One year ago on Rays Index we revisited Andrew Friedman’s biggest mistake, the 2008 draft.

Revisiting Andrew Friedman’s Biggest Mistake: The 2008 Draft [Rays Index]




  1. Beth says:

    Cork, since you re-posted it, I’m wondering if you still stand by it? Seems like Beckham has made some improvements, and clearly we can no longer say that in Reid Brignac we’ve got our starting short stop for the next five years. Even ignoring Posey’s injury — does Beckham still look like a huge mistake?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      At this point i would say that Beckham now looks like he can be an everyday major league shortstop. I wouldn’t have said that a year ago. But really, I am not yet convinced that Beckham will ever be a better option than Reid Brignac. Brignac has a better glove. Beckham might hit a little better.Posey on the other hand, even with the injury should be an all-star for years to come.

      That’s just a long way of saying that, no, i don’t necessarily think Beckham is a bust, but I would still rather have Posey.

      • Beth says:

        Of course, agreed, but maybe now “biggest mistake ever” can once again be signing Pat Burrell.

        • Cork Gaines says:

          Maybe. But that is a little different. At the time, nobody questioned signing Burrell. Well 1 or 2 people did, but for the most part, people thought the Rays got a great deal. But with Beckham, there were a lot of people, even some in the organization, that wanted Posey. And it appears that the move was at least in part based on bonus demands. So I guess it just depends n how you look at it.

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