Luke Scott’s new contract will be worth at least $6 million and as much as $11 million. According to Roger Mooney of The Tampa Tribune, Scott will make $5 million this year and the Rays have an option for $6 million in 2013. That option can be bought out for $1 million. The contract also includes bonuses based on number of plate appearances.



  1. Drew says:

    Pretty fair, but a little more expensive than I was hoping. I mean, they signed Manny for 1/3 as much. And at each player’s point in their respective careers, I would have taken manny over scott, only considering batting ability

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah, but Manny was coming off a PED suspension, and his craziness often translated to problems on the field and in the clubhouse. So whereas Manny may have had the more impressive career, he was also the bigger risk. As we found out!

      • Jared says:

        Manny was so cheap for us because he was getting paid over $10 million by the Dodgers (or White Sox don’t fully remember).

  2. Joe says:

    If Scott is healthy and I bet you anything that the Rays made sure he was, he will be a steal, especially with the option to come back next year and not make us need to look for a bat yet again.

    • Dave L says:

      Hopefully this will be the case. Scott was the Orioles MVP a couple of years ago. His bad numbers were posted early last year prior to having surgery he apparently was trying to avoid, which thus ended his season.

      We can only hope he responds well to surgery and gets his pre-injury form back.

      I dont think the available bats out there were much better. At least the Rays didnt give anything up to get him.

  3. Don says:

    Does the name Pat Burrell mean anything to you,
    There’s a saying “you can fool me once shame on you, but fool me twice shame on me…” Friedman you are a Fool”
    this guy will not out hit Damon, forget the other Qualities Damon brings, Book it!

    • J W says:

      I’d really love to hear what Pat Burrell has to do with Luke Scott, and why a Luke Scott signing is any different from committting money on Damon.

    • JAD says:

      Yep. Friedman is a fool alright. Division titles, AL Champs. Man wish he never bought the team. I miss the old days so much.

      • JAD says:

        Meant to say Steinburg buying team and bringing in Friedman.

      • Sambizle says:

        Yes he called him a fool which IS over the top. But isn’t Johnny D’s contract around 5 mil too.

        Luke Scott according to the above has a weak arm too, like Johnny. And EVERYONE know Johnny is a GREAT Club house guy and a Clutch! hitter. If we do make it to the playoffs and it’s the top of the 9th with 2 outs and the bases loaded I would rather have Johnny D coming up than Lukas.

        “No offense, new-Ray Lukas, I hope you help us win the Title!”

        • Sarah says:

          I still don’t understand this “great clubhouse guy.”

          None of us is in the clubhouse. We really don’t know who gives advice, who helps keep things loose, who resolves conflicts….we just don’t know. Some young players, I heard, went to Gabe Kapler for advice. Should we bring him back?

          Really, great clubhouse guys are ultimately the guys who help you win a pennant.

          • Sambizle says:

            We do know Johnny does these things with the playes and with the Media and the Fans.

          • Cork Gaines says:

            I do like good “clubhouse guys.” and do think a team as young as the Rays can stand to have one or two guys at the tail-end of their careers. Guys that understand the urgency of winning now.

            That being said, I don’t like overpaying for those guys. A few years ago, there were some calling for the Rays to sign Curt Schilling because they thought he would be a good influence on the young staff. But why pay $5-10 million for a guy to be an influence? If “influence” is all you are looking for, go out and hire a recently retired guy to be a coach. It’s a lot cheaper.

          • Sambizle says:

            The Rays Team-Media and the outside-Media say these things ALL THE TIME. We see Damon shake hands and laugh with players on every single team, we have seen him with a smile on his face for 15 years. Do you watch the games?

          • Sarah says:

            I think Damon seems likeable and outgoing. He certainly has a ton of friends around the league. Whether that means he is bringing some intangible quality to the clubhouse that helps other players is another question. We really don’t know. I would suspect that the guys who are great media personalities and who promote themselves as “good clubhouse guys” may in fact NOT be the ones who younger players would actually turn to for support.

            But mostly I agree here with Cork. I’m not dismissing the importance of mentors on the team – I just think when your budget is limited you don’t spend scarce funds for this resource. That’s what coaches are for, and they cost neither $5 million nor a roster spot.

  4. Don says:

    FIrst of all JAD you didn’t even know the old days….
    OK …what does Pat Burrell has to do with Luke Scott :Well Friedman was played the fool signing an over the hill player Philly wanted nothing to do with for $8 mil dollars a year, then had to eat his pride and cut him so Burrell could go on to win the WS while the Rays was eating his salary, Now our brain surgeon GM signs a cast off from the powerful baltimore Orioles who still can’t throw from the out field because of injuries and will hit below .250 trying to replace Damon…. thats a fool two times…shame on Friedman
    Do you get it Now?

    • JAD says:

      Didn’t know the old days??? Been going to Rays games since day one. People like you drive me crazy. How in the heck can you complain about an organization that has changed entire culture of the team. Ahhh that’s right you don’t know the old days of being a laughing stock. You just became a fan in 08 like most and then site at home go to 1 or 2 games a year and find fault with a front office that competes with the big boys on more than half the budget. I will Friedman over an GM in the game.

      • Jared says:

        You’re both right in certain aspects. AF has made mistakes. That blockbuster deal that sent Young to Minnesota is all for not now that all we acquired is gone. The Kazmir deal isnt proven yet (although trading him for a new toilet seat is a good deal.) I think signing Damon over Vlad last year was a mistake (I’m very unpopular on that opinion this I know.) The Burrell signing was a disaster, but was arguably the best deal the Rays ever made if not just for the feeling it gave us Rays fans the day we heard the news. I’m sure Don was stoked for that one, yet I’m sure he’ll claim he wasn’t. The things that makes AF make look great are as follows: Joe Maddon; Jim Hickey: Joe Maddon; Joe Maddon; Joe Maddon; Jim Hickey; Dave Martinez; Joe Maddon; Joe Maddon; Tom Foley; Joe Maddon; Jim Hickey; Joe Maddon; Joe Maddon; Jim Hickey; and Joe Maddon. I rest my case.

        • James says:

          What are you talking about? We have Hak Ju-Lee, Brandon Guyer, Robinson Chirinos and Chris Archer still in the upper minors, each with 6 years of MLB control from the Matt Garza trade plus Sam Fuld. This is how you continue to have Delmon Young pay off.

          Sean Rodriguez by himself has already been better than Kazmir and we still have 4 more years of him. We also have Alex Torres who is a top 100 prospect and is knocking on the door and still has 6 years of control left.

          Bringing in Luke Scott was the better move. While he has some risk, his ceiling is higher than Damon’s at this point. Also, Scott didn’t rip the front office or his ex-teammates on his way out of town like Mr. Selfish, Johnny Damon did. Just the way it was handled in public tells me that Luke Scott is much more the professional than Johnny “Screw the Team, 3000 or Bust” Damon.

          • Tom says:

            I agree with those 1st 2 paragraphs 100%. I just wanted to add that with the Kazmir trade they also dumped salary.

    • J W says:

      Then didn’t Friedman play the fool last year when he signed an over the hill Damon who had been cast off two straight years by the Yanks and Tigers? And somehow he should now bring him back yet again after posting declining numbers for the third straight year?

    • James says:

      Let’s all just point and laugh at Don. Baseball has passed you buy super fan.

      <——— hahahahahaha.

  5. JT says:

    Don -
    Name a better GM in the game.

    Scott will not be the everyday first baseman. He will DH.
    Brignac and Joyce were taking grounders at first this week at the trop.
    Joyce as 1b and Guyer as RF
    Canzler can also play 1b and back up Longo at 3rd.
    It will be a platoon position for us.
    Possibly Zobrist as well when brignac and sean rodriguez are playing.
    The team is by far the best defensive team
    In the game, the front office built it that way on purpose, and wouldn’t bring in Scott to primarily play first base

    And they were Plaintain chips he was throwing at Felix Pie, who admits that I’d it wasnt for Scott “helping act like a major league player” he would be out of the game.

    Dominicans eat Plaintain chips.
    The “banana chips” was used by a hack journalist to illicit a response that assumes racism.
    Pie says Scott was the player he was closest to on the team.

    Damon on the other hand is only concerned about himself and sees his opportunity at 3000 hits slipping past him, and his only shot at the HOF.

    We still have the ability to sign Kotch or even Pena.

    Compare Scott’s numbers with Pena’s at the end of the year.

  6. Don says:

    The BEST 1st baseman Friedman can get is Kotchman, right under his nose, but he is playing the Rays card, to see if he can get anyone else cheaper, Just think if Scott ends up playing 1st, do you think he will hit .300 and be 2nd in gold Glove Consideration, and do you think Fiedman could get Kotchman for less than $5mil.? Thats pretty foolish isn’t it Friedman…
    Plus Damon would post better numbers than Scott at DH and he would have stayed in Fl. for less than $5 mil/1yr..Fool #2

    • mrTr0ut says:

      Do you really think Casey is gonna hit .300 again? And if so, so what? We need a run producer, not a singles hitter. Single hitters are fine to have, if they have speed, but he doesn’t.

      Take a look at the season Damon had in Detroit, he got over $5mil (from us) the following offseason. In some ways, he had a better season with us than Detroit, so no way he takes less than $5mil.

      • J 2.0 says:

        Don you’re and idiot. Kotch is a career .265 hitter. He isn’t guaranteed to hit even over .270 next year. Your logic is as good as bringing back Travis Lee because he was sooooo good at defense. 1b is a power corner. I still think a trade is looming either for 1b or moving joyce to 1b and trading for OF.

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