Evan Longoria is suffering from Morton’s Neuroma in his left foot, which is a “thickening of the nerve tissue between the toes.” He told Marc Topkin that it won’t affect his playing time and that he’s “gotten used to it.” [The Heater]



  1. Beth says:

    Yeah, if “gotten used to it” means hobbling to first base, having his legs do weird things on hard swings, and generally moving around like he’s 75 years old.

  2. bbmern says:

    Morton’s Neuroma is no joke! I’m surprised he hobbled to first base in the first place! I know how painful that is. The shot worked pretty well today, didn’t it!!!

  3. DPM James says:

    Too bad he doesn’t have the neuroma fixed by 4% sclerosing alcohol injections this does not require any down time and most of the time the cure is permanent

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