The dome demons came through tonight!

Curtis Granderson losing a sure pop out in the seventh was a beautiful thing. Yet another opportunity for the national talking heads to pile on the Rays. But screw’em.

Finally the Rays got a few breaks — and some smart baserunning — to go with their usual dose of stellar starting pitching.

Damn, Jake McGee looked good. Hopefully that new slider and poise is for real. The J.P. Howell resurrection really needs to take a hiatus until next spring training.

Jeremy Hellickson worked the plate beautifully. The guy just doesn’t get rattled. Two-run bomb to Robinson Cano? No problem — 119 pitches strong in a critical game. It’s so easy to forget Hellboy is a rookie.

And props to Joel Peralta for an instant classic of a postgame interview. Not since MFIKY has there been such a dazzling array of fantastic confusion. Wonder if he’ll get whacked by the league for criticizing an umpire?

David Price must show up big tomorrow.





  1. Michael says:

    Shocked at Peralta quick-pitch wave off.

    Still displeased with offense.

    We won on pure luck.

    Longo about to dip below .230

    Remember when MLB was running ads ordaining him for the hall of fame? Yeah, I remember that too.

    I know Kotch didn't do anything tonight... but could you imagine if Kotch didn't turn out to be a rock solid base hit machine? We could be in last place.

  2. Rob says:

    It's a win. I think the hit of the game goes to Sean Rodriguez with his single to the opposite field with two strikes. Boy, do I wish they would do that more often.

  3. Rob says:

    By the way, can anyone explain why we just released Cory Wade?

    • pete says:

      He had an opt out clause in his contract. So if he wasn't in the big leagues by a certain time then he could sign elsewhere.

      • Rob says:

        Ah, that makes sense, but it is really a shame that we held on to Russell at the big-league level, let Wade go, and then released Russell a month later. I guess hindsight is 20/20, but I was never a fan of Russell to begin with.

        Does anyone know the status of Zobrist?

  4. Joe says:

    I had a dome problem in my house. Power went out after the Rays won which I guess the timing was fine but I didn't get to see Peralta's interview, anyone have it? Thanks


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