If you have been hanging around these parts for a while, you know that the model for this site is to tell you what the Rays have done, what they are doing and try to project what they will do based on what we have learned. Think of RI as “Tampa Bay Rays 101.”

However, for the next 12 days we will step away from the standard, and we present to you 12 “presents” the Tampa Bay Rays should give to their fans. Looking back at last year’s 12 Days of Raysmas, we see that many of our wishes came true. Many did not. If we can get a couple of more this year, the Rays might just win it all.

Without further ado…

On the seventh day of Raysmas, the Tampa Bay Rays gave to us, SEVEN TICKET MAILERS IN OUR MAILBOX…

We received the mailer you see below in our mailbox earlier this week (click the “Read More” link). It is an advertisement for Minnesota Twins spring training tickets. We bought tickets to a Twins-Rays spring training game, ONCE, several years ago, and we still get these occasional mailers.

We can’t even count the number of times we have order tickets directly from the Rays. And to this day, we have never received a similar mailer from our beloved team.

Hey. Maybe the Rays have determined that these type of ads aren’t worth the cost. But we know that when we looked at this below, our first reaction was “hmm, are we free those days the Rays are in Fort Myers?” And then we went online and bought four tickets.

Two months ago, St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster raised a ruckus when he said he’s “not seeing enough marketing by the Rays.” And as much as we ever hate agreeing with the Mayor, there is evidence to support the notion, including when we heard that Bud Selig “instructed Rays management not to make significant financial investments in the area until attendance indicators improve.”

Hey, we understand the Rays have financial restraints. But if there is one area where the Rays should be spending more than the competition, it is in advertising. And outside of the occasional billboard on Dale Mabry, we just aren’t seeing it.




  1. Professor Twain says:

    Good point. Even the Phillies put an ad in the (now) Tampa Bay Times with a special offer for spring training tickets (I bought tickets to the Rays-Phillies game at Brighthouse Field). I do get nice email solicitations from the Rays, such as their Holiday Pack (have bought that the last 3 years). I think doing some mailers would function not only to sell some tickets, but just to raise the Rays profile.

    I grew up in St. Louis in the late 60s-early 70s. The Cards didn’t come close to selling out their stadium in those days. Cards didn’t average 30,000 attendance until 1985. They did tons of things to publicize the team and put butts in the seats, including giving kids who got Straight As free tickets. Rays do such a fine job of producing a winning baseball team, surely they could do a better job of marketing. The giveaways and concerts are nice efforts, but there is plenty of more to be done.

  2. Joe says:

    It’s all phooey to me. As mentioned many times, as late as the mid 1990′s and even some in the late 90′s, Fenway Park consistently didn’t fill up. It was not until new ownership and some of what was Pedro Martinez that reenergized Boston fans.

    And some of you and others why I am constantly mad at ownership at every turn?! This is partly how you protect one, your investment and two your fans. The team’s image is hurt by this. It’s as if there is a deliberate attempt that national and LOCAL interests want to sabotage the fanbase and interest in the club.

    I am just not getting it and will never will. The fact the Rays KNOW this and REFUSE to answer questions or be held accountable for it also is puzzling.

  3. Don says:

    I thought it interesting that the Rays recently got rid of the outside firm that was doing all their Advertising and Marketing,and are now going to do it all “in-house”…..
    I don’t see anyone on the current Rays staff that has a clue..on how to get people to come to baseball games…
    This could basically be another cost cutting move and just let current payroll people do Marketing that is not working…anyway
    Sad, but looks like…. just more poor Marketing/Sales for a slumping business

  4. LoLJFH says:

    Great points by all. I assume it has to do with not enough return on investment. Remember we must think in terms of stocks, bonds, etc….with these bloaks. They were paying an outside agency and didn’t see enough return (tho honestly I think they did a poor job overall). So, why not NOT pay them, don’t do any more than they were doing and save the money and hope we all show up or interest continues to build (eg: value)?
    Like Prof Twain mentioned: I bought Cubs tix last year, Astros the year before and Braves the year before that online and still get ticket info from those teams. I have also bought PLENTY of Rays tickets and get the occasional request for packets but have already gotten info on when their Spring and Season tix go on sale from others. Not once from our dear Solarflares.
    I truly love this team but they are quiet, secure, unfriendly and unheard of during the offseason locally (except Joe’s Thanksmas and Hispanic community involvement in Hazelton – oh, yeah, Evan did a juice diet for 7 days….).
    Hey Rays: MAKE IT A PRIORITY to get us involved. Make it seem like you are proud of the community. Make it appear you care about the area more than just having a team. Make us feel appreciated and excited about the team – this is the time to do it unless a trade is coming and THEN build around THAT positive development for ducket sales. Make us feel like we matter – not just a number. At least Andy and Dave are on Sileo a little bit – I’d rather listen to them anyday anyways!

  5. RedBull says:

    As we discussed a few days ago, the Rays are trying to get a new stadium. The reason they aren’t giving us the full court press is because if they fill up the Trop, then they will not have the basis to continue to ask for a new stadium. Think back to when they took over this team. They did everything in their power to expand the fanbase with marketing ploys. And here we are just a few years later, with not much improvement in attendance. So, my guess is, they don’t feel comfortable puting so much money into marketing when it didn’t do anything for them in the past. It doesn’t make much business sense to keep throwing money at something that you don’t want to happen. They want us to continue to not show up to games because they can continue to work on getting either a new stadium in the gateway area, or they can relocate…my only hope is that if they relocate, they at least stay in the Bay area. A place like Charlotte, NC would love to have the Rays, and I’m worried the Rays have already thought about the idea…we did switch our colors to what the state of NC loves.

  6. pete says:

    This goes back to the Namoli era , when he destroyed the teams relationship with the local businesses. Many of them have never come back and never will. Since I’ve had tickets since the very first day deposits were taken , when there was no team yet. I’ve had the unfortunate experience of dealing with the previous ownership and it was crap from the moment they put people who had deposits into a lottery for tickets.

    The casual person who goes to the games as an event , who went under the previous regime will never come back if they remember those days , and had a poor experience as many people did. The Trop for 7 years was the most unfriendly place to watch a game …. EVER.

    Now it’s a great place ( for how outdated it is) the fan experience is great and it’s fun. Kinda like the Bucs who got sue happy with season ticket holders after dropping season tickets after the team decided to mail it in. Look at the what used to be sold out Raymond James… I was a 9 year season ticket holder with the Bucs and will never return. Once you piss people off , no amount of marketing will fix it.

  7. Don says:

    there are over 3+mil people in this metro. area, if you could get 20% of them to come to 2 games + tourists +concert people + visiting teams fans +season ticket holders…your over 2mil plus tickets sold…
    Doesn’t sound like too hard of a marketing job for some smart people

    • pete says:

      Wow Don , I actually agree with you on all points except 20% is a very high number. 10% would be very respectable for any sort of mass marketing.

  8. Joe says:

    And my point is, ok, you get your fans, but does that mean now you can spend an $80 million payroll? This is the freaking LIE that is perpetuated. It’s not about the butts in the seats. Its more than that. What I don’t get is why others don’t get it!! Ok, you get 5 or 10K more a game, how much is that purely? $5 million, $10 million more? How do fans spend their money at the games? Is the Brewhouse the big source of income? The Team Store (which I may say is one of the BIGGEST in baseball)?

    I get the sensation its like the Wizard of Oz. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!! I don’t get it. Again, to me this all goes back to the base difference between Stu Sternberg and Vince Naimoli and that Stu is basically NOT Vince, but in the end, is Stu more like him than we realize(d)?

    • pete says:

      Joe money comes from Television and Sponsors and Merchandise sales and Licensing. Butts in the seats means more money from sponsors and in merchandise sales. Sponsors pay more for advertisement because more people will see it , if they are packed into the Trop every night.

      We have a bum TV deal right now and we have to live with it but when we sign the next one , that should get us 75 million per year and with all things combined we could easily sustain an 80 million dollar payroll.

      • Joe says:

        And this is what I have been HARPING ON!!! Stu SIGNED THE DEAL HIMSELF!!! What was he thinking?! AND HE HAS THE GAUL TO BLAME YOU AND ME?!

        The sponsors do not come from seat sales, rather than TELEVISION RATINGS! Not SEAT SALES!! Do Texas and L.A. sell out their stadiums to get LOCAL MULTIBILLION DOLLAR DEALS?! The answer is NO, and we know this. It’s Stu’s attitude about the local contract and the freaking MEDIA protecting HIS MISTAKE, NOT OURS!!!

        • pete says:

          Joe we signed the TV deal after 1 magical season. The TV ratings were not what they are now. In hindsight it was a mistake and going forward we have way more leverage.

          We get blasted by ESPN because it’s a New England based sports network and the employees are the fans of our competition. Shit our owner is a Mets fan.

          We want to move because as it sits , we have the smallest population of all 30 markets within a 30 minute radius of the stadium by a large margin. Stu has improved the fan experience at the Trop ten fold over what it was before him. He’s also fielded a winning franchise and culture.

          • Joe says:

            Pete, he signed that deal BEFORE the season. He BET AGAINST HIS TEAM! He underestimated the power and the earning power of local tv money. What a mistake!!

          • Joe says:

            And as far as television markets go Pete, the Rays are 13th out of 30 according to AC Nielsen. So what are you trying to say? :)

          • pete says:

            Well if we signed the deal after 2007 it just drives my point home into why the TV deal sucked. 2007 was an abysmal year but you could start to see the talent on the team starting to come together. Nobody outside of maybe Joe Maddon and the boys in the clubhouse (Scott Kazmir) thought the 2008 team had any chance going into the season and as a fan i had 2010 as the year the Rays finally broke out.

            I thought the current deal was signed after 2008 because the games i couldn’t get to were on ION that year and only a few on FSN

        • Sarah says:

          Joe, can you take a deep breath here? you seem to have some good points to make, you reach a full boil so quickly that even through the internet you seem to be screaming. These would be better discussions if you took it down a few notches. We’re talking baseball here.

          And “Gaul” was the name for France during the Roman empire. I think you mean “gall.”

          • Joe says:

            thank you…..It seems as if we got two sides here, I am just surprised there is so much diametric opposition. Stu and Matt Silverman are not everything you make them out to be, and they simply aren’t the cat’s meow, that is the way it is.

      • Joe says:

        Pete, this is partly of the essence I want Stu Sternberg GONE from the club. This was all deliberately done, the ESPN blasting, everyone blasting and HE KNEW and still knows what he’s doing. It’s all divisive in nature, and its seeping into the local political structure now of city of St Pete politics.

        I am not for conspiracy theories, so forgive me for connecting the dots in regards to what Bud Selig thinks about Tampa Bay fans and every freaking local and national BBWAA writer thinks of you and me and hardcore fans of this team. I feel stabbed in the back, and people want to tell me I owe Stu? I spend hundreds of dollars in ballcaps and supporting the team wherever and all I feel is CRAP that I am a Rays’ fan!! That is BS and Stu and Stu personally I hold accountable for that. It ties into marketing, and Stu gets an F-.

        • LoLJFH says:

          Remember what I said earlier – they see value in commodities. Stu and group saw an opportunity to gain value (revenue). Buy low, sell high is their Wall Street mantra. The likely scenario here is that he sells in a couple years when he realizes he CAN’T get a stadium here and it is too difficult to move the move the team and start all over. He will have made a mint and moved on to the Mets.

          • Joe says:

            Again, understood….I do understand, believe me. I know this well, and frankly I don’t blame him. Its a fact your ROI is better on a baseball team than on the stock market itself.

  9. Rg8r says:

    As I said on twitter;
    $tu¢o is saving the marketing money for a bat¿

  10. Sarah says:

    The Rays somehow have my email address — I assume comes from buying tickets on line — and I get a ton of emails from them advertising all kinds of packages.

    Maybe they just don’t feel direct mail advertising is a cost effective way to generate ticket sales?

    • Joe says:

      Its about getting into the consciousness, Sarah. The Bucs were great at this about 10 years ago and the Lightning get it. It’s about consciousness, get an edge and make yourselves the talk of the town. Tampa Bay has a lot of different ways to spend your money. Make it easier to get to your product and DEFEAT the stereotypes you helped perpetuate. I don’t think the Rays have ever went to that next level. The Lightning to me have it all in order, and an owner and a ground game to make you want to be involved. The Rays don’t have that ground game. It’s almost similar to these presidential campaign bids, similar concept, and I NEVER have felt that from the Rays.

      • pete says:

        Come on Joe. The Bucs need to sell 65,000 seats for 8 games. The Lightning 19,000 for 41. 81 games is a lot of games and its ALL ABOUT LOCATION. GTFO of Saint Petersburg and into TAMPA.

        • Joe says:

          Do you remember 1995 and 1996 at the Thunderdome, Pete for the Lightning?! The ENVIRONMENT?! It was like an ASYLUM!!! The Trop was ROWDY for the Bolts then, if you remember, because I certainly do!! It’s about connection, consciousness and giving you a reason. Phil Esposito was a knuckledragger and was willing to PAY THE PRICE to make it work, and almost 20 years later, the Bolts do have a consistent fanbase. But the Lightning set attendnace records at the Trop with DISCOUNTED tickets and an INCREDIBLE environment.

          • pete says:

            Indeed i do remember those days Joe. I also remember Arena football in the Trop but guess what? Hockey was new to not just Tampa bay but Florida in those days. It’s called shiny new toy syndrome.

            The Lightning do have a good fanbase but also have a BEAUTIFUL arena in an area with THINGS TO DO. Unless you are retired or its First Night Downtown Saint Petersburg is a Ghost town.

        • Joe says:

          Just was driving down on Central Ave and its a lot better now than what it was even 6-7 let alone 10 years ago. So, there has been some good FINALLY, and that is the result of people FINALLY buying in. The corner of 16th and Central comes straight to mind. It’s a good thing to see development in that neighborhood!!

          You can rationalize it all you want, but the Thunderdome was the place to be and it was the result of largely Phil Esposito and working with the Tom McEwens and the Hubert Mizells and making sure it got over.

      • pete says:

        Oh and the Bucs were great at nothing … except winning for the first time in 20 years and selling out a (Brand New) stadium 8 times a year and drawing 500,000 fans.

      • Sarah says:

        Other than the fact that the Lightning ownership are shiny and new, I don’t really see what they are doing that is so much better than what Rays ownership is doing. The Rays ownership also came in with stadium renovations (now long forgotten but some significant improvements to the Trop), new name, new uniforms, new advertising slogans. How exactly do the Lightning “make you want to be involved” in ways the Rays don’t?

        • Joe says:

          Sarah, name the last time the Lightning owner talked about vaporizing the team and just being plain threatening? Come on now!!! COME ON NOW!!! You know EXACTLY what is meant by that, you are waaaaaay too smart and don’t take me for granted saying that. They UNDERSTAND their fans and their market and demos TONS better than the Rays allegedly do. There should be ZERO threats, and you know that!! MLB has outreach programs and I know Stu is doing KaBoom next week, but guess what, when he’s here for KaBOOM, its the first time he’s here since he talked about vaporizing the team!!

        • Houston says:

          Sarah, obviously you are not a Lightning Season Ticket Holder. I am a ticket holder for all 3 teams in the area, and quite frankly, Stu and his group have gone out of their way to make it frustrating for season ticket holders, and are not loyal to us in any way, from prices, seat priority, failure to have effective season ticket reps, giveaways, constant gouging of the season ticket holder in order to get even with the casual fan, getting rid of the organ after all these years, and just flat out belittling the fan base over and over in public. The Lightning have gone out of their way to be loyal, grandfathering prices, letting you add seats, free jersey for each season seat, $50,000 per game giveaway to community charities, an open door policy by the owner to visit regardless of who you are, spending $40 million of his own money to make a better arena environment, creating padded seats for all seats n the arena, adding an organ player the same year the Rays delete theirs from the games, and affordable mini packets, and they advertise all over the internet, the community and on billboards, and actively reach out to the community, including military, police and firefighter salutes during each and every game. Mr Vinik moved here with his family and has become entrenched in this Community. He even allowed a couple to be married at the Forum Saturday before the game, and attended their wedding because they are Lightning fans. This is first class, so the next time you ask the difference, well there it is. I am a long time season ticket holder for all 3 teams for years, and there is no comparison between Stu, the Glazers and Vinik. Vinik gets it, and that is why the Lightning went from 6,000 season ticket holders last year, to 12,000 this year. They also publish their numbers and don’t hide behind fake accounts, and fake priority numbers as to where you are on a seating list, and discourage you from adding more season tickets in order to keep higher revenue sharing in place, as well as move along their agenda for a new stadium. The Rays continue their scam, and its all about making money, not at all about fans or community or even the team. They do well, and have been winning, but not because of Stu the past 2 years, but because of the product on the field, and a front office that has been savvy. Stu has clearly tired to spurn fans from adding season tickets, as the more seats sold, the less reason to be allowed to move. It’s obvious if you actually are at the stadium day in and day out as I have been for over 10 years. I love the Rays, & want them to win, but they simply will not stop bashing this fanbase, even if it is deserved at times, it isn’t the way you build a community team. Vinik has that figured out and has hired the right people to handle marketing, and community alignments, and fan friendliness.

  11. RedBull says:

    Pete, you get it! Not to mention, the Rays have done things to draw more fans there, and it’s the best bargain in sports to go watch a game there. The problem is with the people in St. Pete. There was an article a couple weeks ago talking about the stadium, and they quoted a woman in St. Pete as saying she loves the team and goes to the games a lot…she then went on to say she goes at least 2 times per year when she gets the discount tickets. This is the fan that lives 15 minutes from the stadium! I’m an hour and a half away and even I get to about a handful or so! Put the station in Tampa, which is about 45 minutes , and I’ll be at 20 games per year minimum. There are just more casual baseball fans in Tampa than in St. Pete, and that’s due to the population. But I’m just throwing out the location bit, and I really didn’t want to do that. The bottom line is what I said earlier. The Rays won’t spend money on advertising because they really don’t want you to go to the games, IMO. They’re making comments because of a couple reasons…1) they know it’ll upset people, and drive attendance numbers lower which will continue to prove they need a new location. 2) Stu is upset…he put a lot of energy into trying to make the Trop a more interesting place to watch a game, he made parking free for a long time, he lowered ticket prices, he added payroll, he put a winning team on the field. He did all those things, and still no one comes to the games. So, why shouldn’t he be upset, and make comments? I’d be pissed off, too! And I’m guessing most of you would be as well…

    • Joe says:

      Generally, PB, you are right on about the location, but where Stu went sour and south is that he just EXPECTED if he did x, y would happen. Not his fault, but if there is a level of arrogance in that approach. He did not count on a global financial meltdown that caused everyone’s fixed incomes to evaporate and keep their money in their wallets. So what Stu is upset, I say. The Trop is more interesting of a place, and I will be the FIRST to acknowledge it. Stu was getting more fans in the park, just not the RATE he wanted it at. He enjoyed an increase from 08 to 09, but he thought the jump would be higher. And with his own MOUTH, he affected his own bottom line. Chicken or egg, PB? Your two points which are correct are indeed counterintuitive which is why I have railed against Stu since 2008 even as they were going to the Series. I will admit to you and ANYONE a Tampa location would draw about 2-3K more a date any given date than a St. Pete location.

      My other point is that NO ONE realizes how profitable Stu Sternberg is. And its to the point of gluttony. That is why I don’t understand why Stu just doesn’t litigate and break the lease anyways. If Stu just sues, he can get out so much quicker but why doesn’t he sue? Is it because HE CAN’T WIN? Think about that too now.

  12. RedBull says:

    Joe, I think one of the reasons he’s also saving money could be because he knows that when he finally gets approval for a new stadium, he’ll have to pay some of his own money toward the stadium. I have no knowledge of that, but its just an opinion. And besides, right now, he is winning the battle for getting a new stadium. The mayor of St. Pete is upsetting a lot of people by not working things out with the team. I understand that Stu could be trying to work things out too, but all signs point to the mayor basically picking the fight first. Stu is a great business man, and understands how to accomplish these types of huge business deals. IMO, Stu wants the team in Tampa. He has the mayor of Tampa desperate to bring the team over, and the mayor of St. Pete doesn’t want to do anything to talk about a new stadium in St. Pete. He seems to keep on making the mayor of St. Pete looking like a jerk, and I don’t think he minds ruffling the feathers of the St. Pete fans because there aren’t a ton of them anyway. He’s got a great storm brewing in St. Pete, and I have a hunch that the new stadium gets built in Tampa in 2016…just in time for the new TV deal!

    • Joe says:

      Once again, Bull, why doesn’t Stu sue? This “court of public opinion” is being waged by Stu’s surrogates. Let me say this. Is the team better off in Tampa? Probably, but how much better may not be really quantified. I do not like how St. Pete looks in this because like it or not St. Pete is a full fledged partner of the team and MLB as well. I am a big Bill Foster fan. I think it just so happens that people don’t conveniently get him.

      Let me say this Bull or anyone for that matter? Why didn’t the Rays have a stalking horse candidate in the mayoral race, or the Times endorse a candidate that supported the Rays position? I will tell you why and its simple, its SUICIDE for St. Petersburg!! Once the Rays leave St. Pete, property values will go down and that will cause taxes to go up, at least in the inner core. I fully get Foster’s position, and I wish others understood it, but apparently Bull and you and some others don’t get it.

      He won’t get a stadium at all, and if anything happens, its in the 20′s. There is a lot of manipulation happening, and I am surprised that the Mayor has not taken the lead more on this. Again, let me stress, its probably going to go to the other side, but you better make everyone whole in the process. And Bull, Stu, has more money than what you give him credit for.

      • Tom says:

        I do not think losing the Rays will have a large effect on property values also if property values go down, taxes will also go down.

    • pete says:

      We tried to build a beautiful new ballpark on the waterfront in Saint Petersburg but the City sucks and now whoever jumps first will win.

      The City of Saint Petersburg is a bunch of blue haired ninny’s.

      • Joe says:

        It was a terrible concept, a mechanical sail, Pete!! Crap for parking, and it would not have been a great solution for the long term. Happy it didn’t happen. Having said that, there are better solutions than that. But Stu decided he felt he couldn’t/can’t do business anymore and for that, he is one, very wrong, and two, a despicable louse for deciding to basically fold his cards and go home. Stu is NOT the good guy in this by a long shot. But should the stadium or location be better across the bay? Yes it does. But don’t make people look like idiots because you aren’t making enough $$$$

        • pete says:

          It was very clear in the leaked deadspin documents that without revenue sharing the Rays would lose money. The managing partner of the ownership group is worth 800 million dollars but Stuart doesn’t get to just do whatever he wants.

          • Joe says:

            By hiding the money in paying off the other partners for costs? Each of the partners required a payment?!

          • pete says:

            Are you insane? What is the agenda Joe? What is not understood about “Ownership Group” ? I have no idea how many people have money INVESTED in the Rays but as with any business , they are out to make money. Stu is essentially managing peoples money. I seriously doubt anyone would want their stock brokers just to haphazardly play with money.

          • Joe says:

            Has it not been proven that investing in a major league sports franchise is more profitable and guarantees more return on investment than on the market? You are conceding he is making money? If he is that insolvent, SELL the club!! I dare him to! Tampa Bay is a BETTER PLACE without him owning the club. I don’t want the man talking down the place where I grew up and I made my bed in life. This man STILL doesn’t have one freaking drop of property in the area!! What the HECK!

          • pete says:

            Joe he’s not going to set out to lose money. You really need to grow some thick skin if you can’t handle how New Yorkers do business but it’s ruthless and always will be. The team made 8 million dollars in 2008 after revenue sharing and that’s the only numbers that have ever been leaked but what i do concede is that this Ownership Group bought the team for 161 million and the franchise is now worth around 380 million so yes they have made money in that sense , but that’s how wealthy american’s make money.

          • Joe says:

            That’s my point, Pete!! Does he HAVE to be a FREAKING JERK?! He is the villain, and you got Shelton and Romano and “radio friends” saying Stu is the good guy!! You just made my point. Does Stu HAVE to be this way where people don’t have to question how thick their skin is or as Romano said on here, “get your panties in a wad”? You make my point, but I do understand what you are saying. Does it have to be this way?!

          • Joe says:

            And another thing, how much more does he have in reserve, Pete? If it is THAT close, and I for one don’t believe it, then the franchise is truly in deep kimchee. I don’t buy or accept it, so we disagree. I believe that revenue sharing and the monies collected are there to allow all 30 teams to be profitable. And we agree Stu missed it on the television contract.

            There is such a thing as being truly competitive and being a what I call a sportsman. It’s called to heck with it, I am rolling the dice and I am going for it. But that isn’t the “extra 2%” that the moron Jonah Keri talked about, wasn’t it? If Stu had an emotional attachment to the area, maybe he would think twice about how he acted, so, he can do what he wants, can’t he?

          • pete says:

            Joe I don’t listen to local talk radio or read local publications for a reason. I get my Rays news from Drays bay and here so as for our media , i really have no clue what they are saying.

            What i do know is that i consider Andrew Friedman the face of the franchise and he never speaks out of line. I honestly don’t pay much attention to Stu and his New Yorker attitude , Although i am a New Yorker who grew up and went to high school in Saint Petersburg. Maybe the fact that my family is from the city makes me more tolerant to Stu’s mindless ranting. I just can’t blame him for wanting to make money.

          • Joe says:

            You mean make MORE money?

            Be careful of what you read over there. Too one dimensional for my liking. It’s not all numbers and they think they have ALL the answers over there. Not true.

          • pete says:

            HaHa yeah Joe , I know which is why i comment and read both blogs. I’ve been watching baseball since my earliest memories and i like some of the new metrics but good old fashioned scouting still is key to this game. Those guys on DRB are one sided but the posts here are towards the extreme other side. I kind of fall in the middle.

            Yes i do mean make “more” money lol.

  13. RedBull says:

    The avg. income in St. Pete is somewhere in the low-mid $30k range. While in Tampa, it’s just under $50k. Just by numbers alone, there’s more disposable income. But I do agree the ballpark on the water wouldn’t have been great for the long term. It would’ve looked beautiful, and definitely would’ve been unique with the retractable sail roof, but the parking would’ve sucked and there was a long list of negatives. And Joe, I’m sorry, but even some of Foster’s own people think he’s fumbled the Rays situation. I personally think both him and Stu are to blame for the problem between them, but for him to openly say that he refuses to talk with them about it makes no sense to me. I hate the political BS that happens with these things, but they are reality. The fact is that the only way its ever gonna work is by working with each other…not by giving the situation the silent treatment.

    • Joe says:

      Who are Foster’s people? City Council? He shouldn’t talk with Stu because if he relents on the lease, need I remind you or anyone, the use agreement becomes NULL and VOID. The Rays would have broken the lease and the city and the taxpayers get no relief from the Rays or Major League Baseball. Again, this is POOR management and get out the word effort from Foster, but if he sacrifices his position, one he could be impeached or even sued or worse, he could be put in jail for not upholding his oath! It makes ALL the sense to me.

      Guys like Houston get it. I don’t want my parents footing the bill for the Rays without ANY assurances. And we aren’t even beginning to talk about ticket prices in a proposed park and how we are paying for it. Bull, sir, you are quite a good dreamer, and that is incredibly healthy, but the sanctity of the use agreement MUST be preserved. Stu, Bud and MLB MUST be kept honest!

  14. Don says:

    Yea… and what about the beer prices, I’m tired of it, I think stuie is conspiring to keep me sober or broke, I’m suing, or lets protest… ala 99% ers against stuie ( a 1% ‘r)….hey boys…

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