[6:30pm] Joe Strauss is now reporting that the Cardinals insisted on either James Shields or Jeremy Hellickson for Colby Rasmus.

[4:40pm] Buster Olney is now reporting that the Rays offered the Cardinals Jeff Niemann and JP Howell for Colby Rasmus. It is unclear if the other pitchers were interchangeable or if they would have required accessories that differed from Howell.

[12:25pm]Buster Olney is reporting that the Rays offered the Cardinals their choice of Jeff Niemann, Wade Davis or Alex Cobb for outfielder Colby Rasmus (via Twitter).

It’ll be interesting to see what STL gets for Rasmus, because sources say Cards were offered one of three TB SP: Niemann, Davis,Cobb

However, it looks like that has been rejected. Former Rays pitcher Edwin Jackson was traded from the White Sox to the Blue Jays, and there are reports that Jackson will now be flipped to the Cardinals for Rasmus, as part of an 8-player deal.

Let us repeat…The Cardinals could have had Niemann, Davis or Cobb. Instead they will take Jackson, who has now been traded five times in seven years and is about to be traded again.



  1. Michael says:

    Rasmus for Jackson?

    Hooba jooba waaaaaaaahhhhhhh???

  2. Cork Gaines says:

    One possibility is that the Rays told the Cardinals that they wouldn’t make the deal until BJ Upton has been traded, and St. Louis may not have been willing to wait.

    Also, there is apparently some money switching hands in the Rasmus-Jackson trade. But that is only $1M or so.

  3. Rob says:

    Rasmus isn’t an upgrade anyway, so I don’t care about this one. His value to the team is that he would be cheaper than Upton.

  4. Joe says:

    Don’t give up on Colby quite yet. Cards asking the Jays for Thames which wont happen.

  5. Joe D. says:

    Teams can’t get over that Edwin throws 97, I seriously doubt Cobb was available, not really the Rays way to give up a ML ready rookie pitcher, we’re not talking Mitch Talbot here…

    • Sarah says:

      I find this rumor hard to believe. First, that the Rays are willing to part with one of these guys for an outfielder who’s a pretty good, but not stellar hitter. A short stop or catcher with those numbers OK, but a .260 outfielder with modest power? Secondly, I find it hard to believe that the Cards really would choose Jackson over one of the other prospects.

      • Hal says:

        I agree, but one of the six-man is gonna go somewhere.

        • Gus says:

          To the bullpen if the 2% folks have a brain in their head.

          • Sarah says:

            Seriously! We’ve got 6 starting pitchers that are all pretty good, and a bullpen in which no one is better than mediocre (yeah, I know Jake McGee but let’s wait until he proves it). I know starting pitchers are thought to have all kinds of value so you don’t want to give that up, but if no one ever got converted to relief than Mariano Rivera would have been a middling starter for a few years and would now be selling cars in Venezuela (or doing whatever one does after a middling career).

          • Hal says:

            I’ve always loved the idea of Niemann in the pen, but its not gonna happen this year. All hope is lost and the Rays are not going to reduce the perceived value of any of the 6 by moving one to the pen. One of them is gone at some point and we start aiming at next year.

            If they would have called up Des about a month ago (along with Lobaton) and shipped Niemann to the pen, I think that we would still have some hope.

  6. Joe says:

    Cards are so dumb. They can thank LaRussa for not being able to keep his mouth shut. Neimann and Cobb have been dominant in the AL East, Davis has a great arm that is suited for Dave Duncan. Enjoy your spare parts, Cards.

  7. Sledge says:

    Cork – Your post says they offered Shields but I think the report was Neiman and Howell.

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