Back in 2008, the Rays catered to the delicate sensibilities of a few retirees in the St. Pete area, and kicked the Devil to the curb with a new name. Team president Matt Silverman said of the change, “We’re no longer the bottom feeding fish…We’re much more about the energy of the sun.”

OK, we’ll continue to ignore the silliness of a team that plays in a dome using sunlight as a mascot. But about once a year, we feel an urge to remind Silverman and the rest of the front office that Devil Rays are not bottom-feeders. And they are in fact, pretty badass.

Today is that post…



  1. pete says:

    While the Devil Ray is certainly a pretty bad ass sea creature , the Sun does keep us alive , so in turn i'd have to side with the Sun on this one.

  2. ALLEN says:

    The rays of the sun can put some real hurt on the skin so I'll go with the Tampa Bay Rays and ask," What's your point? Relevance please."

    • Chris says:

      Relevance? You do realize that the team changed their name, right?

      • ALLEN says:

        I do realize it----back in 2008----so I would again ask what is the relevance relative to anything worthly of discussion today?

        • Bobby Fenton says:

          The point is that the name change was stupid then and three years later is still stupid. They should be the Devil Rays.

  3. Justin says:

    Can we put some Yankee or Red Sox fans near the tank and have the Rays fly out and attack them? After going to the Lightning games this year and seeing the stellar entertainment they provide, this would be a good start for the TROP.

  4. Mobula says:

    There is no doubt that Devil Rays are infinitely more badass than mere shafts of light. All of my relatives agree.

  5. Michael says:

    That's definitely a cool video featuring devil fishies but they aren't more badass than these:


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