Today is the last day of the regular season, which means the Cubs and Astros will ramp up their search for new general managers. Rays executive vice president Andrew Friedman is considered to be at the top of both team’s wishlists. But with his strong ties to owner Stuart Sternberg, most feel it is a longshot that Friedman would leave the Rays.

However, Phil Rodgers of the Chicago Tribune says that is changing, and Friedman may be more likely to leave the Rays now than he was just a month ago…

According to MLB sources, Andrew Friedman, the brilliant architect of the Rays’ homegrown success, seems more in play in the Cubs’ ongoing search for a general manager than he did a month ago. He and manager Joe Maddon feel like they’re hitting their heads against a wall in trying to help owner Stuart Sternberg grow baseball interest in the football-crazed Tampa Bay area…Would Friedman be willing to talk to Chairman Tom Ricketts about running the Cubs? Most thought that highly unlikely given his ties to Sternberg but would anyone blame Friedman for wanting to see what it is like to have big-market resources?

Rogers and his sources are vague, maybe intentionally, and it is unclear exactly what they are reporting. Are they saying Friedman is more interested in talking to other clubs? Or are these sources just guessing that Friedman might be more interested now than he was a month ago? And what has happened in the past month to make a move more likely?

Everything we see suggests that Friedman and Sternberg are tied at the hip. And of course, this is what we all want to believe. But no matter what anybody says or declares, we don’t know what Friedman is thinking. So until the Cubs and the Astros hire new GMs, we have to assume that it is at least possible Friedman will leave.



  1. Charles says:

    Technically, Ed Wade hasn’t been shown the door yet in Houston. I think we won’t see them ramp up their search until the Jim Crane purchase has been approved, and even then it might take awhile for Crane & co. to settle in and start shaking things up. The Cubs, assuming Friedman is interested, will have a pretty good window of opportunity to snag him before the Astros can even get out of the gate with their search.

    Of course, there’s always the possibility that Crane & Friedman already have an understanding about the Houston GM job and that Friedman will pass on the Cubs and bide his time until Houston becomes available.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      that’s a good point. MLB has been dragging their feet on Crane. But some think Crane is already influencing decisions over there and that nothing is being done without his approval. Also, with free agency and trades and the winter meetings, the Astros are screwed if they dont get a new GM in house very soon. And yes, they could just stick with Wade, but that does not appear to be part of Crane’s plan.

  2. Bob says:

    No chance Friedman leaves. Sternberg has an open door relationship with Friedman and Friedman is loyal to Stu for giving him a chance. Sternberg is also smart enough and has a wallet big enough to retain Andrew and keep it interesting going forward. If Andrew leaves to go “home” in a few years, it will be with Stu’s blessing and a Friedman-trained replacement ready to step in. We are safe for now.

    • MJ says:

      what if Sternberg believes he won’t be owning this team in 2 years time?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      “Friedman is loyal to Stu for giving him a chance”

      We all think this, but how do we know this? And if it is true, isn’t it also true that Sternberg is loyal to Friedman? What if (as somebody else mentioned) Stu doesn’t see a future with the Rays and wants out in near future? Wouldnt Stu tell Friedman that he should take a good job if one is offered?

      Of course, this is all just guessing at this point. And I believe Friedman is loyal also. But I’m not sure that means he wont leave.

      • Bob says:

        You guys raise good points if Stu intends to get out, which may well be the case. Then again, why not sign Andrew to a fat contract that the next team owner will be required and will want to make good on? A team with Andrew on board gets a higher price for Stu and Andrew makes some nice bucks. There is a great favor for a loyal friend…. Thanks for the good points, folks. Fun stuff…..

  3. Hal says:

    There’s nothing to worry about, Don has made it quite clear that he’d be willing to take over the job.

  4. Amanda says:

    And Vinny Lecavilier is a lock to go to Montreal (according to the Montreal Gazette). And Stamkos is a lock to go to Toronto (according to the Toronto Sun). I’ll believe Sternberg leaving when I see it, and not from a big-city newspaper “reporting” their dreams.

  5. MarkE says:

    “Phil Rodgers of the Chicago Tribune says that is changing” — Head for the hills! More “change” out of Chicago D:

    I don’t think Friedman is going anywhere.

  6. Gus says:

    As long as Hunsicker stays, we’re fine. Most underappreciated man in sports.

  7. jim says:

    “the football-crazed Tampa Bay area” huh? that alone should shoot down the creditibility of this article.

  8. Michael says:

    If I am Stu, I give Friedman 10% equity in the franchise.

    The Rays have no valuation if Friedman doesn’t come along.

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