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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: Breaking Out. Man, if there was ever a time when the Rays needed an easy win and an offensive outburst, it was last night. This was the kind of game that can get a player feeling good about his swing. Let’s just hope it carries over for a few days. And let’s hope it is not too late…The Double-Nickel. There it was. There was the magic we have all heard about from number 55. In his first big league start, Moore struck out 11 and walked just 1 in 5 innings. And maybe the best part, was the offensive support. Because the Rays scored 13 runs in the first 5 innings, Joe Maddon was able to pull Moore after just 84 pitches…Bossman and Zorilla. If the Rays are going to make the playoffs, they need these two to get hot. And last night was a good start. Combined they went 6-8 with a triple and 2 home runs, driving in 6.

THE BAD: Scrub Relievers. It is not easy to have a 13-0 lead and actually get a little nervous later on. But thanks to Dane de la Rosa giving up 8 hits and 6 runs in just 1.1 innings and Alex Torres giving up 2 runs (1 earned) in 1 inning, that is exactly what happened. And because those two were bleeding runs, Joe Maddon was forced to use three of his regular relievers in the final 2 innings. And now, Joe Cruz, Jake McGee, and Brandon Gomes have worked back-to-back days, which probably leaves their availability for tonight’s game against the Blue Jays in question…Tough To Watch. You would think putting up 15 runs against the Yankees would be fun to watch. But with the ugly taste of the previous two days still lingering, all we could think about was how things would have been different if the Rays got just a couple of those runs in the previous games.

THE TELLING: The Rays trail the Red Sox by 2 games with 6 to go. If the Red Sox go 3-3, the Rays need to go 5-1 just to tie…The Rays magic number to tie is 8… gives the Rays a 7.4 percent shot at making the playoffs…Jeff Niemann will start Saturday.

RANDOM THOUGHTS: If the Rays do happen to complete their miracle comeback and make it to the postseason, is there anyway Joe Maddon can keep Matt Moore out of the postseason rotation? Is there any reason to think he is not one of Maddon’s four best pitchers right now?


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  1. Blake says:

    If we end the season tied and have a one game playoff...either Davis, Niemann, or Moore will have to pitch.

  2. Michael says:

    I was about to congratulate you on the award but then I read through some of the write-ups before yours. Now I'm embarrassed for you to be associated with some of that crap. Your write up was nice though and I still dig the site!

  3. Don says:

    Thanks a lot Cork.. you just cost me 1/2 hr to read"creative loafing" best of the bay...the guy knows his stuff...look he caught you..

    OK.. BJ your the best hitter in Baseball with a 7 to 7 lead and the 2nd team on the mound...I'm going to be counting the Strike outs with runners in scoring position for the next 6 (must win) games...
    Anybody want to go over/under 10, 8, 6?

    • Don says:

      Make that a 7to 0 lead...see you have me counting already...oh well I'll drink an extra Bud everytime BJ strikes out...that should be a good 6 day drunk!

  4. MJ says:

    congrats on the award... recognize.

  5. phil says:

    when is farnsworth back?

  6. Amanda says:

    Cork, I just looked back to see when you reported that Moore was going to start, and I think Maddon was absolutely brilliant with his timing here. Think about it: The Yankees clinched in the first game of the double header the day before, still had another game to play, and then they partied hearty. So you give a kid his first major-league start in Replica Yankee Stadium, on national TV, in an important game for the Rays that wasn't an important game for the Yankees with most of their team hung-over. This is one of those things that stats just can't account for. Does that mean that I don't think Moore could have done this with a full and rested Yankee lineup? No, absolutely not; he very well may have. But I think Maddon pretty much guarnateed him a victory, and what a great thing for his confidence.

    Now, what scares me? Our extended bullpen couldn't easily take care of the hung-over, tired Yankees. Eep.

    • Don says:

      your giving MAddon way too much credit..MAddon was hung over more than the Yankees.. crying after losing 2...have you ever been drunk in NY city on cheap wine.....
      Maddon has......

  7. Dre says:

    i am confused. according to the tiebreakers, we have an advantage over both teams. so if that's the case, if we end tied with one of the two teams, why would we need a single play off game? isn't the purpose of a tiebreaker to break the tie?

    • Tom says:

      No. It just means the Rays get to play at home if the season ends in a tie.

      If it is a 3 way tie the Rays have the choice of playing the winner of the Angels/Bosox on the road or playing and having to win 2 games at home.


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