Yesterday we posted a video of Evan Longoria in which he took something from a young female fan in the front row of Thursday’s game against the Red Sox. We were hoping it was her grandmother’s Chowder recipe. It turns out it was just a lucky trinket…

Longoria sent out this message on Twitter:

to clear the air, it was a lucky trinket, that didn’t work! I struck out haha. And I gave it back

And then we found this earlier message that appeared to be from the young lady in question:

Dear [Evan Longoria] thank you for your kind gesture of giving back my trinket last night… i was experiencing sellers remorse

We contacted the young lady and she was kind enough to send along a picture of the trinker…


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  1. Political Man says:

    Yea, I'll bet Evan did give back her trinket after the game.


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