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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: Keeping Pace. The story of the Orioles series should just be about keeping pace. The Rays just have to make sure they don’t lose any ground in the loss column to the Red Sox. And after last night’s win, the Rays have now made up 5 games on the Sox in the last 6 days and now trail by just 3…Joel Peralta. With Kyle Farnsworth out, Joel Peralta will be the unofficial replacement closer for the unofficial closer. And last night he looked great striking out the side in the 9th…The Giraffe. The keys for the Rays in the last 16 games will be Jeff Niemann and Wade Davis. At this point, we have to assume the other 3 starting pitchers will just do what they do. But what the Rays really need are for Niemann and Davis to step and make sure there are no off-nights. Last night wasn’t the prettiest night ever, but Niemann did work into the 8th inning and held the O’s to just 2 runs. The big outs came in the 5th inning after Niemann gave up 1 run and had a runner on 2nd with just 1 out. He escaped without any further damage and kept the O’s from getting back in the game.

THE BAD: Manny’s Karma? If you missed it last night, Manny Ramirez was arrested after an altercation with his wife. This is bad because if Manny had just taken his suspension, he would have been in Baltimore last night, helping the Rays and not beating his wife (allegedly). And yes, Manny would be a headache. But Rays DHs hit .234 with a .283 OBP in August. Manny couldn’t have been worse than that.

THE TELLING: Rob Delaney was designated for assignment to make room for Matt Moore on the 40-man roster…Matt Moore will likely be used to start innings in relief, and won’t be called in the middle of an inning. At least to start…BJ Upton set a team record reaching base 9 straight times…Bullpen coach Bobby Ramos is not expected to rejoin the Rays this season as he recovers from a throat infection.


  • Matt Moore hopes the biggest adjustment will be learning how to get loose faster. []
  • Matt Moore is a nice problem to have. [Fangraphs]
  • We love Raheem Morris (who doesn’t?). But man, Joe handled this a lot better than we would have. [Joe Bucs Fan]
  • Speaking of the Bucs, we have a feeling this is what the Bucs unofficial lockout “workouts” looked like (courtesy of the several Rays). []
  • Marla Vickers, the GM for double-A Montgomery, won the Southern League’s Woman of Excellence award. [Biscuit Crumbs]

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  1. LoLJFH says:

    Who is this BJ Upton guy? Do we know him? Looks familiar….. Jr. is playing great lately! (oi vey that hurt to say, but I can own it)

    Rob – watched his leg kick last night, good call. That might be it. He still has too much wiggle when he puts it back down, but it’s a start. I swear it is the craziest thing I’ve seen since Brian Downey!

    • Sarah says:

      I’m thrilled that BJ has gotten hot just now, but seeing him go on these tears makes it all the more frustrating to watch him the rest of the time. If he could learn to overcome whatever prevents him from replicating this performance more consistently he’d be the top-tier athlete we’ve always hoped he could be.

      And on another topic – Matt Moore is just adorable.

      • LoLJFH says:

        I’m not touching your Moore comment!! :)

      • Cork Gaines says:

        “Matt Moore is just adorable.”

        Yeah, yeah, yeah. I had seen a lot of pictures, but this was the first time I had seen a video of him speaking. My first thought was that John Jaso better watch out.

        • Sarah says:

          For some reason the pictures don’t do him justice — partly because he looks a little dopey in a baseball cap (a shame, since he’ll spend his professional life in one) and partly because the video captures his nice smile in a way the photos don’t.

          Clearly I primarily want players who can help the team,regardless of their appearance, but if they can help the team and ALSO up the “easy on the eye” quotient (we stats people call that EotE) I’m all for it. And I’m sure all those who calculate EotE will agree that bringing up Jennings and Moore has really improved our standings.

          • Sublime says:

            Sarah: Is this Rays Index or People Mag’s Most Beautiful People…lol.

            I hope BJ’s recent hitting will continue for the next couple of weeks, we’ve all seen when he get’s hot what it can do for this team (2008 Playoffs). I see for the most part Maddon has really stopped tinkering with the line-up and he’s letting the guys get comfortable in their spots.

  2. Hal says:

    Don’t you people remember that Don was going to fix BJ in 15 minutes. Well, thank you Don. Do you have any magic for Lobaton?

    • Sublime says:


      I was thinking about that last night during game, hilarious! forget Lobaton, fix Brignac’s swing. He could open a clinic if he can improve that dude’s swing!

  3. Amanda says:

    I was blacked out from the Rays TV broadcast, and the O’s had their B sqauad in. It’s a mark of how good and fair their broadcast is when I can listen to it for the whole game and not feel like they’re homers. Rick Dempsey pointed out that BJ’s sing looks very “clean” right now. They gave it the slo-mo treatmeant, and boy does it look sweet.

    Oh, and they also pointed out how well the Rays are doing on the road compared to home, and didn’t make one remark about playing in a dump or lousy attendance. Not one word. (I guess there would be a bit of pot calling the kettle black in that instance, though.)

  4. Sublime says:


    With 11K attending last night, not really much to say about our attendance :-)

    • Sarah says:

      True, but in fairness, they haven’t sniffed a pennant race in years. I think the criticism of Rays fans (which I hate reading as much as the next person) is that we can’t fill a stadium even when we have an exciting team fighting for a playoff spot.

    • Amanda says:

      Oh, I agree … that’s why I mentioned the pot/kettle reference. But you can’t deny they have a very nice stadium with direct access from public transportation. They could have dumped on the Trop, but they didn’t. (It also goes to show that a beautiful stadium isn’t a be-all, end-all after 10 years.)

      • LoLJFH says:

        Not the same thing with Camden at all. O’s have almost 20 years at Camden and they have been sub-.500 since 1999. They used to fill it with a good team and loyal fans that date back to the old St. Louis Browns. If they were even remotely competitive they would be doing much better but fans are beyond tired of losing up there. Conversely we were tired of losing and now we are winners with noone going. We don’t have the luxury of legacy….yet that breeds attendance. Baseball here is not a “destination” like in NY, CHI, STL, BOS and other areas. A stadium could be an end-all, be all for us if in the right place and right (e.g. cozy) capacity – in 10-12 years. Forget issues with tax, Pinellas/Hillsborough, blah blah blah, just pointing out differing view to your last sentence.

        • Amanda says:

          True, true … but still, the original point is that it was nice to hear *anyone* outside of the Bay area talk about the Rays’ home and not make a crack on it, no matter how bad their situation is.

  5. Don says:

    Hal, yea I have a fix for lobaton…sitting on the bench, I told you IF Maddon played ANYONE besides Jaso at catcher he (MADDON) retains his Idiot title, Well ole Joe came thru and he is playing Lobaton ..without a hit in 2 games…as Jaso sits on the bench…. Told you I would fix BJ see if he keeps it up…see if you can tell the difference
    You think sheldon..saw it…Maybe but doubtful

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