The World Series is over, so it is time to jump head first into the deep end of the Hot Stove season. And one of the names you can expect to hear a lot of speculation about is BJ Upton.

Buster Olney of is the first to chime in, offering this nugget in a piece about possible landing spots for Grady Sizemore

No team is about reclamation projects more than the Rays, and with Tampa Bay expected to at least listen to offers for B.J. Upton — and probably trade him — Sizemore could drop into the lineup mix of Evan Longoria, Ben Zobrist and Desmond Jennings and put up some numbers.

Now, before you get all gooey-eyed about the possibility of replacing Upton with Sizemore, keep in mind that the Indians center fielder has played a total of 104 games the past two seasons. And as Olney points out, Sizemore’s knee probably wouldn’t care too much for the artificial turf used at The Trop. Also, the Rays are just one of nine teams (nearly one-third of the league) listed as a good fit for Sizemore.

As for Upton, we are still not sure what to expect, which is exactly how it should be with Bossman Junior. We would not be surprised if he is trade. And we would not be surprised if he is the Rays center fielder on opening day next April.



  1. Tone says:

    I would take Upton over Grady. Upton is flawed, but I like him better as the center fielder and keeping Jennings for a corner. Grady is perpetually on the DL and he won't sign with the Rays anyway. I am hoping for an affordable extension for BJ. I want Pena back, crossing my fingers.

    • zenny says:

      I agree with this. Sizemore looked like a future Hall of Famer for a while, but injuries have left him as only a shadow of the player he once was. Upton is superior in pretty much every category at this point, both with a bat and with the glove.

  2. Beth says:

    I'm a little perplexed. Is the idea that the Rays could get Sizemore for practically no money? So, let's say, you trade Upton to address either the catcher/ss/1st base problem and then you look to replace him for less money with hopefully not too big a drop off? OK, but only if Sizemore comes for, like, $1million. Otherwise, you could trade Upton, move DJ to center, and then use Guyer and/or Fuld for a corner outfield.

    • dcoggins3 says:

      Sizemore is a bum and not worth the trouble...let his injuries be someone else's headache - an unless we want the production we get from left field to be below league average we can't throw Sam Fuld out there again...he was nice for a few weeks before the league figured out how bad he was....johnny damon's bad defense and lousy hitting is better than that....if either damon or fuld are on the roster next year we're in serious's gonna be an interesting off-season to say the least...

      • RTL says:

        Fuld v. Righties split: .255/.323/.387/.710
        Post All-Star: .246/.358/.391/.749

        Once he stopped playing everyday and spotted against righties, he was valuable. He'll be on the roster next season and can help.

      • Alex says:

        You're [a fellow Rays fan]. Sam Fuld was one of the best defensive outfielders in baseball and one of the best pinch hitters. In fact, he may have been the best pinch hitter. And you want to get rid of him? There's a bench for a reason


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