Rays consigliere Ken Rosenthal did a video report this weekend in which he spoke about the different candidates the Cubs are likely to pursue to be their next general manager. Of course, among those candidates is Andrew Friedman. Rosenthal appears to squash those rumors…

Andrew Friedman, the Rays GM, another hot name, but he is extremely loyal to his owner. He is also likely to stay put.

Well, this would certainly be good news, and is exactly what many people suspected. But it also counters a report put out by Richard Justice earlier this season in which Friedman was giving his friends the impression that he wants to be the next GM of the Astros.

What does this all mean?

Scenario 1: Friedman is unavailable

Justice was just talking to friends of World B. Friedman. Evidence suggests that Rosenthal is one of the few talking heads that has a direct line with the Rays front office. And based on those differences, we are more inclined to believe Rosenthal and think that Friedman will be with the Rays next season.

But on the other hand, in the world of Wall Street minds, everything has a price. That is exactly why the Rays will never say a player is not available for trade. It is always possible that another team makes an offer that cannot be refused.

Scenario 2: Sternberg is trying get the Cubs disinterested

Remember, this front office is made up of Wall Street brains. And the most important commodity on Wall Street is information. And information is something the Rays have always been the masters of controlling. If Rosenthal’s direct line is to Stuart Sternberg’s private number, it would be in the Rays’ best interest to let the Cubs know just how loyal Friedman is, and how unlikely he is to leave. The benefit would be that it could scare the Cubs away from pursuing Friedman.

Scenario 3: Doesn’t this sound like every Rays trade rumor, ever?

Let’s look at a garden variety Rays trade rumor…

  1. First we hear that teams are interested in Player A knowing that other teams can likely pay Player A more than the Rays want to (reports come out saying Astros and Cubs want Friedman, and Friedman is likely severely underpaid).
  2. Then we hear that the Rays may be willing to move Player A for the right price (report that Friedman tells friends he would love to be GM of Astros).
  3. But then shortly after that, we always hear about how the Rays really want to hold on to Player A and that a move is not likely to happen right now (Rosenthal says Friedman likely to stay).

So now, the other teams are left with the impression that Player A is available, but if they want him now, it is going to cost them. At that point, teams either give up 5 of their best prospects for Matt Garza ($5 million salary, and ownership stake in team?), or the deal doesn’t get done.

Nahhhh. That’s pretty thin…Right?


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  1. Mike says:

    Cork, let me do you a favor. Justice, by astros fans, is considered a very innaccurate reporter. They never believe any of the crap. Hope that helps, because even stros fans don't believe a word of it.


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