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The Reds want a starting pitcher. And now we learn that the Rays and Reds have discussed a deal, and that the name of the Reds top first base prospect has come up in those conversations (via @JimBowdenESPNxm).

Joe Maddon just told us [on MLB Network Radio] that Yonder Alonso’s name has come up in mtgs & they realize they may have to trade one of their SP

Yonder Alonso hit .330 with 5 home runs and a .398 OBP (.409 wOBA) in 47 games for the Reds in 2011. He hit .296 with 12 home runs (.373 wOBA) in 91 triple-A games.

Obviously the Reds are going to ask for James Shields or maybe even Matt Moore. And the Rays would probably be willing to give up Jeff Niemann or Wade Davis. None of those scenarios are likely to happen without other players being involved. But what about Jeremy Hellickson? The Reds might do that. But would you?



  1. Bob says:

    I would bail on Shields before Hellickson.

    One other possible trade I’d like to see is to move Price now for a package of prime players/prospects. I think he has peaked, will be unsignable soon, and we have Moore and others to step in.

    • Mike says:

      Me too. But they need to throw in one of their catcher prospects if they want Shields for the remainder of his team friendly contract. Maybe Shields and Cobb for Alonso and Grandal.

      • pete says:

        Shields should return us Alonso and Grandal + 1 … We shouldn’t need to give up anything but Shields to get a huge package in return. You need to think along the lines of Dan Haren from Oakland to Arizona to look at a return for Shields.

        • phil says:

          Agree ..Shields for Alsono and grandel plus one (Frazier)…..Keep Cobb, Niemann, Davis, Moore and Hellickson and then sign Damon!

  2. Justin H says:

    I wouldn’t move either Price, Moore, or Hellickson… those are 3 young, cost controlled, front-line pitchers and I wouldn’t trade that for almost anything.

    • Ken says:

      Price will be arbitration eligible the next 3 years. Yes the Rays control his rights, but that control will be very expensive. He will make $7.8M in 2012. If he performs like he did in 2010 and 2011, he could be looking at a salary of $11M in 2013, $15M in 2014, and $17-$20M in 2015 before becoming a free agent that winter. Since Price received a nice signing bonus when he was drafted, he doesn’t have the insentive to sign a long term deal with the Rays.

      I say trade Price now to the Reds for Alonso, a catcher + 1. I like the idea of Shields mentoring our young pitching staff. For the most part, Price is a one pitch thrower (not even a pitcher yet). He has given up throwing his slider (to avoid a Kazmir injury?), and his changeup needs a great deal of work.

  3. samanole says:

    Price made Super 2. He isnt going to be cost controlled for much longer.

  4. craig Frank says:

    After trading for Alonso and Grandal,I would trade Upon for Ian Demand of the Nats.

  5. Felix says:

    Sorry, I would not trade an experienced solid proven workhorse starting pitcher for a position player. Pitchers like Shields are very costly and hard to replace; ask Yankees and Red Sox fans. Rays has other trading and free agent options, so let’s not rush to a decision.

  6. Tom says:

    Anyone think it is possible they could make a deal with the Mets for either Lucas Duda or Daniel Murphy? Both those guys appear blocked and Davis or Niemann would be the Mets #3 starter.

  7. Pete says:

    To Tom Says: No possible deal for Duda or Murphy. Duda is an up and coming above average player and Murphy is set to play 2nd base as the Mets do not have anyone else to replace him. However, I would love to have Duda. He’s a horse.

    • pete says:

      Just to clarify what you said. The Rays have the farm system to trade for whoever they choose to. Would we overpay for those guys? No , but if we wanted them , we could have them.

    • Tom says:

      Yeah Pete, I just read yesterday that the Mets plan on using Murphy at 2nd. I figured since he was pretty poor defensively at 2B and he got hurt playing 2b last year they would stick with Turner, making Murphy expendable. So much for that, I would love to stick one of them at first and have the other DH.

  8. SteveK says:

    Let’s hold onto Shields. I would offer Davis or Niemann for Alonso, and both for alonso and Grandal.

    Any chane Upton goes to the Nats? I would love to see the return he would bring in. Maybe Ramos or Morse?

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