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[6:30pm] Joe Strauss is now reporting that the Cardinals insisted on either James Shields or Jeremy Hellickson for Colby Rasmus.

[3:57pm] Even though we heard yesterday that the Rays won’t trade James Shields, Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the Reds are “targeting” Shields. Rosenthal later added that the Rays are still unlikely to move Shields, but that the Reds have a deep minor league system, suggesting they are one team that might be able to change the Rays’ mind.

[1:50pm] Tim Kurkjian is reporting that the Giants are close to landing Carlos Beltran. That means there is one less team interested in acquiring BJ Upton. By our count, that leaves the Nationals, Royals, Indians, Pirates, Reds, and to a lesser extent, the Braves. We have also heard conflicting reports that the Phillies might be interested.

[7:30am] This is what we know about BJ Upton so far. Just about everybody thinks it is a lock that BJ will be traded by Sunday’s deadline. And most of those people feel that the Nationals are the front-runner. The Rays were even scouting the Nationals triple-A team the other day.

It looks like the Nationals are holding on tight to their top pitching prospects. However, shortstop Ian Desmond may be available.

As far as James Shields goes, it looks like he is off the table for now and for the foreseeable future.



  1. Don says:

    Price a .500 pitcher, Longoria a .240 hitter..who runs this place?

  2. CC says:

    Ian Desmond led the NL in errors (34) last year. He is hitting .224 this year. WTF . Should not even be considered.

    • zenny says:

      Desmond has been decent in the past, but right now he’s a bit better than Brignac with the bat and much worse with the glove. Perhaps the “change of scenery” theory applies here, too, but even still, the Rays wouldn’t take the guy for BJ unless he comes along with a package of top prospects.

      And also Johnny Gomes. pls.

    • MJ says:

      ooooo Ian Desmond… how exciting.

  3. Sarah says:

    The problem with all these rumors is that now they really HAVE to trade BJ. He’s clearly even more distracted than usual, and I, for one, have come to cringe at the sight of him. And I’ve never been a BJ hater, at all. But when you’ve built up this level of anticipation for a trade, it would be hard to walk it back if the trade failed to occur.

  4. Michael says:

    Uhh, are the Nationals still in the market? They traded for Johnny Gomes. Do they need more outfielders still?

  5. robert says:

    Hard to get excited about anything at the moment, never mind hysterical. Price is 9-9? The Rays are finished, period. I think after the initial glow of just making it to the bigs, these young players begin to hate playing in an empty park. It’s a drag they bring on the road with them and a huge letdown after playing in New York and Boston, and never mind that empty stadium is the Trop! Yeah, BJ needs a change of scenery, you bet he does. The question is, how many other players just loath playing in Tampa for short money and in front of no fans? More than one I bet. Oh, and being in the starting rotation must be a dream– knowing that you basically have to throw a 5-hitter to have a chance to win a game because there isn’t enough money to buy a legit bat or two. This situation is a farce and I’m close to not caring about it anymore.

    • Sarah says:

      Wow, Robert, you’ve got quite an elaborate theory going there. The Rays are playing badly and apparently it’s…..the fans’ fault! We don’t show sufficient support, the poor lads get depressed, and then, well, of course they are going to strike out with a man on third. And, in your theory, the poor crowds at Tropicana Field are so demoralizing that the players can’t even shake off their depression when they play on the road!

      • Don says:

        Gee…. Sarah on the attack mode….I’D be willing to bet you BJ UPton couldn’t tell you how many fans were at a home game or away….he can strike out either way…fans or no..

      • robert says:

        I’m not “blaming ‘ the fans– there aren’t any, or enough of them. Pretty simple, the town can’t sustain a MLB team. I can’t see how you can dispute that. Even with an ownership and front office that might be as good as any in baseball. And if you don’t think the empty seats are part of the problem, on the field and off, you’re not paying attention.

        • Sarah says:

          Of course you are blaming the fans. Just the line “there aren’t enough of them” and then your earlier post clearly says that the players are playing poorly because WE have let THEM down. At least own up to your own views.

          • robert says:

            Even though those empty blue things have legs, they’re not people, they’re chairs…

  6. Hal says:

    Ole’ Buster says that we offered one of Cobb, Davis, or Niemann to the Cardinals for Rasmus – but its not going to happen because of the mega-trade between Toronto, St. Louis, and the White Sox. Man, Toronto is very active.

    I believe exactly zero of these rumors, but if this is true BJ is surely on the move. It makes sense to me to move one of the 3 starters above – I have never bought that they are seriously going to go with a six man roataion for the rest of the year.

  7. Gus says:

    Gomes to the Nats? Sounds like maybe he comes back to the Rays in the inevitable Upton to DC trade. It will sell a few tickets and maybe replace Upton’s social life in the club house.

  8. Sarah says:

    So at this point, what’s the over/under on BJ still being in a Rays uniform on August 1st?

  9. Joe says:

    Whats this rumor about Davis and Upton both moved in a 3 team trade? Probably fake again, no lineup yet.

  10. Gus says:

    Upton benched tonight!

    Could our long regional nightmare of breathless statistical defenses of Upton (he hits .235 and strikes out every third at bat, but he is really awesome offensive player) and called third strike glaring be nearing an end?

    It is really like the end of Kazmir for me. So much hope not realized. Seems like a good guy off the field, so I hope he finds it somewhere else. I’ll miss him tracking balls to the fence. But I won’t miss watching his dreadful at bats.

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