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Chris Assenheimer, the one writer that left Joe Maddon off his Manager of the Year ballot has come forward and offered an excuse and an apology

In my defense, cast the vote before the end of the regular season, thinking there was no way Red Sox would complete epic collapse and the Rays would wind up in third place. Obviously should have waited until the end of the season. Sorry, Joe. But, hey, you still won.

Just so we are clear…This means that Maddon wasn’t a top three manager with a week to go. But then he proved what an awesome manager he was by helping the Yankees and Orioles to beat the Red Sox in six of the final eight games.


  • Joe Maddon is just the 7th manager to win the AL Manager of the Year award more than once. [Rays Report]
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  • Have you seen the uniforms USF will wear against Miami? [BI Sports]
  • Some of the shine is coming off of Raheem Morris. [Joe Bucs Fan]



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  1. Sarah says:

    I will not criticize anyone who has had to go through life with the name Assenheimer. He's been punished enough.


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