First it was Josh Lueke and then it was Fernando Rodney. Now the Rays have signed Luke Scott, who some think is insensitive and ignorant at best, or racist at worst. Over at Business Insider, we took a quick look at the two most notable incidents in Luke’s past.

BI SPORTS: Rays Sign Noted Birther Who Once Threw Banana Chips At A Teammate

The first was a Q&A Scott did with Yahoo! Sports, in which he went on a long rant about Communism, Socialism, President Barack Obama and whether he was actually born in the United States. The second was a follow up story on in which Scott admitted that he would throw banana chips at his Dominican teammate to remind him to not act like a “savage.”

Some of Scott’s own teammates were adamant that he is not racist. And they would know better than any of us. But the banana chips behavior is pretty ignorant, and we can’t imagine David Price or BJ Upton would be as accepting.

As for Scott’s birther stance, well, we are not going to hold that against him. We have always thought that President Obama dragged that situation out just to make birthers look crazy. And for some like Scott, it might have worked.



  1. Reverend Malibu says:

    Still more offended by the Rays trading for someone like Josh Lueke with his past than I am about about anything Luke Scott has said/done. But yes, the banana chips thing won’t fly in Florida(nor should it anywhere).

  2. Jared says:

    I don’t want Lueke in my city. Period. Him and Jeramy Stephens can go live on an island somewhere.

  3. Dan R says:

    Banana chips because that was the snack he had in his hands? Would it be looked at the same way if he tossed pretzels at them?

    • Pinto says:

      Which animals eat pretzels?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      The way that I read it in the original ESPN story was that he kept a bag of banana chips around for that very purpose.

      Here is the key quote:

      “So I throw bananas in his helmet. Here are my banana chips to remind him that whenever he acts like an animal…”

      • Jared says:

        As a human being the act is unforgivable on the surface. As a Rays fan I have to dig deeper and reallize that Pie was his best friend on the team as well as the other D.R. players. So maybe it could be some horsing around that is being taken out of context. Jones also said he was a “good guy” and it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I don’t know. I don’t approve. But go Rays is all I can say.

        • Jared says:

          Seriously though this Lueke kid is a menace and we, as Rays fans, need to really come together on this. He really cant be on our team. Period.

      • Dan R says:

        I really don’t know how to respond to that cork. .

      • Sarah says:

        So perhaps fans need to come up with a food snack associated with backwoods rednecks that we can toss at Scott when he makes an out?

        • Jared says:

          I owuldn’t do that. The article said he has 140 guns at his house and always has atleast 1 on him. If you make him angry, you make the entire mountain militia angry.

      • J W says:

        Im really not sure why us as fans who weren’t there and had nothing to do with the “incident” should really be upset. I’m pretty sure if there were any actual racist intentions behind it, Scotts teammates would have handled it, and likely wouldn’t be defending him. Sounds like nothing more than horseplay/joking amongst friends.

        • JAD says:

          Because people have to have something to complain about a a reason not to go to the games. I am sure this will be an excuse for many.

          People complain the RFO don’t make any moves. They pick up a guy with some power and people complain, you resign Damon and others on here would be complaining that we needed someone with more pop in the bat. The Kotchman complaints are already starting. Nice guy, good glove, but one year of hitting 300 with no power does not excite me.

  4. Dan R says:

    Did anyone hear the contract numbers? I heard (and can’t verify yet) $5 mil for 2012 and option for $6 mil in 2013 or a $1 mil buyout. . . that to me sounds extremely high especially for a guy coming off surgery.

  5. Neal says:

    Really not liking this deal at all. I thought for sure it must have been a money thing but he’s going to get more than Damon would have. I know Johnny’s numbers could have been better but he was clutch and he provided leadership we hadn’t had since Cliff Floyd was around.
    I definitely agree with Damon’s statement that SS and C were the weak links…not DH and 1B.

    • JAD says:

      Really the DH and 1B spots were weak links as well. The numbers put up by Kotchman and Damon we numbers you get from SS and C not a 1B and DH.

  6. Jinny runs says:

    I had the pleasure of being raised in the same family as Luke Scott and when I say Luke isn’t racist or in any way shape or form a bad person, then he isn’t. Yeah he threw banana chips at a dude, he probably did something ignorant deserving of a harsh reminder. As for the Obama comments, tell me he had no point and I will give you two reasons your wrong. One he drug his feet over something easy to prove and two he’s entitled to his political view just like you and I. It’s sounds more like everyone wants to beat up on a guy that killed himself to live his dream and never stepped on someone to get there. Our family are very devoted Christians. How about talking about how he donated money to build a church for his community and maybe how his entire family wants for nothing. He has been one of my personal role models. If you want to say something bad about a man make sure you know something more about him. Oh and finish a season or not he’s better than you and can swing a bat better than you can run your mouth. Love you Lukie!

  7. Mobula says:

    If this is legit, it explains a lot; even more than the author intended.

  8. Don says:

    If he puts up better numbers than Kotchman (3/4 of a season) and or Damon…. either of which could have been $3mil….than maybe worth $5 mil….We’ll see Lukie!

  9. Jinny runs says:

    Bottom line he’s a good guy that deserves a chance. And he’s done nothing at all wrong or worth criticism.

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