OK, you guys have probably heard enough from us today, so here are a few links to get you through the rest of the evening…

  • This is a cool summary of Evan Longoria’s big moments this season. It also comes with one of our favorite Rays pics ever. The sheer joy. And the look on Kelly Shoppach’s face is just pure bliss. [ESPN]
  • From Bill Simmons’ running diary: “And so it went for the 2011 Red Sox, the biggest chokers of any Boston team in my lifetime.” [Grantland]
  • “These days, there’s no boatman in a dark cowl to take you over to the other side where the souls who wail for eternity are found. They’ve got an elevator now. Just push the “down” button. Don’t worry; you can’t go too low. Pick any rung. Mr. Dante has fine punishments arranged at every level. ” [Washington Post]
  • Tom Verducci echoes what many are saying today: “They will go down as the most thrilling 129 minutes in baseball history.” [SI.com]
  • Sarah Tyson has some of the reaction from the players. [Cowbell Clankers]
  • “Crawful Ending” [Boston Dirt Dogs]
  • Rick Mayer has some of the reactions from Red Sox Nation. [TBO.com]


  1. Brixology says:

    Speculation on the playoff roster? Spots for Moore and/or Torres? Vacation for Sonny and JP? Which two catchers do they keep? Et cetera.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Coming tomorrow. But feel free to speculate.

      • Brixology says:

        I’m hoping that we find out tonight. The game is tomorrow, after all. It would be understandable if the coaches hadn’t planned it all out already, but it seems like the info is coming out pretty slowly. Twenty-twenty- twenty four hours to go…

        Also, I heard Hickey said Niemann is starting game 1 and I heard that ESPN said it was Shields somewhere. This is just mass hysteria.

  2. Matt says:

    my money says jaso and shoppach are the two catchers. Shoppach provides the best defense and jaso has the best offense of the three so thats my guess. Moore makes it as a lefty-specialist replacing jp. Dan Johnson replaces elliot johnson

  3. Jon L. says:

    That was straight ridiculous last night! The Rays overcame a 7 run deficit and the Sox blew it in the 9th….unbelievable.

  4. Sarah says:

    Ah, Bill Simmons. With all that happened, he still can’t resist a dig at Rays’ attendance (OK, Bill, you and Red Sox can have the “best fans in the universe award” and we’ll take the wildcard), and he still thinks the team plays in Tampa. I’m glad he’s in pain today.

  5. MJ says:

    How would one go about watching the game over again? Any plans to reair tonight?

  6. Amanda says:

    CORK!!! Cork Cork Cork!!!!! Have you *heard* the call by Gary Thorne of the bottom of the 9th of the O’s/Sox game?! Right before the game-winning hit — I mean right before the winning pitched was served — he said, “Can you hear the baseball gods laughing?”

    OMG … he was banging the desk as he was calling the winning run!

    I just finally got a chance to go back and listen to it. It was worth it!!! LOL

    • Amanda says:

      WOW! And on MLB.tv, they stuck around on the game long enough for Thorne to say that the Rays won. WOW!

    • MarkE says:

      Did you see Harold Reynolds’ live reaction to Longo’s walkoff on MLB?! Priceless!

      • Amanda says:

        YES!! LOL … That was some awesome stuff!

        You know what, in all this, I haven’t seen anything about how the peeps at the four-letter network reacted. I bet they were on suicide watch. lol

        • MarkE says:

          Ahahaha, so true. They’ll follow the money, and the money only. If the “miracle underdog Rays” story keeps gaining momentum, they’ll jump on board. If the Rays lose 2 in Tx, it’ll be right back to ragging on our fans and the Trop.

          • Sarah says:

            But at the very least, the Rays wildcard victory must have caused ESPN, MLB network and anyone else involved in postseason broadcasts to have to scramble for new promotional images. I noticed that all the spots advertising playoff coverage featured images of the Red Sox, and none featured any of the Rays.

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