The idea of moving Matt Joyce to first base has been floated around here for a while. And now it might actually be coming true.

The Rays are working out at The Trop today (how good does that sound), and among those taking grounders at first base was Joyce (per Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times). Of course, Reid Brignac also took grounders at first base, so maybe we should temper our excitement.

Still, as a lefty with a little pop in his bat, Joyce would make a good first baseman. And if he can adapt defensively, it would seem the Rays would have an easier time finding a new right fielder (maybe some combination of Sam Fuld and Brandon Guyer, if all else fails).

Of course, we have seen the Rays experiment at first base before without success. Ben Zobrist spent a lot of time working out at first base last winter. But when the regular season came, he never found the proper level of comfort and never played the position during the season.



  1. Charles says:

    I like this idea. Outfielders should be WAY easier to find/acquire than a decent first baseman would be.

    • ttnorm says:

      Disagree, If you are 6'2" and athletic enough to play OF in MLB, you have the tools to be an above average 1B. It is a whole lot easier to teach the sweep tag, than it is to catch balls in the gap.

  2. Joe says:

    If Joyce moves to 1B, it might signal confidence in Guyer. Unless, there is some OF'er out there I can't think of that we want.

  3. Greg says:

    MLB Trade Rumors says the Rays signed Luke Scott. Not a fan of this move. That's your new DH. 34 years old and coming off shoulder surgery. Great.

    • Another Greg says:

      The Rays FO has done it several times before. Pena..Kotchman....Benoit......Balfour....on and on. This is what we do. We buy low, and get a bigger return. I'm looking for Scott to put up about .270/22 hr/85rbi.

      • Chris says:

        Certainly possible. But they also missed on guys like Hank Blaylock, Felipe Lopez and Hee Seop Choi just to name a few.

        • Jason says:

          None of those guys cost us much money. Hank and I think Felipe were both minor league deals. Not sure on Choi.

  4. Reverend Malibu says:

    I think you leave Matt Joyce right where he is.


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