Before commenting on this epic loss, Joe’s got two questions: Where was the on-air ESPN outrage at Marco Scutaro intentionally throwing his back in the direction of Kelly Shoppach as he zeroed in on the foul pop to end the Red Sox 11th inning with the bases loaded? It barely got a replay.

Good for fill-in manager Dave Martinez for getting run.

And how long will Scutaro be suspended for one of the most heinous and dangerous displays of poor sportsmanship Joe’s seen in a lot of years?

It’ll be nothing short of disgusting if the suits at MLB come up lame. Scutaro even grabbed a look and a wind-up, so caught the great Cork Gaines on film.

With that off his chest, Joe knows this 16-inning, 1-0 ugliness will go down in Rays history. It was like a bizarre heavyweight fight minus the punching.

The Rays were 3-for-50. Ten walks by the Rays pen and just one run for the Sox.

What can’t get lost is the stellar eight innings by Jeff Niemann, and the clutch work by Juan Cruz and Brandon Gomes.

But this was the worst possible way for the Rays to fall seven games back and lose a series. Alex Cobb has to eat some innings tonight against the Yanks.





  1. Andy says:

    Given the flack BJ has justifiably received, he deserves some props for running down that fly ball in Left Center toward the end of the game. He'd played a long game & still ran all out to get to the ball. Though we expect that from most players, to see BJ do it, is worth mentioning.

  2. I don't place this loss solely on the bullpen, those hard hit balls by the Rays kept dying on the warning track. ESPN must have brought fans with them to blow them back on the field.

  3. Joe says:

    16 innings, 0 runs, 20,000 mentions of the Rays rebuilding their pen, attendance brought up, love affair with Pedroia. Nothing like losing a marathon game on ESPN.

    Could of easily swept this series and now, that's all she wrote.

    Why is Brignac in the majors? Shoppach? Russell? What is going on with JP? Any patience in the future Upton? Oh and Chirinos is up but not because we finally cut Shoppach but because Lobaton is already hurt. Gomes, who threw at Scutaro which was awesome and pitched 3 shut down innings goes down. I just don't know sometimes.

  4. Rob says:

    Like I said earlier this season, if there is a good baseball story to be told, the Rays will be on the wrong side of it.

  5. Steve says:

    ESPN is the worst. And this morning on Mike and Mike, Greenberg has to bring up the "national" story about Rays attendance but taking it a step further implying no team in Florida should have a team. Its hard not to detect an attitude of "those people down there" like anybody outside of New York is a rube or hayseed.


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