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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

THE GOOD: Jokes. Evan Longoria, BJ Upton, David Price, and JP Howell walked into a bar. No it’s ok. In the joke, it is October and the Rays season is over.

THE BAD: Time of Death, July 20. That’s it. Hey, we know there are some of you that are still holding out hope. The Rays do play their next 20 games (after today) against the Mariners, Royals, Jays and A’s. But you know they will only win just enough of those games (12?) to tease us. But this team is not competing this year. And hey, we knew they needed a miracle. And they needed help. They needed either the Yankees or the Red Sox to fall on their face. Neither happened. And now? Let the firesale begin. BJ Upton? Gone. James Shields? Good chance he is gone (you really think the Rays are going to a 6-man rotation? Shields and Price HATE extra rest). Johnny Damon? Probably Gone. Kyle Farnsworth? Gone. But hey, the Rays will get 20 more super-duper prospects that might play for the Rays in 2-3 years.

THE TELLING: After the Yankees stole 10 straight bases in the series against Robinson Chirinos, he finally nailed one in the 8th inning…Casey Kotchman is second in the AL in hitting (.337).


  • This article by Tim Kurkjian will make you feel a little better. A little. [ESPN]
  • Wade Davis will be back in the rotation on Friday. However, Alex Cobb will remain in the rotation and start Sunday. Joe Maddon said he may stick with a 6-man rotation for a while.
  • James Shields does not want to be traded. []
  • Ken Rosenthal thinks it is more likely that James Shields is traded this off-season. [Fox Sports]
  • The national media is starting to pay attention to Matt Moore. [USA Today]
  • Now we know why Justin Ruggiano faked out the fans in left field on the final out Tuesday. []
  • I usually just ignore these, but this one is too sad to pass up. I made a statistical argument about sample sizes, blah, blah, blah. Jason Collette of DraysBay responded by making what appears to be a very unoriginal Down Syndrome joke at my expense. Those silly kids. And now I remember why I stopped reading that site. The constant personal attacks are disturbing. [Twitter]


  • DURHAM 7, Rochester 6: Matt Torra gave up 3 runs in 5.1 innings…2B Felipe Lopez hit a grand slam, his 6th home run of the year…LF Russ Canzler and RF Leslie Anderson also homered. It was Anderson’s 12th.
  • Jackson 5, MONTGOMERY 1: Chris Archer walked 7 in 5.1 innings, and somehow only gave up 2 runs…1B Henry Wrigley had a pair of doubles.
  • Lakeland 11, CHARLOTTE 0: Alex Koronis struck out 7 in 5 innings, but gave up 4 runs (2 earned)…The Stone Crabs managed just 6 hits. SS Hak-Ju Lee had 2 of those. He is hitting .329.
  • BOWLING GREEN 7, Burlington 1: George Jensen allowed 1 run in 6 innings. He struck out 6 and walked 4…SS Derek Dietrich (12) and 1B Phil Wunderlich (12) homered.
  • HUDSON VALLEY 5, Staten Island 4:
  • PRINCETON 5, Johnson City 3: Jeff Ames, taken #41 overall in this year’s draft, tossed 5 no-hit innings. He walked 1 and struck out 6…1B Cameron Seitzer was 1-4 with a double…SS Ryan Brett stole his 9th base in 25 games.




  1. Marc says:

    I don’t want to look like a DRaysBay fan because I’m not. Not even one bit. But he told you that he has a special needs child and it’s absurd to think it was supposed to be a “Down Syndrome Joke”. Don’t try to hide the truth.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      If he wasnt attacking me and trying to make jokes at my expense on a constant basis I might give him the benefit of the doubt. But he does. And I wont. I have heard the joke far too many times in my life. And as somebody that spent a good portion of my life working with kids with Down Syndrome, this time he went to far.

      • Marc says:

        Of course it’s not right for him to make jokes on your expense. He is an adult and obviously his actions represent Draysbay and wherever else he writes. But I honestly don’t think it had anything to do with making terrible jokes like that. If he did, I feel bad for trying to defend him.

        • Marc says:

          But I also think it’s pretty immature for you to put things like these on your Rays posts. Not necessary at all.

          • Cork Gaines says:

            Like I said, 99% of the time I ignore them. This time he needed to be called out.

          • zenny says:

            Visiting draysbay is like hanging out with a bunch of middle school geeks who think they already know everything. The flashes of insight and entertainment are drowned in a sea of immaturity and, in this case, saber-obsession.

          • Sarah says:

            Cork, I’d like you to consider raising the 99% of the times you ignore them to 100%. I love your site, I have no idea who these DRays guys are and I don’t care. When you respond to them you diminish everything else you do here.

          • SeanDubbs says:

            I caught Collette stealing material and called him out on DRB and ended up getting heat from him as well. He’s a dip shit and I don’t mind Cork bringing it out because he does this kind of thing on a daily basis. I don’t read any site that associates with Collette simply because he’s a hypocrite and thief. I wouldn’t put it past him to make a down syndrome comment even with a special needs child.

          • Cork Gaines says:

            Sarah, me too. But I’ve tried controlling this behind the scenes to no avail. There just comes a point where enough is enough. The problem is that he keeps doing this on Facebook, or in some comments section or on Twitter. And he thinks nobody will see it, so it is ok. Well, it is time people saw it. I truly hope this is the only time I will have to discuss this.

  2. Charles says:

    You have to think Casey Kotchman might be gone too, right? That is definitely the kind of player you sell high on and more than one team in contention could use a first base upgrade. Would not surprise me to see Jaso moved to first base upon his return from the DL and Kotch sent away – the Pirates for one could do without trotting Lyle Overbay out there every day.

    • LoLJFH says:

      Excellent, then maybe we could also call up Dan Johnson for the post season run as well! He did just hit his 4th homer since being demoted.
      Actually I think Zobrist would move there, S-Rod at 2B, Joyce everyday RF. Chirinos and Lobaton (when he comes back) will not be back until rosters expand unless another injury.

  3. LoLJFH says:

    OK, I’ll admit I am NOT a Derek Shelton – haven’t been since Day One last year. I know I am not alone here. I know he teaches and instructs and the guys “perform” at the plate, not him. I got it. This makes me wonder tho if luster is dimming: (from SPTimes this morning) “Maddon praised the work and dedication of the players and hitting coach Derek Shelton but found fault in their efforts Wednesday, saying Garcia “out-experienced” them. “We were just chasing balls, really not good at-bats….our approach was not good against them”. This coupled with comments before 2nd half started and continued comments the past few games about hitting and approach at plate by JoeMa. That is Shelton’s job. Period. The players are either not listening or he is doing a poor job. Either way he has to go. I wonder if we had had a couple extra runs here and there over the past few months where we might be in the standings (maybe 3rd but marginally at best I assume). Just improve situational hitting, not looking for miracles here. Manufacture. I know part of it is now we have a very young lineup and they are immature and have to grow up at the plate. Problem as I see it is that we will have this approach for many years to come given our “value” mindset and having to rely on youngsters.

  4. phil says:

    Trade Shields to the reds for Yasmani Grandal C , Yonder Alonso 1st and Todd Frazier inf-outfielder!

    • Matt says:

      I was thinking of the same deal. It would suck to lose Shields, but for a return like that, I would get over the loss.

  5. Matt says:

    I think we need to trade Kotchman now, even if its for a #10 prospect(likely return). There is no way he keeps up this hot streak into next year, and I doubt the Rays would even resign him if they end up getting a 1st base prospect in a deal.

    • zenny says:

      “Hot streak”? It’s mid-July and he’s 3rd in MLB in hitting. His average may drop a bit, but it’s no “streak”, and he’ll be the only Ray to hit .300 (or anywhere close to it) this year.

      While he’ll never hit for power, Casey’s off-season eye surgery has turned him into the poor man’s Mark Grace.

      • Sarah says:

        I wonder whether there will be a line of .200 hitters waiting to see their eye doctors about pus removal procedures this off-season! Casey’s been great — all he needs is someone hitting behind him who can hit with a little power, and his ability to knock out singles would really start to mean something.

        I hope they keep him — even with this good season i can’t believe he’d cost a fortune. He plays a solid 1st base (and they don’t have any prospects waiting to take that job). If he only had a little speed he’d be perfect, but I’d say he’s worth holding onto.

  6. Sarah says:

    You are generous in pegging time of death to yesterday’s game; for me it was either Sunday’s loss to Boston, or Monday’s loss to NY (after having gotten a 4-1 lead).

    Trying to find silver linings: 1. no way Derek Shelton is back next year. No doubt this lack of offense is not all his, or even mostly his fault, but there’s an argument to be made for having a clean slate next year. 2. We won’t be hearing about how team-friendly Longoria’s contract is for a while. I guess this is why it makes sense for young prospects, even top prospects, to sign long term deals — you never know what will happen.

  7. Jay says:

    When is the funeral?

  8. MJ says:

    yea that 6-man rotation is a harbinger of an eminent trade. why wouldn’t you trade shields at this point if he brings back one stud prospect or two good ones? They need bats and hopefully Shields can get them one or two while saving $. They have too many arms in AA and AAA knocking on the door to not get rid of one of their current SP.

    • Hal says:

      Exactly. 6 man rotation? Sure, whatever.

      • MJ says:


        …unless they feel they can make a run next year, then perhaps its Niemann. Or maybe they bail on Wade since his velocity is around 90 and his contract may look just as nice to other teams as it did to the Rays when they signed it. There is no way they keep shields after 2012, so now may be the time while he is dominating.

  9. David says:

    I know not winning right now is depressing, but is anyone looking forward to who we might receive back in trades from Shields, Farnsworth, Damon, and others? I think we could get some legit prospects close to the bigs!

    • Beth says:

      Wow, David, you are truly an optimist! Hard for me to get giddy about as yet unnamed prospects when there are still dozens of games to slog through where we’re going to hear: “Due up for the Rays: Elliot Johnson, Reid Brignac and Kelly Shoppach!” (yeah, i know that those three are not usually all in the line up together but you get my point).

      Hey, since winning isn’t in the picture this year, why don’t they just go for the “all personality team” — focus on interesting characters (an outfield with Fernando Perez and Jonny Gomes, maybe? Dirk Hayhurst in the pen?), and try to keep fans engaged with their wit and spunk.

      • LoLJFH says:

        Beatifully said Beth! Maybe we could dig up Mark Fidrich, get Steve Lyons at 1st and Al Hrbowski could be our closer. Wit, spunk and senior leadership!

      • David says:

        I agree that I am an optimist. But I also think that the Rays need to have one eye on the present and one on the future. So when I see that the reds need a starting pitcher and the only reason Yonder Alonso isn’t in the bigs is because Joey Votto is in front of him, I get intrigued. Yes, we would have to suffer through the rest of the season with crappy lineup. But this was a rebuild year anyway. We dropped 40 mil in payroll and just had hopes to hang around. Lets get more prospects ready to come up next year and win a title in 2013.

    • MJ says:

      I agree David. I’ve shifted my mindset into 2012 mode as well, and its more exciting than 2011. Lot’s of interesting players to watch (David becomes a true dominant ace, SRod becomes a .280 hitter, Cobb or Moore show serious promise, Joyce comes back stronger and wiser, Longo has a comeback year, HellBoy stays HellBoy, and hopefully we get a power bat in the off season or in a trade, plus perhaps get a look at HakJu or some other prospects to fill spots like SS or 1st base).

  10. Don says:

    Good pick Beth…EVERYBODY gave Longo a hard time for signing a long term contract (except me) BEFORE he play a day in the Majors…worth $47 Mil whether he turns out to be a .240 hitter or not….
    AS longo said at the time “HOw much money do I need, I’M set”

    • Alex says:

      You really need to lay off the booze. His batting average went up his first three years in the majors. His OBP also went up all three years. He’s had a slugging percentage above .500 every year. He has one down year out of his first four and you act like he’s a bum. You aren’t funny and I’m pretty sure no one takes what you write seriously because you write like a 3rd grader.

  11. Caity says:

    I prefer this blog to D-Rays bay, nothing against those guys but honestly most of them sounded like immature pricks, and I pretty much disagreed with all of them. I had to stop reading their website because of it.

  12. Monica says:

    RaysIndex >>>>>>>> DRaysBay , that is all.

  13. Caity says:

    Well Cork, you were a little premmature with your post since they just beat the Yankees tonight.

    They wont make the postseason, but you guys cant ever count these guys out. ever.

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