Even the legions of Rays pessimists have to feel a little hope that Desmond Jennings might make things interesting down the stretch. After repeated debacles, Jennings and his underlings came out today and spotted the A’s a five-run lead before punching them in the mouth with a 10-8 win.

So nice to see Jennings take a ball to right field with confidence. He almost looks like the most professional hitter on the roster after Johnny Damon.

The Rays are freaking destined to drive Joe crazy. Just when reason says they’ve effectively quit and their lack of talent has caught up with them, they crank out an inspiring game like today’s.

Logic says they’re done. But so little about this team makes any sense.




  1. Des from Durham says:

    Greetings Rays Index Readers from the Show (currently cruising at 35K feet towards Seattle).

    Before you scream “small sample size” with your Friedman-worshiping calculators, let me say the following:

    29 plate apperances in 6 games. Reached base 18 times. .621 on base percentage. 4 steals, 3 doubles, a triple, a HR and 7 rbi and some sweet defense.

    Sure I can’t stay this hot. But ask yourself: When has any Ray or D-Ray ever done that over a week (much less his first week)? I think the answer is never. But look it up.

    While you are researching, take a look at the Doubting Thomas entries here: http://www.raysindex.com/?s=desmond+jennings.

    When does Keith Law ever get embarassed for being so plain-assed wrong? When do the unnamed Rays executives who trashed me as a diminished prospect and who played Fuld and Ruggiano (and BJ for that matter) in front of me get criticized for losing the season by that misjudgment? Do the search for my name in D-Rays Bay, and you’ll have the sycophants (some guy posting as Zorilla — what a loser he must be) there convincing themselves after the Damon-Manny signings that $5M Damon was a better answer in LF than me. Guy played two games out there before the towel was thrown in. Rays management is smart; but they shouldn’t be believed when they use scouting-eese to hide a money play. If you watch the games — spring training, last season — and looked at my run scoring and overall production in the minors, it was clear I should have been starting last August. The last year was completely wasted for me and for you fans.

    I hope it was worth saving a few hundred grand and deny me “Super 2″ arbitration status. I am the lead off hitter they’ve been craving for years. Rays averaged 4.2 runs a game pre-Des, 4.8 post-Des (even with a moping BJ and the pitchers lighting themselves on fire).

    We’ll get these guys turned around. But would be nice if they are dumping BJ salary that they pick up some other pieces for the bullpen. It is leaking oil; even Des can’t help there.

    • Sarah says:

      Des, I was wondering if you’d check in with us. But perhaps you’ll have to change your name to “Des from Dunedin” ?

      I was wondering if you’d be posting that you were hoping to be sent back to Durham, given how glum the Rays locker room must be now. Honestly, would you rather be hanging out with Kyle Farnsworth or Dirk Hayhurst? But I guess that MLB $400K minimum salary can compensate for sharing the bench with a sulking BJ.

      I know you won’t keep hitting .666 or whatever your average is, but as long as you keep hoofing it out of the batters box in half a nano-second, I’ll stand by you. I ask you two favors: 1. now that you are in the Show, can we drop the griping about how long it took you to get here? The real Desmond seems to have mastered the “just happy to be here” line, so maybe it’s time that you, his alter-ego, let got of the bitterness, too. 2. Please promise that your earlier post essentially blaming the Jews for keeping you down was a regrettable mistake, and that you do, in fact, realize that racism of any kind really, really isn’t funny.

      Really glad to have you up here, Des!

    • Amanda says:

      “29 plate apperances in 6 games. Reached base 18 times. .621 on base percentage. 4 steals, 3 doubles, a triple, a HR and 7 rbi and some sweet defense. ”

      Standard statistics!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

      That said, it’s a bit early. It’s Fuldian. But that doesn’t mean he *will* drop to the depths that Fuld did, but it doesn’t mean that he won’t continue doing good. I’ll just sit back and watch what he does and enjoy the ride!

      • Mark E says:

        “drop to the depths that Fuld did”

        Sam Fuld’s deep “drop” has him batting right at TEAM AVERAGE. Thank God for Sam Fuld this season. He single-handedly sparked at least 4-5 wins this year.

        That said, DJ, to me, was the best bet from day one. SO glad he’s here, if not just to get him settled in to MLB before he starts next season… if he’s not traded.

        • Amanda says:

          Oh, quit being a sycophant for your favorite players. I like Fuld! He’s one of my five favorite players on the Rays. But if you’re happy that he’s around the team average, that’s like saying you’re happy he finished in the middle of the pack in an ugly contest. (And no, I’m not saying he’s ugly. It’s just an expression.)

          And to your point, yeah, compared to how Fuld started, he his stats have plummeted. I’m a big fan of my favorite players, but I’m not going to look at his stats through rose-colored glasses so I don’t feel like looking at the truth is a dis to myself.

          • Beth says:

            It’s not that Fuld is anything special, but like Mark E I object to your using him as a kind of symbol of disappointing performance. He was brought here to be a late inning defensive replacement/pinch runner with an occasional start. He’s been more productive in that role than we could have hoped. If all players lived up to our expectations for them as well as he has (e.g. Brignac, Jaso, Longoria) we’d be battling for first. So let’s hope that Jennings doesn’t experience a “Brignacian” decline.

          • Mark E says:

            Amanda, If I’m being a sycophant for Fuld, that would truly illustrate how pathetic this season is turning out for me as a Rays fan. My reason for remarking that he’s at team average for hitting was to point out that his “fuldian drop” isn’t nearly as tragic as the anti-Fulds make it look.

            Guilty, I have favorite players… Sam Fuld is probably NOT one of them.

          • Mark E says:

            Oh, and truth is, I would have definitely been happy if Pena (one of my favorite players) had finished last year’s ugly contest with a .240.

  2. Joe D. says:

    I’m an optimist, and I think the Rays are done, Time to for me to get a hair cut, it’s going to be hot at RayJay for those first few games!

  3. Rob says:

    They’re done, but it is fun to watch a guy who plays like he doesn’t ever want to get sent done again.

  4. Michael says:

    The Rays will have to streak while Boston and New York tear each other apart… thats the only way this gets done.

    The Rays are clearly capable of another streak.. but it has to be timed right.

    • Tone says:

      Have you been watching this team the last 3 weeks? When Matt Joyce and Sam Fuld were playing like superstars they put together a lot of wins; prior to and after that they have been a garbage offense, now the pitching has tanked completely. If Jennings and Cobb were brought up earlier, also Cory Wade before his opt out, this team would have had a chance. Now, they are just fighting Toronto for 3rd place. Sternberg blows, more than the offense.

    • Mark E says:

      Timed right? You mean like playing .800 ball between now and late October, coupled with a NYY and Redsux implosion? Yeah, that should do it. That should put them in good position for a post-season run.

      I’ll continue to watch every game and attend 5-10 more games, but I’m going to be REAL about this season’s outcome.

      Hoping I eat my words with an unprecedented last quarter run.

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