Joe Maddon is entering the final year of his three-year contract that will pay him $1.3-1.4 million in 2012. And the Rays and Maddon have started talking about an extension (via Marc Topkin of…

“We’ve been talking a little bit in general, it’s just basic stuff…I’m a Ray. I have a lot of faith in being a Ray as I continue along. I’ve talked about that this for me is the best place to work in major-league baseball. Of course, everybody is looking for security, we all want security…For me it’s just about having an open conversation. We never would negotiate in public, anything like that. It’s just about an ongoing conversation right now, and we’ll see how it all or when it plays out. But I’m not worried about anything.”

So, what kind of security is it going to take? Ozzie Guillen recently became one of the highest-paid managers in baseball when he signed a four-year, $16 million deal with the Marlins. Of the current managers, that appears to trail only Mike Scioscia’s ten-year, $50 million deal.

Maddon probably isn’t going to make that much coin. But Joe Girardi’s three-year, $9 million deal is probably in the ballpark.

Not bad for a guy that was making just $550 thousand a year when the Rays first hired him.



  1. Don says:

    The fact that Maddon accepted $500,000 to manage a major league team, was the MAIN reason the penny pinching New owners gave him the job....Who else could they get for that? also a testimonial to how bad ole Joe wanted to be the boss..he was probably making close to that much as a 25 yr. employee of the Angels..
    Now time for the cheapskates to pay up before Ole Joe goes on Social Security.. for which they will surely use as a negotiating tool against him..... hurry up Joey and sign.

    • pete says:

      Looks to be a pretty smart move now , doesn't it? Whatever he does certainly seems to be working out. Oh boy his hair is gray , he must be ancient. Don , you sir are a complete and utter moron ... Either that or Joe stole you wife.

      • Don says:

        If ole Joe (could) steal my wife I wouldn't be so hard on him, but I bet after his 3rd bottle of wine he's harmless..

  2. Scot says:

    The reason Maddon was offered the job was because several fold:
    * he isn't so entrenched in TRADITION that couldn't adopt new systems of assessment, he is willing to change, he is willing to modify his approach when it doesn't work,
    * his philosophy is evidenced based,
    * he is smart.

    For an "old guy" his is what smarter organizations will look for in future managers. The "that's the way we have always done it" Don Mattingly "good old boy" managers will soon fade. (Just like how every team now has a statistical analyst on their payroll. )


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