
    The "we need a DP guy" in Burke Badenhop
    And I like all the arms in the Leuke vs Ramos vs De La Rosa vs Torres vs Bush vs the next guy Friedman feels like signing for that final spot. There was also the little chance that Davis or Neimann go to the pen that this would eliminate.

  3. Yobuc says:

    Rays just don't get it. They win up to a certain level, but they are boring. This is business, sure, but they don't seem to grasp its the entertainment business.

    • LoLJFH says:

      What's boring about walking the bases loaded and nearly imploding on the mound...only to strike out the last three? What's boring about giving up 2 runs in a 3 run game and leaving 2 in scoring position in a divisional game/race?
      Come on.....this will be great for everyone's blood pressure! Local retailers will be selling out of new TV's due to broken screens! Think of all the colorful language thousands of children will learn from their parents!
      And all for the low-low introductory price of $2mm.

  4. MarkE says:

    Starting to wonder if AF is only capable of making pitcher deals. Does anyone remember the boring, season-wrecking offense of the past 2 years?

    What does a guy like Longo think of this pedestrian reliever signing? "You're STILL going to protect me with Matt Joyce and BJ Upton's bat?"

    Get used to hitting low and outside breaking balls for average Longo - they're all you're going to see again this season.

    This is the TB Rays. Yawn.

    • Rob says:

      This is the TB Rays. Yawn. Making the playoffs? Yawn. Let's sign a bunch of bats and score more runs and compete for last with Baltimore. That's much better. The "Hit Show" was so awesome!

      • Don says:

        Why don't you ask the PITCHERS what they need to win more games....ask hellboy and price first....they don't need runs they need relief help...right genius?

  5. Bob says:

    It's a long season. At this price, it's clear that this guy is an innings eater who might have a better arm and a few less blowups than a minor leaguer. He has more experience and will take the load off of Perlata and Farnsworth. I never liked the guy either, but I'm okay with it.


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