It has now been a month since the Rays (finally) promoted Desmond Jennings to the big leagues for good. And what we have seen so far has been more than we could have hope for.

In 23 games, Jennings has shown a great bat (.337 AVG), a penchant for getting on base (.416 OBP), speed (9 steals), power (5 HR and 14 xbh), and a gold glove-caliber glove.

If you project those numbers over 162 games, Jennings would hit .337 with 35 home runs and 63 stolen bases. Of course, he wouldn’t do that over a full season, but that does give you a sense of how good he has been in his first month.

Meanwhile, the other guy manning left field the last two days in Fenway Park, Carl Crawford, will make more money this week (~$560 thousand) than Jennings would have made this year even if he spent the entire season with the Rays (~$414 thousand).

And if we compare the numbers of the two outfielders, we see just how good Flash has been for the Rays and just how bad Crawford has been for the Red Sox…

Through Tuesday’s games

Crawford is eventually going to turn it around. And Jennings will come back to Earth a bit. But so far, we see why it was such an easy decision to let Crawford walk.



  1. Sarah says:

    Listen, no one has a bigger crush on Desmond then I do, but even I realize that this comparison is pretty meaningless. First, Crawford is having such a bad year, that even Sam Fuld is making us say "Carl who?" And second, while I would love to believe that we can project from this great start, we'd need to see him for at least a season before we could start saying he's able to fill the shoes of a guy who played all-star caliber baseball for 8 seasons with the Rays.

    But ultimately, it was an easy decision to let Crawford walk because there's no way the Rays can devote 25% or more of their payroll to one guy, and do so for the next 6 years.

    • jim says:

      Don, I’ll save you the embarrassment before you stick your foot in your mouth. I’ll back up sarah’s fuld statement with some facts.
      .240 .304 .365 .669 20
      .249 .285 .378 .663 15
      Who’s the $14 million dollar player? who’s the $418,000 player? And the $418,000 player has had outplayed the $14 million dollar player many “fuld” defensively this year.

  2. Sublime says:

    In looking at yesterday's game, Carl looks lost! I would have never thought I would say those words, but he looks like a mere shell of his former self. I thought he would have been better suited in California playing with the Angels. I feel the laid back atmosphere of California would have been a better for the southern chap, Boston is too uptight. Not to say that he won't have a bounce back year next year, but he does not look comfortable right now.

    Des From Durham is everything advertised and more! Makes me wonder, why in the hell was Sam Fuld still playing in June? Yeah Yeah I know, MONEY!

    • JN says:

      I agree with your assesment that Crawford should of went to LAA, more laid back. Also, I believe Crawford is lost because he is a 2 or 3 hole hitter. Boston has barely had him in that spot of the batting order all year. They have had him 6 and 7 a slot. There is no way Boston will take Pedroia out of the 2 spot. In my opinion, Boston should not have even picked him up if they did not have a need for him in that part of the batting order. And for the price they paid, just outrageous. Just greediness on their part snatching up all the good free agents. They are doing just fine without him playing well.

  3. jim says:

    "Crawford is eventually going to turn it around."
    we may NEVER see carl put up the kind of numbers that he put up here.
    here's the most telling stat 95 games played, 15 stolen bases. let's be honest, they overpaid for a 30 yr old OF whos best days are behind him.

    will he improve his BA, sure, will he ever put up 55+ stolen bases again? doubtful.

    carl is a slap hitter that relies on his speed. he blamed the trop's field for his numbers declining late in the season. we'll see how playing in a hitters park with natural grass will do for him, so far, not so good. also consider how much less outfield he has to cover now. no excuses for not having fresh legs.

  4. Connie says:

    I LOVE flash.... love that his home run trot is one of the fastest in baseball, that he catches everything with two hands, that he seems so frigging down to earth and knows his place! He's got a pretty cute smile too!

  5. Mark E says:

    Make no mistake -- Crawford's talent hasn't and isn't going anywhere. I think he is the most consistent player in the league over the last 9 years. I believe he has improved most the important stats every single year except one. He'll recover, Redsux fan harassment or not.

    Looking forward to DJ to try to be comparable. He's definitely exciting to watch -- as was CC from day-one.

  6. Don says:

    What I always find interesting..every new player that comes around (fuld/Jennings) everyone including Maddon& JIM try to compare them to CC...saying "look we don't miss him" the facts are... with CC the Rays won the division 2 out of 3 years, were in the playoffs/WS, and the owners made plenty money and built their franchise...
    Without CC... and Jennings/FULD playing LF they are going to be 3rd place (maybe) in the division, sitting home during the playoffs, and the owners get squat... Life is good without CC....I get it.....

    • jim says:

      CC wasn't a huge factor on the 2008 team. look at his numbers. don't kid yourself.

      his numbers are poop this year, if we would have been stupid enough to pay him $14 million and he would have put up those numbers for us, we would have been fools. don, 1/3 of our payroll, for a below average OF(this year). yeah, that would have really paid off huge for the owners.

      why compare them? because they play the same position, you tool. the numbers don't lie, but you can keep ignoring them. CC is playing in a hitters park and producing crap and i hope it continues his entire contract.

      once again, why are you on this site bashing the rays? i still stand behind the "bad home life, bad job, little peepee" theory.

      please go away.

      • Don says:

        ARE you in the 3rd grade? you will have to come on stonger than that son to get me....CC is gone... playing for a WS ring, the Rays are down the toilet, but you have Joe Maddon & Sam fuld to be proud of as a Ray fan...

    • Tom says:

      "the facts are… with CC the Rays won the division 2 out of 3 years, were in the playoffs/WS, " By this logic the Rays should have kept many players.

      The Rays also won the division 2 out of 3 years with Pena, Navarro, Bartlett, Sonnanstine, and Wheeler. Do you want them to recall Sonny from Triple-A?

      I loved watching CC during his time in Saint Pete, at this point in time he is the greatest player in team history but that contract the Sox gave him was crazy. It is time to move on and start cheering for Jennings.

  7. Hal says:

    Can't we just like them both. Carl Crawford is the most accomplished player in Rays history, he played his ass off, and he cashed in on a ridiculous deal that not a single one of us would have turned down if in a similar position. Good for him. We all know that he is better than he is playing right now.

    Des has come up, played his ass off, and is turning heads. The player he reminds me most of is Carl Crawford in almost every way (except that he appears to have a gun that Carl never had). Let's hope he keeps it up.

    • Caity says:

      Agree, but I've always liked Desmond way more than CC. For some reason he was never my favorite (my sister's though, and she still roots for him, my mom likes to tease her about being a Red Sox fan because of him).

      To be honest, you cant compare Desmond Jennings to Carl Crawford because he's only been in the majors for one month, while CC was on the Rays for 9 years. How about we wait a few years before we start comparing Dezzy to CC (Dont get me wrong, I love Dezzy, but Im going to wait about 3 years before we can compare him to CC, because you can never know what happens).

  8. jim says:

    carl crawford plays for the red sox, their in our division and our rivals.

    do i wish him failure? i sure don't wish him success and i really don't care if he blows out both knees and never plays another game for them. this isn't an individual sport, i root for the rays and root against anyone that can keep us from making the playoffs.

    if they have to eat his salary, then so be it, it's better for our team. if it's injury or just poor performance, it really doesn't matter to me. i rooted for carl while he was a ray, he CHOSE to go to boston, therefore screw him!!


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