The Rays announced last night that they had signed the last four of their unsigned top draft picks, including their top pick, pitcher Taylor Guerrieri. Also signing before last night’s deadline were outfielder Mikie Mahtook, third baseman Tyler Goedell and left-handed pitcher Grayson Garvin.

The Rays signed their top 14 selections in the draft, 20 of their first 21, and 41 of 60 overall.

According to the Rays Draft Board at, the Rays top 12 picks (first, supplemental, and second rounders) received signing bonuses totaling $9.77 million, with the largest bonus ($1.6M) going to Guerrieri.The Rays fifth selection (Goedell, supplemental rd., no. 41 overall) received a $1.5 million signing bonus, nearly $700 thousand over his the recommended bonus at his slot. The Rays were able to sign four of the top 12 picks for below slot recommendation.

There had been some concerns that the Rays would not be able to afford to sign all their top picks. The total recommended bonuses by Major League Baseball  for those 12 slots totaled $9.07 million.



  1. Tone says:

    The Rays organization did well; props to those involved.

  2. Don says:

    Rays have $9mil to “give” to High School/college kids who may never play an inning in ML baseball…but no $ to sign an accomplished hitter?….to help NOW….

  3. KillaTapes says:

    This restores some faith in the FO for me. Was really worried they wouldn’t be able to fully pull the trigger on what could be the most important draft in the last decade for this team

  4. Matt says:

    @Don: Yes, they gave 9M to TWELVE good prospects instead of giving it to one hitter.

    Sounds pretty damn smart to me.

  5. Gus says:

    As one who distrusts the budget of the Rays, I will give them credit where credit is due, and congratulations for signing them all. That si real money, and money well spent. When the Chad Qualls comp pick turns into a major leaguer one day, the organization should deserve a lot of credit.

  6. Don says:

    Give me $1mill for everyone who does not make it to the majors and I’ll make it to the playoffs with$9mil & one .300 hitting SS or catcher…then I’ll Make my team better the next year….but don’t worry these kids will play about 2020…boy will we be good!

    • Drew says:

      chances rays made the playoffs this year with a SS/C hitting .300…about 10%.

    • Tracy says:

      Please explain to me where we can find all these .300 hitting shortstops or catchers. Checking the leaderboards, there are only 3 .300 hitting shortstops: Tulo, Reyes, and Peralta. Only Peralta would’ve fit with the Rays plans.

      For catchers, there is only one batting above .300, Brian McCann, but two if you count Victor Martinez. Although, he is not really a catcher anymore. The Rays couldn’t realistically afford either of those guys.

      And that is without taking Drew’s comment into account. Your comment is completely unrealistic and doesn’t reflect the Rays’ situation whatsoever.

    • mary says:

      I see your over on the DraysBay site talking crap about Longoria being drunk and hungover, therefore he’s no Mickie Mantle.Ha Ha Mickie Mantle was the biggest drunk ever.! You need to stop spewing that crap about him being a drunk, moron and pot smoker.You know CRAP about Longoria! So you should keep you jealous, snide comments to yourself. Talk about Zobrist, he never does anything wrong according to you. You know crap about Zobrist too.

      • pete says:

        Mary you’re going to get real tired and fast by worrying about what is being said about Evan or any of the Rays. They are all public figures and like it or not , he is fair game and people always seem to enjoy living through others either by loving or hating them and longo gets just as much praise for being a great 3rd baseman as he does about the alleged partying.

        It’s apparent to me that you know him personally and if you think he is a great guy and is your friend, then you would know him better then anyone here and should understand that if he goes 0-4 that he is going to get talked about in a public domain in a very unsavory way. Most fans know that Longo is a great player in the middle of a down year.

        Enjoy the Games and try not to take whats being said about your friend as the gospel. I’m sure he doesn’t. If he did then he would be in AA still and labeled a bust.

        • Sarah says:

          He’s my hunch: Mary is Evan’s mom. Because her obsessive defense of Longoria only makes sense, and only earns our tolerance, if she’s Mrs. Longoria. I’m a parent, and I could imagine that if my kids became public figures and therefore were the subject of unpleasant gossip, I’d want to take the the airwaves to defend them. So Mary, if Evan is your baby, I get it….but I think he’d want you to chill out and not spend your time searching fan blogs so you could get in the face of critical fans.

          But Mary, if you are NOT Evan’s mom, then your obsessive defense of Longoria is a little weird. Almost as weird as Don’s obsession with Evan’s wild and crazy social life (or least the wild and crazy social life that seems to dominate Don’s fantasies). Actually, Don and Mary kind of deserve each other — just wish they’d take their fight somewhere else so we can all talk baseball.

          • pete says:

            Interesting take. The anger does seem like one of a Mother protecting her child. but on the other hand , it sounds like a crazy high school chick who has a psychotic Alicia Silverstone type Crush on Longo.

          • Don says:

            OR Sarah is MAry’s mother and the psycho genes were passed on?? LOngoria has a long way to go BEFORE he catches up to Don’s “wild and crazy life” in my 20′s, I had lots of Marys trying to protect my reputation, it didn’t work…but look how good I turned out..

          • mary says:

            Really you talk baseball onhere. Seems like all you talk about on here is the players bad habits and their nightlife. i havent seen one intelligent comment about baseball

  7. Joe says:

    For all the crap I give the team and deservedly so, its time for me to tip my cap and give team credit for signing their hoard and stash of players. Kudos to them. Now its up to a little bit of hard work and some good coaching and instruction and these guys can be ready for the bigs in 2-3 years and not suffer attrition-itis!

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