It is well known by those that follow the Rays closely that Evan Longoria likes to party. And when you are 25, attractive, rich, and famous, why not?

Well, Longoria’s partying ways were never a problem when he was hitting .300 with 30 home runs, and playing Gold Glove defense. And it was definitely not a problem when the Rays were winning.

But now Longoria is struggling (almost all of his offensive numbers will be career-lows), and the Rays are out of contention this early in the season for the first time since 2007.

The frustration by both the fans, and Longoria, boiled over on Twitter Saturday night.

It started with Longoria looking for a recommendation on a place to get a massage in Seattle. But then he apparently changed his plans and went out. He announced to the Twitterverse that he was drinking wine around 10:00pm west coast time.

This led to a number of people on Twitter questioning Longoria’s decision to be out late, the night before a 1:00pm game. One person in particular pointed out that Longoria is sporting a career-low OPS. Well, Longoria had enough

Hows your OPS? #YDYJIDM

YDYJIDMRT stands for “You Do Your Job, I’ll Do Mine.”

Then around 11:00pm Seattle time, Longoria took it a step further, announcing to the world that he was out with two ladies.

Then silence. For an entire FIVE HOURS. At 4:00 am Seattle time, Longoria “retweeted*” something that a follower had said to him about ignoring haters. Anybody think Longoria was sleeping during those five hours?

Then, at about 11:00 am Seattle time, seven hours after his last tweet, Longoria was up, and sent out one last (indirect) parting shot to all his detractors.

Much love and respect for all my twitter fans who actually follow for the right reasons. For you I am truly appreciative. #playhardalways

For the record, Longoria went 1-3 with 2 walks and an RBI in the game. And there was a questionable slide into second base trying to break up a double-play in the eighth inning. Only one problem: there were two outs. Oops.

Of course, the Rays partying ways made headlines recently when Carl Crawford told the media that the Red Sox don’t party as much as the Rays. And it was about a year ago, when Crawford told the local media that he didn’t understand how his teammates can stay out late and still do their jobs well.

Again, if the Rays were winning and Longoria was playing well, this wouldn’t be a problem. And really, maybe it still isn’t a problem. But it sure doesn’t look good. And it sure sounds like Longoria is getting frustrated.

*In the Twitter world, “retweeting” is a way of saying to your followers, “hey, look what somebody else said.”



  1. LoLJFH says:

    Uhmmm…”institutional control” anyone?
    Sure wish we had Percy bangin’ heads here again in some capacity!

  2. #partyhardalways charter members, Evan Longoria, Charlie Sheen and Amy Winehouse……err……….Evan Longoria and Charlie Sheen.

    • mary says:

      Assanine statement. Have you personally witnessed him “partying” I assume not. so quit with the comparisons.

      • I haven’t personally witnessed Longo out partying, but I hear about it constantly. Carl Crawford did witness it and said that playing for the Rays was “party central.” I do know that clean living players like Zobrist are playing well. I do see that David Price is falling apart even after they dealt his partying buddy, Scott Kazmir away. I see that a once promising shortstop Reid Brignac got demoted to the Durham Bulls where he suddenly goes 3 for 4 in his first game. Sobering thought.

        Say we send Longo to rehab, NO NO NO!

  3. Buddhaboy says:

    This guy has been a huge disappointment this year, and his manerisms or body language tells it all. He needs to get his head out of his ass or his fame is going to go away real quick. All i see when i look at him is a spoiled kid that thinks his crap dont stink, kinda like A Rod. I love longo his first couple years, but the more i watch him, the less i like him, kinda like BJ. But hey, i am just telling it like it is….Wish it werent so

  4. brett says:

    Since when is it the fans job to make sure professional athletes are in bed by curfew? If Longo was out too late doing things he shouldn’t be doing, then the people signing his checks would certainly have something to say about it. If he wants to drink some wine and flirt with some attractive young women, so be it. More power to him. I don’t do these things because my job starts at 9AM. I’d imagine they don’t have to report quite as early, even for a 1pm start.

  5. Rob says:

    I’m a big Rays fan that moved from Tampa to Oregon 6 years ago. I try to make the trip up to Seattle when the ball club makes its annual appearance in the Pacific NW.

    We were staying a few blocks away from the first place where Longoria tweeted his location. It was my daughter’s first MLB game on Saturday and I wanted to try and get an autograph on her Certificate handed out by the folks at Safeco. At the least, I’d be able to see Longoria out with some friends and have a drink at a nice bar by the water.

    I feel like the impression he gives about being a late night partier may be true at some points of the year. Saturday night was not one of them. He was by himself drinking his wine looking like he was trying to unwind and get out of his own mind where he spends a lot of time thinking about his career low numbers. I didn’t see him after 9:30 after he left that bar, by himself, after generously signing an autograph for this stalking fan. He may have went somewhere else, downed 8 shots of jaeger, rode the mechanical bull, and went home with three blondes. My guess would have been he continued to be out simply enjoying a beautiful summer night in Seattle and trying to get some perspective on his season atthe plate.

    In my opinion his problem is engaging Beligerents on the Internet.

  6. Jay says:

    Social media is truly changing everything… its like the wild wild west with no rules.

    When will athletes learn that there is infinitely more downside to tweeting their every move than upside.

    Your right, its not the fans “job” but that is what Twitter is — instant, no-filtered interaction with everyone. If you don’t want them to call you out and you can’t handle their tweets about your career-low stats its REALLY SIMPLE — DON’T send out tweets all night long about your awesome night life. If you want a private life then don’t broadcast it live 24 hrs a day.

    You can’t have it both ways. Either do your thing without Twitter/Facebook updates every 2 hours or deal with the side-effects of the new reality of social media.

  7. Caity says:

    I personally dont care if he parties or not, he’s 25 of course he’s going to, that’s the way most 25 year olds are that dont have kids. As long as he’s not drinking and driving and what not, then he can do whatever he wants. Im not saying people need to cut him slack, because he deserves the cristism for the way he’s playing this season. But then again, he’s not the only that parties hard on this team, he just happens to be the one where people point to for party hard.

    *I’m probably cutting him slack because he replied to me on Twitter saturday night, but still I just want my gold glove 3rd baseman back.

  8. Caity says:

    And by the way, he needs to watch what he tweets, he might of jepordized his image for looking like an ass, and Im a Longoria fan.

  9. Professor Twain says:

    “Then silence. For an entire FIVE HOURS. At 4:00 am Seattle time, Longoria “retweeted*” something that a follower had said to him about ignoring haters. Anybody think Longoria was sleeping during those five hours?”

    OK, I believe he was sleeping, and that he got up briefly and did that retweet, went back to bed and got plenty of rest to prepare for the game. I’ve checked my Twitter when I wake up in the night. Just takes a few seconds.

    I thought that it was all much ado about nothing.

    • Mike says:

      That is certainly possible, but Occam’s Razor disagrees.

    • Namirsolo says:

      He’s also rich and has an ipad, so he could have not even gotten out of bed to tweet it. Hell, I can even do it from my phone and I’m not.

      I think this is really much ado about nothing. 11pm is not that late. And every coach who has ever given an interview about Longo’s work ethic says that he is an extremely hard worker and very devoted to improving.

      Baseball players really don’t get much time off, honestly.

  10. Don says:

    I’ve spilled the beans on this moron for 2 years, no one thought his performance was tied to over indulgence in alcohol, women or whatever
    (maybe Maddon got him started on wine? when he’s out in tampa its beer)
    I don’t care what he does at night, EXCEPT when he doesn’t perform and costs the team…
    Believe me I spent many years drunk and chasing all night, BUT I did my job the next day..
    and LONGORIA is NOt…and that is the difference!!

    • mary says:

      Does that mean that every guy who struggles at times is a womanizing drunk. You are at it again. The whole team is bad, why dont you pick on all of them.

      • ALLEN says:

        Good grief, Mary, that’s not what he said. He did not say that only those out all night womanizing perform poorly. How do you get that out of what he said?

    • mary says:

      Do you have any idea about all the other guys on the team that go out
      at night? It is just that he’s struggling and the team doesn”t do well without him. His stats are better than most on the team and he missed 30 games, so spare me its all his fault costing this team games. How about they have a AAA line up out there and he’s trying too hard. This mamnagement doesn’t care about winning, so this is what you get

      • ALLEN says:

        Longoria is hitting just .232. More is expected from him. That said, I agree with you there might be explanations other than his being out all night chasing women and drinking. I think he might have a foot hurting him. Maybe he is pressing too much. He started the season with that long injury and was expected to provide most of the power, too much to expect from one person. Its just not been a good year. Next year will be better.

  11. Tone says:

    The ’86 Mets did a lot of cocaine, drank heavily, fought with each other, and rarely slept; while turning in a World Series winning season. Maybe the Rays aren’t throwing down hard enough. Babe Ruth likely had far more illicit things in his possession than an AK47. Longoria knows better than any of us that ownership has decided stadium and location politics are far more important than defending a division title; is everyone just jealous that the kid is out sewing his wild oats and their only thrill is watching an offensively challenged baseball team? Season ended before it began, let Longoria have his fun and get it out of his system.

  12. Beth says:

    I think the problem here is Twitter, and not Longoria’s nightlife.

    Athletes have spent their nights out partying forever. If anyone could find a clear correlation between late night carousing and playing poorly I’m sure the guys who write the paychecks would find ways to enforce a bed check. Re-read Ball Four if you think the earlier generations were better behaved. And as for Longo — if he’s been enjoying a nightlife during his successful years, why do we think it will help him to become a monk now?

    But I think some of these guys haven’t figured out how to use Twitter. I have to say that it’s a lot of fun for fans, having a more personal view of the players’ lives. I’m embarrassed to admit that I’ve enjoyed seeing photos of David Price’s dog, and knowing where he ate lunch (David, that is, not the dog). But there’s a real art to using this medium to build a fan base, but not allowing it let fans get a little too up close and personal.

  13. KillaTapes says:

    Kind of ridiculous to say that a glass of wine with a nice dinner is “boozing it up”.

  14. Gus says:

    If you look at Longo’s contract, this is the first year he’s made some real rock star money. He looks like he is going through a classic noveau money phase — $75K Customized vintage Camaro; AK-47, nightlife (don’t ballclubs have free massages? That seemed like one of those weirdo Al Gore massage requests).

    In any event, I suggest the Rays adopt the Branch Rickey approach and offer him a contract bonus if he gets married (just so he doesn’t get shot by his own toy gun or the gun of a jealous lover, like Babe Ruth). That would be real extra 2% thinking.

    Performance-wise, he does look too heavy and stiff (the feet tell you first when you are overweight) and should lean out this off season. But I think when management comes in an tells stars like him and Price: we are not playing for 2011 and are actively not putting the best team we could on the field for longer term considerations, it is hard for these guys to stay focused on their own performance when they’ve had such great team success so early.

    Maybe Juliane Zobrist is the team MVP, as Zobrist has had no trouble staying focused in this dead year. Z quitely took Evan’s clean-up hitter slot and did better with it.

    • Beth says:

      Gus, you made my day. I was also a little puzzled by the massage thing, and a little weirded out wondering if a massage was, well, just a massage. As I said earlier, the guy needs to learn when you use Twitter, and when you quietly ask the hotel concierge for advice. And maybe every player does indeed need an attractive “alternative Christian” (I think that’s how her music is pegged) singer to keep them on the straight and narrow.

      But you lose me when we get to the “why should he care, the team sucks” part. Even when teams are not likely to contend, their players should have enough pride in what they do to stay in shape and try their hardest. The marginal guys are playing for their professional lives. The stars should still have other motivators — maybe it’s the next big contract, maybe it’s the idea that they are at the start of Hall of Fame careers. Each year only a few teams are seriously in contention, and yet good players put up good numbers across the MLB.

      And besides, Longoria has been awful all year, and that includes that brief time when the Rays seemed to be in the hunt.

      • mary says:

        Adrian Gonzalez had 30 home runs and 100 RBI’s last year, playing for a horrible team. Evan’s done that 3 years in a row . so now Gonzalez goes to a great team and will have 160 RBI’s Its tough to be on a team that’s gotten rid of all their talent. Sometimes getting hurt and then trying to make up for insufficiancies on the team that were there last year change things.

      • Gus says:

        They are young men and they are human. While they should be playing for numbers and pride and legacy, it is just human nature that they’ll let down when the playoffs are not on the line. Lots of it has to do with the preparation — that is, when any dip in motivation makes it harder to prepare the right way. They still play just as hard, but the preparation hasn’t been put in and the results aren’t quite as good. Next thing you now, you are creeping people out with AK-47s and massage requests.

        Longo hasn’t been awful all year. Since June 11th, I think he leads the AL in rbi. But he is certainly having a down year at the plate (for him) and has been very iffy in the field (for him) where he had been the best 3B most of us had ever seen 2008-2010 with the glove.

        Derek Jeter is the gold standard for the modern player (on and off the field) and somehow he manged to keep paternity suits and woman troubles at bay despite being very active and the rest of these guys think they can just follow suit. Pulling that off in the social arena, however, is a smaller club than the 3,000 hit club, and it would probably be better if they followed Zobrist’s model and settled down and dropped the Twitter account in the process.

        • mary says:

          Lots of it has to do with other players that surround you. Getting rid of Crawford and Pena, I know he felt going into the season that he would be expected to carry most of the load. He got hurt early and I doubt very much he is healthy now. Remember Zobrist sdown year, everybody saying he was hurt and thats why he didn”t do that well. Zobrist being married has nothing to do with playing better than others. Jeters been a bachelor his whole career you think he never parties. I know he does

      • mary says:

        Anyway isn’t twitter about writing something fun. Who wants boring tweets. People are just reading too much into this.

  15. Marc says:

    A little bit of over thinking for my taste. Maybe he did sleep and retweeted from his iphone or something when he got up to take a leak. I have no problems with that, they are professional athletes not our slaves. Longo has had a rough year behind him and 1-3 with an RBI is not that bad considering what numbers he has put up in other games this year.

  16. Don says:

    Most everybody misses the point, nobody cares WHAT (who) he did last night, its how he performs the NEXT day….
    IF he wants to be a .230 hitter continue the way he behaves now( you can forget injuries thats a lot of BS)….he could be a better player….we will see in the future..there are lots of washed up baseball players after a few years of the “GOOD LIFE”.. scott Kazmir could be on that list

    • mary says:

      And how do you know his injuries are BS. You truly think you know something about Longoria and you dont have a clue. Every statement you make about shows your ignorance and jealousy. Whats your excuse for all the other players on the team

  17. Tom says:

    Longoria’s year has not been THAT bad. He has exactly 1/2 of the plate appearances he had last season. Last year he had 42 2B, 5 3B 22 HR’s, 104 RBI 72 Walks and 124K’s, This year he has 18 2B. 0 3B, 14 HR, 43 Walks and 56K’s. If you double his production, it is fairly close to what he did last year. His BABIP has dropped from .331 to .241 which has really hurt him. I think people ar panicking and focusing on his BA too much, it is not like he has turned into Vinny Castilla.

  18. Michael says:

    Nobody should be surprised that Longoria is the perfect model of the rich white boy douchebag

    But it’s his money and his time, he has the right to do with it as he pleases

    It is disappointing to see Longo struggle but the true reasons for that I don’t believe have much to do with his nightlife. Maybe it’s a part of it…

    My thought is that he just had an ugly first couple of months and he is mailing this season in as a silent protest against the owners for raffling off half the team last year.

    • Namirsolo says:

      Actually, considering his upbringing and the fact that he is actually not white, it would surprise me if he was a stereotypical rich white boy.

  19. babo says:

    in case you do not know, he comes from a blue collar family, did not recieve a division 1 scholarship out of high school because he was told he was too small. he worked hard and bulked up, signed with long beach state after his first year and then exploded onto the amatuer scene as the cape cod league mvp and became the 3rd overall pick. this is not your sterotypical rich white boy party animal/ ‘douchebag’. that statement is just ignorant.

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