Dan Johnson had not played in a game in a week. He didn’t have a big league hit since April. And yet, when the Rays were down to their final out in the 9th inning and trailing by one, you knew The Great Pumpkin was Joe Maddon’s only choice.

And with the count 2-2, this happened (with Dave Wills’ great called overlayed)…

Be patient, video needs to load completely before it will play. Bar moving left-to-right is the video loading.

[jwplayer config=”RI” mediaid=”18075″]

And let’s not ignore the previous pitch. There is no home run if Johnson doesn’t foul off a tough pitch on the outside part of the plate.



  1. Demetrios says:

    ........and thank you Carl Crawford for that lame throw from left field!!!!

  2. LSX says:

    GREATEST NIGHT of baseball EVER in the history of the WORLD!!! AHHHHHH

  3. Carl Who? says:

    Of all the dramatic things....Thank you Suzy Waldman

    Worst night to greatest night....drinking to calm down for the game ....drinking to forget.....then drinking to celebrate all within 4 hours!!!

  4. Steve says:

    In the words of Papledouche, only the strong will survive and the weak will fall by the way side. There's always next year Boston.

  5. KillaTapes says:

    I truly do not believe what I just saw. I feel like I witnessed one for the ages. Enough cliches, I honestly think I might pass out

  6. Beth says:

    What I love in that video - they show the reaction on the bench, and everyone is celebrating, except for Joe Maddon, who looks just stunned.


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