Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun is reporting that the Rays have reached an agreement with free agent Luke Scott on a 1-year deal with a 2013 option.

Scott can play both corner outfield positions and first base. However, it would seem that he is more like to be the most-days DH.  And if Scott is the DH, Johnny Damon’s tenure with the Rays is now likely to be over.

Scott hit .220 with 9 home runs and a .307 wOBA in 64 games last year with the Orioles. His season was cut short by a shoulder injury that required surgery.

His best year came in 2010 when Scott hit .284 with 27 home runs and a .387 wOBA.

Scott became a free agent last month after he was non-tendered by Baltimore.



  1. Joe says:

    Scott could very well be the 1B and Damon would come back. Or he can be the DH and Pena can come back….or Kotchman….

    Also, the 3rd option of Joyce is at 1B and Guyer fills the other hole.

  2. Jared says:


    • Douglas says:

      Just because you may not agree with him politically, doesn’t make him a “not a good person.” Great sign Rays!

    • JAD says:

      Not a good person. Why? Because he is staunch conservative….

      • Jared says:

        I have no problem with his politics. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I have a problem with him throwing banana chips at his teammates and saying they are being “animals” or “savages” that is a problem.

        • JAD says:

          I agree that was probably overboard….but none of his teammates (even Felix Pie) ever has had a bad thing to say about the guy.

      • Reverend Malibu says:

        The Staunch Conservative thing is not an issue. My favorite Football player(Peyton Manning) is one. The problem is the Obama birther stuff he espoused in 2010 crossed the line of reasonable political disagreement into an ugly realm of borderline racism and undeniable xenophobia. I hope for his sake he’s smart enough to keep his mouth shut and let his (hopefully) good bat do the talking.

        • JAD says:

          Well I disagree with him on the birther stuff but could care less if he actually believes it or not. As for him keeping his mouth shut….not a chance. He will speak his opinion whether people like it or not.

          • Reverend Malibu says:

            He probably will. And I would like to clarify that I’m not saying he doesn’t have the right to speak his mind, but that he would be wise not to get into another row with that particular topic and just play the game.

        • CRRaysHead90 says:

          How is the birther movement racism and xenophobia? Conspiracy theory I get, but racism and xenophobia? I think you may be stretching.

          • Reverend Malibu says:

            At the risk of going down this rabbit hole further, I’ll explain it real quick and move on: Xenophobia comes from a unreasonable fear of strangers(or foreigners). The birther movement is an outreach of the fear on some people’s part that someone they don’t like or voted for that is not the traditional definition of a “proper American” in name or policies in their eyes has infiltrated their country as a foreign Manchurian Candidate, and therefore cannot be President. This of course is an outlandish and untrue Conspiracy theory, but the root cause of it is a xenophobic fear of the unknown. As for the racism, I said it was borderline and I leave that for others to decide if it is, but I haven’t seen any of the other previous White Presidents have to go through the scrutiny of their Birth Certificate the way the current President has(Or John McCain who was born on a naval base that wasn’t even in the United States).

            But I have friends that are birthers that are nice misguided chaps, and given the glowing reviews I see former teammates give Mr. Scott I’ll just assume he’s more misguided than anything else. At the very least if he’s recovered fully from shoulder surgery I hope he’s a useful addition to the Rays(or at least better than Pat Burrell).

        • ttnorm says:

          For me, I don’t get the racist part. Sure some birthers are probably racists but I can’t see that it is a requirement. Are birthers any crazier for dragging this out than the president for not putting it to bed for a couple of years?

          • Reverend Malibu says:

            Well, given the fact that are still quite a number of them that claim the long form Birth Certificate they demanded be released last year after a month of non-stop media attention from Donald Trump was still a forgery, I would say the Birthers are the clear winner in the crazy award.

    • angrybuddha says:

      You know who’s not a good person? Josh Lueke, the rapist who got away with it and got to keep playing professional baseball. And now plays for the Rays.


      That’s who there should have been an outcry against. It’s going to be a lot easier to cheer for every Luke Scott home run than it will to see Josh Lueke take the mount in a tense spot.

      • Reverend Malibu says:

        You won’t get any defense of him from me. I think it was a poor choice on part of the Rays to trade Jaso for him, both from a character and player standpoint.

  3. Hal says:

    Not jumping for joy, but if you look deeper at the numbers – he’s the kind of guy that the Rays usually fall for. His career OPS is better than you think and he does have flexibility – OF, 1st, DH, that Maddon loves. The over/under for different line-ups used is now 130.

    Wonder what the terms are.

    Now somebody check his birth-certificate.

  4. Joe says:

    Our off season plan was to get guys that people don’t like. Leuke, Rodney and Scott.

    Scott, if indeed healthy can flat out hit though.

  5. Don says:

    Bet he doesn’t out hit Kotchman (no matter where he plays), and fielding is no contest….
    probably another $1mil. retread, they work out so good, well maybe he’ll keep Upton in line, think Upton will yell at this guy like he did Longo that time in the dugout? be interesting…

  6. Tom says:

    A Baseball concern about Scott is he has a lifetime .922 OPS at Home and a .763 OPS on the Road. I hope he hits at the Trop, he has not hit well her in the past.

  7. Dan R says:

    When was the surgery? I didn’t have the resources these guys do, but it took me a year, and it was my left shoulder. I am not certain he is healthy, guess the “physical pending” will provide that info.

  8. Joe says:

    What would you guys prefer?

    Option A: Joyce to 1B, let Guyer play before he’s 30
    Option B: Sign Pena to go with Longo, Scott, contract year Upton, Zo and Joyce to have suddenly a powerful team
    Option C: Resign Kotchman….guys don’t choose option C

    • Reverend Malibu says:

      Option B is best if Pena is affordable. That’s a big if.

    • Jared says:

      Option D: Trade for Mark Trumbo

    • JAD says:

      Option B or as Jared stated option D: trade for Mark Trumbo

      • Jared says:

        With the pitching depth we have and two highly touted short stop prospects I think we can make a move for Trumbo. AF might have been on this the whole time because out of Alonso, Rizzo, and Trumbo, we all know who the safest bet is. I don’t think he will transfer to third and with Pujols, if Morales is healthy they can afford to let him go for maybe Hak Ju Lee, Archer, and maybe a Davis, or maybe even a Cobb or Torres.

    • Jared says:

      Option B is bogus. I’ll take Kotch over Pena. I mean if Pena could just sniff .250 that would be great, but I mean .200 isnt worth 30 homers.

  9. Jared says:

    I mean could you imagine our staff and lineup as follows:

    Pitchers: 1. Price
    2. Shields
    3. Hellickson
    4. Moore
    5. Davis/Nieman/Whoevers left after trade for Trumbo
    Lineup: 1. Jennings
    2. Upton
    3. Longoria
    4. Trumbo
    5. Scott
    6. Zobrist
    7. Joyce
    8. Molina
    9. Rodriguez

    That is a team worthy of a #1 power ranking. I know its a fantasy, but I can hope dammit.

    • Joe says:

      It’s not a fantasy really. That awesome team is a trade with the Angels away from happening. Everyone else is already here, our team for 2012 is awesome.

  10. Joe says:

    Cheap, frugal signing…Oh boy, I am so excited. I got my goosebumps…Yeah, right. Thanks Andrew.

    • Jared says:

      Evan Longoria: Hey Luke welcome to the team. It’s great to have another gun nut on the squad.

      Luke Scott: Well I have 140 guns and a safe room in my house. I find it important to have guns hidden in your kitchen cabinets and in the crease of your living room couch.

      EL: Hey thats a good idea. See I don’t know if your heard, but my totally reasonable, not psychotic at all to own AK-47 was stolen from me last spring training.

      LS: Oh thats a shame man I cant imagine having to lose one of my babies that way. Thats why I have a safe room just in case of that scenario.

      EL: Yeah it sucked ………. plus they took an ounce of grass from me.

  11. Joe says:

    Sources, which you can never trust on twitter say Rays will get either Pena through FA or Trumbo through trade….or Kotchman as a FA

    Just not Kotch please, the other 2 make us so awesome.

  12. Tom says:

    I do not understand all the love for Trumbo he only had a .291 OBP,I know he has power but Pena has the same power and even the year he hit .196 his OBP was .325.

  13. Matt says:

    I dont see why Damon can’t come back. Scott cant be making more than $4 million. They might spend 6-7 million on mendoza line pena but not pay $5 for Damon? Scott can play 1st base and Damon can DH. To improve offensively we needed a better catcher(got one in molina) and better hitting from S-Rod, Brignac, Upton etc. Not by a DH and 1st Base

  14. Danny says:

    Kotchman is a bum…we need pop at 1B, not a guy who scores 33 runs and doesnt hit 20HR….Trumbo is not all he’s cracked up to be either…OBP is terrible and Angels will want more than he’s worth for a trade to be feasible….

    Pena, if affordable, is the best option available…he’s faced all the pitching this division has to offer and will be a stabilizer in the clubhouse….i’ll take .225, 25hr, 90rbi all day for whatever 8-10 milliion it takes….Pena, Scott, Joyce and Upton provide this team with a multitude of options to protect Longo….Pena’s defense at 1B wouldn’t hurt anything either…

    c’mon Andrew, got another month or so to fill a couple spots on this roster…get us a couple gems and one big bat and then let’s get to work….GO RAYS!!!

  15. RedBull says:

    After reading a few articles, he seems like a guy who says some pretty outlandish things at times, but does not mean to harm anyone. Everyone is saying that he’s a great teammate, and you just have to get to know him…so I guess I can do the same thing. If Adam Jones and Felix Pie can accept him, and think he’s a great teammate, and have never been offended by him, then why should anyone else have a problem with him? He adds stability to the lineup, and should probably hit around .270 with 20+ bombs…I wasn’t for this earlier, but after the research, I’m open minded. Welcome to the Rays, Luke…now, go jump on Upton for being a lazy ass!

  16. pete says:

    Great move. Now just sign Pena and we become the favorite to win the World Series

    1 Jennings
    2 Upton
    3 Longoria
    4 Pena
    5 Zobrist
    6 Pena
    7 Joyce
    8 Molina/Lobaton
    9 Rodriguez/Brignac

    1 Shields
    2 Price
    3 Hellickson
    4 Moore
    5 Davis/Cobb/Niemann

    Trade one of the 5th starters for a package of prospects.

  17. Joe says:

    You know, Damon made a mistake by using his big mouth. If the Cubs, Indians and others swoop in and take the remaining 1B, we could have put Scott at 1B and brought him back for DH. Now we wont. Scott is not the greatest defender, I know but if people want to consider Joyce for 1B, then they should have no problem considering Scott.

    • Danny says:

      we need more than what Damon can provide in the way of a DH, hence the Scott signing….Damon is free to speak his mind, but his 2nd half has probably scared off the Rays and most other teams due to his advanced age. it was nice having him around, but he stunk out loud in the 2nd half…happy trails Johnny…

  18. steve says:

    Since when has baseball become a place for only “good people”? I bet some of you who are criticizing Lueke and Scott have done some bad things in your life. Maybe you weren’t caught or maybe you were but everyone deserves a second chance in Lueke’s case and Scott has the right to believe whatever he likes even if it is incorrect or racist, thats the American way. Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb were pretty awful people and so were many MLB “heroes” since. You shouldn’t be a fan of sports if you want your teams to be full of role models. I only care if Scott and Lueke don’t break any laws going forward and can perform ON the field, because afterall who are we to judge?

    • Sarah says:

      I think lines get blurred because athletes also try to parlay their athletic success into, say, making money endorsing products — also, how often do the Rays send their players out to community events? But presumably we won’t see Lueke selling New Era caps, and Rays won’t treat us to “Take Luke Scott to school!” day. (Actually, the thought of the latter is pretty funny).

    • Raysfan137 says:

      So glad someone else said what I have been thinking. The truth is, most of those judging these guys only know what the media said, and even then they probably only read one article. They don’t even realize Lueke was never convicted of a sexual offense. The DA was quoted as saying they would probably not get a rape conviction. In fact, my own nephew was charged with the exact thing Lueke was convicted of. Want to know what he did? He brought his drunk girlfriend home to the place they lived I’m together because he though she had too much to drink. She wanted to stay out and party. He put her to bed. She tried to get up drunk and steal the car keys. He hid them and locked the doors and went to bed. She broke a window. At this point he figured someone must have slipped her something. It was beyond drunk behavior. He refused to let her leave. She got very angry and called the police, claiming false imprisonment. They police told him they hated to do it, believe his story, but had to book him. They have to err on the side of safety of the woman. $6000 later, one good attorney, and one less girlfriend, and he was able to shake the charge. But put just the simple details in a news strong and this kid could never play for the Rays. Not saying Lueke was that innocent, but he admitted at least that he put himself in a stupid situation and learned a lot. Whatever your religion, philosophy or moral beliefs, I haven’t seen a belief system worth spit that doesn’t include the concept of second chances and forgiveness. BTW- I’m an atheistic staunch conservative. So I guess I’m not allowed to go to Rays games. Sorry, Stu, one less season ticket holder.

  19. Dave says:

    Not sure why some of yuo are talking about him being a “stuanch conservative” as if it is a problem.

    Anyone paying attention the last 3 years should probably realize by now that fiscal & foreign policy conservatives are what works. Liberal BS and old school moderate Repubs don’t.

    To get on topic, Scott is a grat signing. He isn’t that old and should be healthy now. Should be a 20+ HR guy and hit over .260. I wish they would get someone for first and just use him as a DH and sub.

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