When the off-season began, we expected to hear James Shields’ and BJ Upton’s names most often associated with trade rumors. But the Rays have made it clear they have little interest in trading one of their starting pitchers. And now it seems that other teams have little interest in trading for Upton.

According to Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports, interest in Upton is being described as “mild,” and that there are not a lot of teams that need a center field and are willing to spend for one.

Buster Olney adds that the Rays would have to be “overwhelmed” by another team in order to trade Upton. Of course, that doesn’t mean as much as the Morosi report. The Rays say the same thing about all of their players.

Well, almost all. They probably wouldn’t have said that about Dioner Navarro or Pat Burrell.




  1. Nathan says:

    Please tell me that the Nationals want BJ Upton for Michael Morse. That would solve our 1B problem.

    • Sarah says:

      But doesn’t it just replace our first base problem with a center field problem? OK, Jennings to center, so then it’s a left field problem.

      • Sublime says:

        Exactly! I think we should just let Upton and Jennings place this new year out, unless something goes seriously awry!

        • Sarah says:

          We see BJ every day so we are very familiar with his downside, and to be sure his batting average last year was pretty low. But the truth is, trading for a comparable bat would be costly.

          If the Rays aren’t in contention, they can still deal Upton in July. This off season I don’t see dealing anyone who is not a starting pitcher.

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