What do you get when you mix The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones and Star Wars? Reid Brignac in Durham on Saturday night. From our friends at Watching Durham Bulls Baseball, we get this pic of Briggy wearing his oversized batting helmet (required in the minors) and the Bulls’ special Star Wars jerseys as part of their Autism Awareness Night. You can find a closer look at the jerseys in action HERE.

By the way, Briggy is 8-32 (.250) in his first nine games since being demoted.



  1. ALLEN says:

    Reid Brignac ought to be returned to the majors. He'd fit in well with Sunday's lineup. Four had batting averages under .230. Only swingin' Shoppach is under .200. Longoria (he ain't no Chipper Jones) seems to be advancing (Is that the way to characterize it?) to .200 or less. BJ will probably end up a .230 career hitter. Who knows about Rodriquez.

    The Red Sox are hitting .280, the Yankees .265 and the Rays .244.
    The Red Sox have stuck out 766 times, the Yankees 764 and the Rays 833.

    For what can we now hope? As the Dodgers used to say, "Wait 'til next year." We need to see Longo revert to his old self, major hitting improvements at catcher and short, a new centerfielder, and a brand new bull pen. We need another seasoned pro on the bench who can hit in the clutch and instruct younger players.

    Go Rays!

  2. DRR says:

    He also made this play during the game:


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