Nobody wants to play in the All-Star game now that it actually means something. How can we fix this? It is time to scrap the entire model and start from scratch. Two All-Star games with the American League All-Stars and the National League All-Stars each taking on an All-Star team from Japan. Read the entire plan over at Business Insider. [BUSINESS INSIDER]



  1. Alex says:

    I don't really want the All Star game to mean anything. I don't want our pitchers getting injured just as in football I'd rather our guys not play. This would make the game interesting except MLB would be more dominate than the AL has been over the NL.

  2. Charles says:

    I love this idea and would watch every year. I'm actually a fan of the World Baseball Classic too, which I think puts me in the minority.

    • werD says:

      fairly pretentious of the writer to assume that Japanese MLB players would fly 14+ hours to play in an exhibition game in the middle of the regular season, when we all know dmn good and well that no US MLBer would EVER even fly to Hawaii to play in an all-star game.

      i hate bagging solutions, when i dont have any suggestions to offer, but this one is absurd, and would never work.

  3. Carey says:

    WerD actually (not intended) hits on a point. I think this year's non attendance is a bit of an anomale, in large part because this is a west coast game and amounts to a 1-game west-coast road trip. Everyone was hammering Jeter on the radio and I"m thinking, "If this game is in Boston, Cleveland, Philly, etc., he's there."

    Think about it. These guys get, for the most part, 1 day off every two weeks and they look forward to the All Star "break." Now, if you have to take a flight to Phoenix on Sunday night or Monday, play Tuesday, then spend Wednesday traveling again, that sucks. Especially (I haven't checked the Yankee's schedule) if you have to start back on Thursday.

    It is what it is and the AS Game will never be what is was when I was a kid (70s-80s), but this year seems to be a nexus of several things - injuries, fatigue and an AS Game in an unfavorable location.

    Just my 2-cents.

    • Beth says:

      Jeter's entitled to his days off, but then why not ask to have his name taken off the ballot? Or announce early on that he won't be going so that someone for whom this is still a big deal can take his place? What bugs me is players getting named to the team (and for many, accepting the bonus that's in their contracts) when they know they don't intend to go. It's not like the location was a surprise.

      Maybe they should just name an all star team for the recognition, and then not both to actually play a game. If the game is played for high stakes each club is worried about their players getting injured or worn out. If it's played for no stakes no one takes it seriously. I don't see a reasonable compromise.


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