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The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.



  • Chris Bootcheck has opted-out  with the Durham Bulls and has become a free agent. [Watching Durham Bulls Baseball]
  • Desmond Jennings, Brandon Guyer, and Russ Canzler were named to the International League All-Star team.
  • There was a time a while back when we used to dream of trading Carl Crawford for Jose Reyes. Well, that never happened, but we can still compare the two players. And yes, we would love for the Rays to add Reyes for the stretch run. But let’s get real. We all know that is never happening. [Baseball Prospectus]
  • JB Long and his million dollar smile offer up their midseason report card for the Rays. [BayNews9]
  • Here is an update of the Rays draft pick signings. [Rays Prospects]
  • “Inside the Rays” will have a story on the Rays’ Dominican academy this weekend. Here is a preview. [FoxSportsFlorida]


  • Charlotte 6, DURHAM 3 (gm 1): Alex Torres allowed 4 runs in 4.2 innings, but just 1 was earned. He struck out 5 in game 1 of the double-header…CF Desmond Jennings returned to the lineup and went 0-4 with 2 Ks…RF Brandon Guyer was 1-3…C Robinson Chirinos went 0-3.
  • Charlotte, DURHAM (gm 2; 9): Chris Bootcheck allowed 4 runs in 6 innings…CF Desmond Jennings was 1-5…LF Leslie Anderson had 3 hits including a double and drove in 2.
  • Mobile 7, MONTGOMERY 6: Shane Dyer was pounded for 7 runs in 5 innings…SS Tim Beckham went 2-5 and 2B Shawn O’Malley was 3-5 with 4 RBI.
  • CHARLOTTE 6, Jupiter 5: Jake Thompson allowed just 1 run in 6 innings. His ERA is now 2.66…2B Tyler Bortnick had 3 hits including a double. He drove in 2 and stole his 21st base…SS Hak-Ju Lee was not in the lineup.
  • BOWLING GREEN 6, Dayton 5: Braulio Lara tossed 5 shutout innings with 3 Ks and 3 walks…RF Cody Rogers was 1-5 with 2 Ks…SS Derek Dietrich was 1-5 and is now hitting .277.
  • Brooklyn 16, HUDSON VALLEY 5: C Matt Rice hit his first home run of the season. He is now 10-26 (.385).
  • Bluefield 6, PRINCETON 4: RF Drew Vettleson doubled in 4 at bats. He is hitting .244…LF Josh Sale went 0-4 and is hitting .133.




  1. Chris says:

    Regarding Durham Gm 2: RHP Chris Bootcheck exercised opt-out and will leave team. Will Rays swap for Sonnanstine? Inquiring minds want to know. In the meantime, what’s the point of these opt-out contracts? They are killing the Bulls. Rant at Watching Durham Bulls Baseball.

  2. Tone says:

    The fact that Sonnanstine is still on the major league team means ownership does not care about winning. Reid Brigniac, Elliot Johnson, and the leftfield platoon also confirm their stance on winning this season. Kind of a shame, but that is why I hate politics.

    • Derek says:

      Every team has a long man.

      • Tone says:

        Sorry pal, he sucks really bad; even for a “long man”. Joe never uses him, even when a “long man” is called for. He sucks and there are a million options in the minors better than him. Cory Wade and Chris Bootcheck(who sucks too, but probably not as much) have opted out, yet Sonnanstine remains. There is no rational explanation for Andy Sonnastine except deliberate sabotage or blatant apathy.

        • Derek says:

          Sonny is not the reason why this team won’t make the playoffs.

          • Tone says:

            No, he’s ONE of the reasons. If they miss the playoffs by 3 games though, his starts will be an easy scapegoat.

          • Derek says:

            It is what it is, but I’m not blaming Sonny, when we are asking Davis and Niemann to get out there, and they have been just as bad.

            The fact is, that winning teams make more money. And teams that make the playoffs make even more money. Its pretty laughable to think that they would blow a season for no apparent reason.

  3. Derek says:

    Hey look, they play baseball outside in the DR…

  4. Don says:

    Sorry Tone ..I’ve been beating that Horse for 3 yrs now…SonnyStine is in the JOe MAddon “favorite player protection plan” its part of the good ole Boy network

    • Tone says:

      Maddon never uses Sonny. I might be wrong, but it seems more like the front office has forced Maddon’s hand by keeping Sonny on the major league team. Same goes for the bullpen; Maddon does not look comfortable with the options he has right now. Ramos and Russel are being used in ways that shows Maddon likes using them. Maddon’s use of JP Howell might be a different story though; that I could see being Maddon.

  5. Tone says:

    Derek, I am not blaming Sonnanstine personally, it is the decision to keep Sonnanstine on the roster that troubles me. As for budgets, the 2008 Rays went to the World Series with a similar payroll. All the talk about attendance and Sternberg’s concerns about making money are completely tied to the city not building a stadium. Obviously you see things differently in regards to ownership’s position; but I personally think all the attendance crap is propaganda and those same lurid intentions are the driving force behind decisions concerning the 2011 Rays’ having the best possible roster. I think this team could be a lot better than it is by just utilizing internal options and not adding payroll.

    • Derek says:

      But what you seem to be failing to see is that the Rays are Stu’s team. It’s his business. If they do bad, then he does bad. If he wants to try to sell, then it’s in his best interest to make the team as attractive as possible. A winning team is more attractive than a losing team. A losing team doesn’t get a stadium in Tampa, if a winning team isn’t getting a stadium in Tampa.

      Sonny is terrible. I don’t want him here either, but there is a reason why him, and his possible replacement, are long men, and not starters. If there was a better replacement, then that replacement would be too good to be used as a long man..

      Stop reading too much into minor league numbers. That worked out well with Dan Johnson…

      • Daredevil says:

        Derek: you must have failed to notice that Cory Wade had an outstanding season in the big leagues a few years ago for the Dodgers before getting hurt. His dominating numbers this season at Durham confirmed that he had regained his pre-injury, major league form. So Tone is right, the front office had a perfect opportunity to improve their 25 man roster by bringing up Wade and demoting Sonny (who still has options and could have been taken off the 40-man roster because no team would want him, or they can take him if they’re crazy enough). With out starters, we RARELY need a long man. When Sonny was spot starting, Juan Cruz went 3 innings once, i.e. our bullpen can piece together some innings if need be because they are usually well rested. So now, Wade has pitched 5 games in relief for the Yankees, allowing 0 runs and only 1 baserunner! He even picked up a win.

        We should also bring Gomes back up, as Ramos and Russell are just not very good major league pitchers. We also should release Shoppach, and recall Jose Lobaton, who is crushing lefties at AAA. Tone is absolutely right, the Rays could be improving their 25 man roster from within, and they aren’t doing it.

        • Derek says:

          No, Tone is wrong, and so are you. Minor league numbers are a joke, they are an even bigger joke when the player has over 700 PA’s in AAA, and 2000 overall, and is just now starting to hit.

          The fact remains that nobody here is paid to evaluate players, and I doubt that either of you got to see Lobaton, Wade, Bootcheck, or any other scrub in AAA this year, so you really don’t know what caused the FO to let them walk. I, for one, choose to be a rational thinker. One would think, or hope, that the team that clearly knows how to evaluate pitchers knows a little bit more about doing that than you, me, or anybody else.

          Cory Wade gave up 36 hits, 6 doubles, and 5 home runs in 38.1 innings. You don’t think that should be a cause for concern? This guy is 28. He shouldnt be giving up any homeruns to AAA pitchers.

          • Derek says:


          • Daredevil says:

            I think minor league stats are indicators. Obviously I don’t think Lobaton will continue to hit lefties at a .404 clip in the majors (his current average against lefties in AAA), but it tells me he has an outstanding chance to hit them better than Shoppach. And Shoppach is hitting only .113 against righties, while Lobaton is ,261. Half of my point is that Shoppach shouldn’t even be a major leaguer any more, let’s try an option in our own system. Lobaton can’t be worse, will very likely be a better hitter, and is a good defender. Wade is a control pitcher, as his low walk totals show. 5 HR’s in 38 innings in AAA is a bit high, I agree. But the paltry ERA, and his track record in 2008 for the Dodgers before injury, I think demanded he be given the shot over Sonnanstine. As for his age, it takes time to come back from serious injury. And so far, he has proven me a good evaluator, as he’s done great in his 5 appearances for the Yankees; while Sonny languishes with a 6 ERA on the Rays. While I give Friedman credit for signing Wade to a minor league deal, I have to be critical of him not giving Wade a shot when Sonny is clearly done as a major leaguer.

          • Daredevil says:

            Make it 6 scoreless relief outings for Cory Wade for the Yankees. 6 innings, 2 hits, 1 walk, no runs, no inherited runners scored, 1 win. How much is it going to hurt watching Wade help the Yankees beat the Rays while I’m forced to endure Sonnanstine, Ramos, and Russell?

          • Derek says:

            But Lobaton isnt the better hitter, he didnt just figure it all out this year, its the fact that he has over a seasons worth of at bats in AAA. AAA pitchers are in AAA for a reason, and thats because they are not yet ready, or are just filler. More often than not, they are just filler. See Lance Cormier. Dirk Hayhurst. so on and so forth. Minor league stats can be indicators, if you dont refuse to look at a career’s worth of data. Years of data that suggest Lobaton is so worthless he was a wavier claim.

            Sonny is a long man, Wade is a one inning man. A one inning man that was really really lucky in AAA with us, and will fall apart soon enough.

            If he finds success, good for him. But I trust the team that is known for their ability to find quality bullpen arms and help pitchers come back from injuries. Not you…

          • Daredevil says:

            Derek: I value your opinion. However, why would the Rays claim Lobaton on waivers, and then keep him on their 40 man roster for 2 years, if he had no potential? You say the Rays are very successful at assessing talent, so you are now contradicting your theory. Especially since 2 more good catcher prospects await at AA, Ashley and Vogt. Wouldn’t they have let Ashley ascend to AAA and demote Lobaton by now if Jose was that worthless? As for Wade/Sonny: we don’t need a long man with our starters. How many games has Sonny pitched in long relief? Once when Sonny was spot starting, Cruz pitched 3 innings, i.e. the relievers are usually well rested and able to finish out a game even if they have to cover 6 or 7 innings. Also, Wade was a proven major league talent before his injury. I maintain that the Rays didn’t make said move because they would’ve had to eat Sonny’s remaining salary this year, plus pay Wade. But it wasn’t that much money if you are chasing a playoff spot. They also could have sent down Brignac. Wade was looking too good to just let go.

          • Daredevil says:

            Wade just pitched 2 more scoreless innings today. 8 innings, 5 hits, 1 walk, no runs, no inherited runners scored, 1 win. I’m just saying sometimes Friedman and the front office make a bad decision. They get a lot of credit, and I agree that they go an excellent job. And they get a lot of praise sent their way. However, when they make a poor decision, they should have to take some heat. They hung on to Burrell too long, and the same with Shoppach currently. I don’t think fans should just accept that “they know best and I won’t question them”. It’s fun to play armchair quarterback, and I am such a big Rays fan, it just pains me to see them make a miscalculation like this.

  6. werD says:

    Kinda random, I know, but did anyone else notice the Rays 11th rd pick (Seitzer) is batting clean up at Princeton, and has a .400 avg after 10 games??? not too shabby at all…

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