In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, Gordon Wittenmyer speculates that Terry Francona and Theo Epstein could reunite as manager and general manager of the Chicago Cubs. But Wittenmyer also points out that Andrew Friedman remains on the Cubs radar and notes that the Cubs job is the only other job that interests Friedman…

But the perception that Friedman wouldn’t come to Chicago given the synergy of the Rays’ owner-GM-manager dynamic might not be as airtight as many think. While those close to him believe he won’t leave, the Cubs job is the only other GM job that’s said to intrigue him.

In the same article, one “rival executive” of the Cubs described Friedman as the “best choice” for the Cubs and Epstein as the “safe choice.” Wittenmyer adds that his sources are saying that the Cubs have not attempted to contact Friedman yet.

This seems to contradict a previous report that Friedman was giving his friends the impression that he “would love to be the next GM of the Astros.” Either way, we now have two reports from two different sources that Friedman is not completely against the idea of leaving the Rays.

And that is scary.





  1. Ken Heller says:

    Run Andrew, run as fast as you can from this deplorable ownership group who care little about actually winning. Stewie and Silverman and the rest of you cheap bastards are a disgrace. You shame the Rays fans, players and coaches as you laugh your way to the bank each year.

    • Cory says:

      Shut the hell up.

      Most organizational owners are out to win now unless it gets them a huge profit later (minus NYY, BOS, PHI, who are in high-pressured situations to always win now, but they can have a large budget with such huge market bases.) This game is a business. This ownership is smart with its money, and it gets the most out of it's players, cost-wise. You should be happy with how they operate. Especially if you were there for the Naimoli years.

      Who on Earth takes a loss to win games? No one. If more money= guaranteed titles, revenue, and attendance, then our ownership would have done it by now. Saying they are a disgrace because they refuse to take losses is stupid, ignorant, and selfish. The free market system lives and dies on making a profit; it's what drives supply, demand, and trade. I will never fault another person for choosing to make money, it's their right.

      Just because they aren't satisfying us as a fan base doesn't mean anything; only if fans stop coming altogether. They've tried in a myraid of ways to bring fans to the field, in order to gain more revenue. The best thing they did to lure fans was win ballgames and go to the playoffs; little has changed for attendance.


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