This seems fairly obvious enough, but it is worth passing along because this is what other teams are seeing with the Rays (via Buster Olney)…

There is a perception in rival camps that if TB starts to move players,they’ll definitely be willing to trade Johnny Damon,as well as Upton.

We have heard plenty of speculation on BJ Upton. A little less on Johnny Damon. But of course, moving Damon makes sense. He’s old (37). And he makes a lot of money ($5.25M).

And while we are talking about Damon’s contract, it is worth noting that he has attendance bonuses built in to his contract. He is set to receive $150 thousand if the Rays have 1.75 million in attendance. And he receives $150 thousand for every 100 thousand fans after that.

What is not clear, is what happens if he is traded. Does the attendance clause transfer to the new team? Will it then be based on the new team’s attendance? Or will the new team be obligated to pay based on the Rays attendance? Weird.



  1. Don says:

    Damon has been one of the few reasons for watching the Rays this year, A future HOF player on the Rays, but with that $5mil price tag, Friedman would unload his mother....IF you like watching young players that will be stars some day the Rays are for you ..if you like accomplished players ie CRawford, Damon's of the world....forget it!

  2. LoLJFH says:

    I would hate to see Damon leave but it is only a one year contract and he could come back next year (business, not personal). However, if the idea is to get a "bat" of some kind then the one place we could put it would be at DH or LF, so having Damon is redundant unless the bat is a LF with pop. My hope would be that an potential trade of Damon would be grouped with one of our mid-level prospects or pitchers (Davis most notably - let Cobb slide in) to get a player on 25-man roster PLUS a serviceable prospect and not a wholesale youth/cost influx.

  3. LoLJFH says:

    Any truth here or just more "rumor" for this time of year (per another website): Buster Olney reports that the Reds are interested in James Shields. The Rays may be receptive too, given that Tampa Bay scouts have been evaluating Reds minor leaguers this week. It would be a pretty good time for the Rays to trade Shields. He’s been fantastic this year, logging seven complete games so far, and showing once again that he is a total workhorse. And of course, given how little starting pitching is available at the moment, they could demand a pretty high price for him, I’d presume. I mean, it’s not like the Reds are the only team who would have a use for the guy. Meanwhile, the Reds could use something to kickstart a rotation which sports the third worst ERA in the National League, better than only the Astros and the Cubs.
    Obviously forget Bruce, Votto, Phillips.

  4. Hal says:

    I'd hate it if they move Shields. He has a $7mil option next year - seems reasonable, but I bet he goes. Sell high / buy low. Dumping Kazmir at the deadline was great and smart, Shields would be pure surrender.

    • LoLJFH says:

      You feel you could tolerate the team trading a Neimann or Davis (actually only Davis lately) to help get a piece or two, not Shields. You are correct there as white flag would definitely be out in St. Pete no matter how you look at it. I believe team saw Kaz's end coming and dumped, not so with James - you couldn't sell that one to the "region".

      • Hal says:

        Well someone is the odd man out next year. Cobb just can't be at AAA anymore - he's ready. Usually the odd man out with the Rays is the guy who makes the most $$. I'd love to see Niemann in the bullpen where I think he would be great. When he airs it out, he brings it mid 90's and I just think he could be a devastating arm at the end of a game; probably not what he wants however. There is just no way both Upton and Shields are both here next year.

        • LoLJFH says:

          OK, so get rid of Upton and keep Shields! 🙂 We have or can get another CF no problem. If Niemann continues to pitch the way he has lately, early '10 form, then you can't afford him in bullpen as he would be too valuable in rotation. But, with his injury issues, if he has more, he and McGee (and Howell if he comes back to form next year - I think it is a lost this year on his comeback) could make a nice tandem at the back end. Something will have to give and I see Davis and Shields being dealt at some point this year or next with Moore, Cobb and Torres pushing.

        • David says:

          I don't see Niemann being a great bullpen arm. He has to much trouble at the beginning of games. He needs time to get settle before coming truely effective.

  5. Arggghhhh says:

    Ugh I can't stand thinking about the Rays this year anymore. Does anyone feel like Ramirez trashed the team by leaving.

    Seriously he could have been a difference maker. They are what 8-9 games back and how many losses could he have helped change. probably more than half of them.

    Just saying this team could be in first if he would have played I bet. What would be the difference of him or some other good batter they would need.

    Sorry but I really think he was the biggest change for the team competing and not competing this year.

    Yes there are other things but with all of that they are still only 8-9 games out. One good bat could have cut that in half at the least.


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