Super-Duper Agent Scott Boras met with the media yesterday to talk about a number of his clients. One of those is former Rays DH Johnny Damon.

When asked about Damon, Boras said Damon played “very well” in 2011.

Of course, Damon did not play “very well” in 2011, with Rays DHs playing well below-average in most offensive categories. Damon is considered a positive presence in the clubhouse. And hey, that’s great. But if that is all he is going to bring to the team, then the Rays are better off hiring somebody like Cliff Floyd to be a coach. It would be a hell of a lot cheaper.

But then Boras may have accused the Rays of being stingy and suggested they could spend more money if they wanted to. But was he joking?

Boras half-jokingly suggested the Rays “have lots of money” despite their perennially low payrolls.

It is always Boras’ position that a team can spend more than they do. But it is interesting that he would single out the Rays when the difference between what Damon will want and what the Rays will offer will only be $2-3 million.

According to Ken Davidoff, Damon wants to re-sign with the Rays, so maybe Boras is just trying to squeeze every nickel out of the Rays if no other teams are bidding. Jon Heyman adds that the Rays are also interested, but it will only happen if Damon is willing to accept a big cut in his salary.



  1. Michael says:

    He's not joking.

    They keep some in the bank for that once in a while run, like 2010.

    Just a different point of view

    Boras is advocating for his guy

  2. Beth says:

    Are you sure Boras is singling out the Rays? My guess is that he uses the same line when discussing any team balking at paying one of his clients what he thinks they ought to be getting.

    Also, on the Pujols and Wilson signings -- so if I've read the various tweets correctly, it seems as though the Marlins were the high bidders for both these free agents, but they both signed with the Angels.

    So the Marlins throw absurd amounts of money at these guys and they'd still rather play somewhere else? Ouch!

    • Cork Gaines says:

      It is a common theme with Boras, of course. But it just seemed a little strange that the Rays were apparently the only team he singled out yesterday even though he was talking about the status of all his clients. If anything, I think it might be a sign that nobody else is interested in Damon, so there is no chance for a bidding war.

      As for the Marlins, supposedly the lack of a no-trade clause was a big deal for Pujols. And in this case, I can't say I blame him. What happens in five years when the Marlins are struggling to fill their new stadium? The Marlins are going to try and dump Pujols off on the Yankees or Red Sox to be their DH. that might not have been worth the extra $25-50 million.

      • Hal says:

        I thought this was the interesting part of all of this. It would not have been after year 5, but after year four that would have been interesting. After 5, he would have 5 and 10 status and could block a trade. But lets say that Albert goes out and smacks 35 home runs a year for the next 5 years - that puts him at 620 total and the magic number is 762. He'd need to average 29 a year for the next 5 years. Suddenly years 9 and 10 on that contract don't look so bad. Imagine the hype and the ticket sales as the "clean" slugger chases down the "dirty" cheater.

        Going to the Angles is a huge help as long as he takes to the DH better than many others who have tried. Mainly 1st for 5 years and mainly DH for the last 5. Could be interesting.

    • Gus says:

      He singles out the Rays because they are -- now that the Marlins are spending wildly -- the cheapest team in baseball.

      But Boras is a snake who sold the Rays that drug cheat Manny Ramirez, so he has no standing.

      This is the off-season where the Rays should be working to long-term some key pieces: Joyce, Price, Hellickson. Haven't seen much of anything (other than the beautiful Molina singning) and if the payroll is less than $50M, it should be an outrage.

      Witha 5th team coming to the AL West and the two worst contracts this side of A-Rod, I think we can write the Angels off for the next 5 years or so.

  3. Joe says:

    Maybe Boras hinted that the Rays made Fielder an offer.

    Okay, I put out that pipe. This is just Boras not only trying to get Damon a raise but at least an option for a 2nd year, that's about all.

    At least I think it is, we gotta stay on his good side, if Boras even has a good side because 2 of his clients happen to be Hellickson and Jennings.

    • Ken says:

      I will be shocked if Hell Boy or DJ sign a long term contract let alone a contract through their arbitration years. Boras will let them go through arbitration where their salaries will escalate to force the Rays hands to trade these two players sooner than the six years we have them under control.

  4. Rob says:

    Boras says lots of things that serves his purposes, so it's value is unknown. I love how agents and the union claim there is no need for a salary cap because the owners should police themselves and learn to say no, but as soon as that happens, they are colluding or being stingy or cheap.

  5. Joe says:

    Leave it for Marc Topkin to EDITORIALIZE "half-jokingly". Is half-jokingly said in a way to get people off of the reality the Rays POCKET serious money or half-jokingly to the fact its Boras saying it?

    Sorry, had to say it. Good job Tampa Bay media, stay classy and be the best. Don't QUESTION your meal ticket and let them run over you 🙂 Don't think for a second Boras knows how frugal the Rays are!

  6. Don says:

    If I was Scott Borass... i would be calling Kotchman right now,
    The Rays are dragging their feet and probably don't want to pay him, Borass would get him at least $5mil/3 yr. why wait for the Rays?
    Kotch better yourself, maybe Cardinals?? WS champions....

    • Boxauthor says:

      Don—Why don't you call Kotchman right now? Offer to be his new agent and get him that $5mil/3yrs. Then you can take your 10% and well, you know, whatever . . .

      • Don says:

        I get more job offers on this site ....last year they wanted me to be Maddon & friedman all in the same year...If I was Borass I would have kotchman a multi- year deal right now for more than the Rays will pay him...Kotchman's agent must be a dumb
        (bor) ass

    • Gus says:

      Because Kotchman is better than Lance Berkman?


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