Danielle Giudice was stuck at work this morning and really wanted some Starbucks. She wanted some so bad, she put out a twitter request to David Price.

I need a starbucks right about now…I think @DAVIDprice14 should bring me a Starbucks today since I work on Harbour island 🙂 #longshot

Shortly thereafter, the following conversation occurred…

@DavidPrice14: What do you want??

@daniellegiudice: Caramel macchiato! But I’m open to suggestions since I’m not a starbucks pro like you

@DavidPrice14: Iced?? I get that…where you work at??

@daniellegiudice: two Harbour place. Across from jacksons!

@DavidPrice14: Same loopty loop as jacksons??

@daniellegiudice: no across the street next to park crest

@DavidPrice14: Come outside

@daniellegiudice: front of the building??

@DavidPrice14: lol yes your machy is melting

And the prize…

@daniellegiudice: true story, thank youuuu 🙂

@DavidPrice14: Youre welcome!! Enjoy…

And the legend of David Price grows…



  1. Michael says:

    Next time ask for Bern's

  2. Ro says:

    Watching that unfold this morning was incredible! Glad you got it down on the blog! How cool is David Price???

  3. Charles says:

    Don't let Evan Longoria autograph guy find out about this or he might wonder why he didn't get a coffee from this jerk 🙂

  4. Amanda says:

    Cork, did you see Price on Intentional Talk today? They should have the interview on MLB.com.

  5. Debbie says:

    Next time bring them great coffee from an independent coffeehouse.....make with more love than Starbucks and a good way to support your local small businesses......but good job anyway....

  6. Dad G says:

    I heard a quote attributed to Lee Roy Selmon recently that stated:
    It's nice to be important but it important to be nice. David lived up to that yesterday. Thank you for making my daughters day.

    Danielle's Dad


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