This is the kind of game that Joe had to settle down from after pounding beers, giddy over the Rays pounding the Yankmes.

Bossman goes yard (could he possibly be the Rays Most Valuable Player at the halfway point? Think about it.) Zorilla, hacked off perhaps at the All Star snub, belts a three-run blast.

How cool was that?

Then Jeff Niemann was solid, not unlike his pre-injury form of last year. Scattering six hits and only getting stung one time is damned good.

But about the best part of this game was the incessant Derek Jeter kvetching. Thank God he didn’t get to 3,000 Thursday night. Besides, why should Joe feel sorry for Jeter? Look who he goes home to at night. Minka will comfort him.

Now that’s two games in a row the Rays had double-digit hits. Accident or pattern?

Come on, Hellboy!



  1. Steve says:

    I kind of chuckled last week when people were calling for Niemann to be demoted to the pen. Jeff was our most consistent pitcher pre injury. Jeff is too good not to right the ship and if he does the Rays will have a rotation as good as any in the MLB for years to come. Cobb doesn't pitch this game tonight like Jeff did.

    • Sarah says:

      Steve, I'm thrilled with Niemann's performance last night, but it doesn't mean his long term future is definitely as a starter. I think turning him into a reliever is less a demotion and more a recognition that pitching a ton of innings seems to take a toll on him, and then perhaps his particular skills would be better maximized in a relief role.

  2. Don says:

    Ben Zobrist is the Rays MVP with out him the Rays are lost...his EVERYDAY work in the field where ever you need him, and constantly getting on base, driving in runs when you need him....Hes the everyday work horse, BJ is the once in a while looks like he could live up to expectations but is really a .230hitting CF..we have two kids in the minors that could do that...WHO could replace ZObrist?????

    • mary says:

      Face it BJ is so much more fun to watch than Zobrist. As to who could replace Zobrist.Zobrist hitting just a little above and face it does not have as much upside as BJ. He's a good player and plays hard,but you are constantly comparing how he plays to others and always assume that no one tries as hard as him. Seriously?


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