On Saturday, we told you about a video report by Ken Rosenthal, in which he said BJ Upton will “certainly” be traded by this year’s deadline.

Well, after some reflection (and probably a phone call from the Rays front office), Rosenthal clarified his comment, in a section titled “Mea Culpa On B.J.”

I’m usually quite careful about showing restraint in my reporting. But I went too far on Saturday’s pregame show on MLB on Fox, guaranteeing that the Rays will trade center fielder B.J. Upton…Is it my opinion that the Rays will trade Upton? Yes. But my remark came off sounding as if I knew the Rays’ exact intentions. I don’t. And if the Rays somehow reduce the gap to the Red Sox and Yankees this week, they could decide to keep Upton and go for it.

It is easy to imagine that the Rays weren’t happy about the original report. Even if it is true, the Rays wouldn’t want other teams to think that they are desperate to move Upton. If that were the sense by other teams, they may be more inclined to make lowball offers.

Still, at this point, we would be shocked if Upton is still with the Rays a week from now.



  1. Pablo says:

    Upton must go. His "showboating" style has cost the Rays games and wins. He is not a team player and if the Rays are going to win they must play as a team. If you watch the Yankees or Boston play, they play as teams and that is why they are the leaders. There have been several games this year where a single or double could have won the game for the Rays, but the effort at the plate seemed to be to get the home run, and garner the applause and headlines. Jetter is a master at getting the needed hit, so is Johnny Damon. Their experience shows in they way they play the game. Up until last year the Rays also played as a team, and that is why they were winners. Things have changed and the Rays' "team" has fractured. They are not the cohesive unit they used to be. Until they get that "team effort" back they will have a tough time. They have good players who need to individually improve but they also need to pull together as a team. Upton is not going to change, Brignac just doesn't seem to have it and J.P Howell is not 100% ( and may never be). It's time for the Rays to make some trades and moves, to spend some money, get some quality players and begin to work as a team again. If Rays management wants a new stadium they are going to have to produce a consistantly winning team. They had that for the last 3 years but they let it get away from them, and this year's attendance figures reflect the fans understanding of that.

  2. Nick says:

    Funny how the Rays are quick to respond to anything that may expose their way of business. Like when an article came out about teams may be weary of trading with them. But bash the area, fans, stadium and they remain silent


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