We have been arguing this for a while. But it is a bit surprising to hear of the Rays players plainly state that the Rays would be better with Manny Ramirez.

“We’d be better with Manny,” Rays infielder Sean Rodriguez said. “You’re talking about an experienced guy who can still hit. Everyone was giving him tough times because he was struggling at the beginning, but everyone goes through funks, and his just came at the beginning of the year. It’s hard to say his resume wouldn’t have helped us. Just look at what Johnny’s done for us.”

Now consider that the Rays are just three games back in the Wild Card. Is Rodriguez saying the Rays would be leading the Wild Card if Manny had accepted his suspension and not retired?

And the last line is curious, because Rodriguez lauds Johnny Damon, but doesn’t consider that Damon’s playing time would have taken the biggest hit if Manny came back on July 31. Something that wouldn’t have been a bad thing.


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  1. Sarah says:

    Well, my assumption is that you (in writing this) and me (in reading this) have already put more thought into it than Rodriguez did. Probably he was asked "Would the Rays have been better if Manny had stayed with the team" (presumably batting over .170 and without the long suspension). What's Sean going to say -- "No, he would have been a true clubhouse cancer, thank goodness he tested positive and got the hell out of St. pete?" I think he gave a sort of standard answer and didn't really think through some of the other implications of having Ramirez on the roster all well.


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