Carl Crawford has had a rough season with the Boston Red Sox. And since the calendar turned to September it has gotten even worse.

Crawford is hitting .265 with a .299 OBP and just one stolen base, in a month in which the Red Sox have gone 6-19 and blown a 9-game lead. And to add fuel to the growing fire, Crawford apologized to Red Sox fans for his performance and vowed to get better next season even though the Red Sox are still competing this year.

And now that the Rays and Red Sox are tied for the Wild Card lead, Crawford was asked about his former teammates and what they may be going through

“They’re just real relaxed,” Crawford said. “They’re confident.”

Crawford would know. And it also sounds like he is implying that the Red Sox are not. And that’s why, even though the two teams are tied, it sure feels like the Rays have the advantage.




  1. Jon L. says:

    As a Red Sox fan....would the Rays please take back Crawford. The guy is terrible this year.

  2. carey says:

    If everything was equal (money) I think he'd prefer to be back here.


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