[UPDATE] The Rays have confirmed that Lobaton is being promoted, along with Jake McGee. To make room for both players, John Jaso has been placed on the DL with the dreaded “oblique strain.” (Is it wrong, that it has gotten to the point that anytime a Rays player goes on the DL with an injury that wasn’t documented during a game, we are skeptical that the player is really hurt?)

[POST] Several Spanish-language websites (Marc Topkin) are reporting that catcher Jose Lobaton has been promoted to the Rays. In all likelihood, he will take Brandon Guyer’s roster spot. Guyer was sent back to triple-A earlier this week.

Lobaton, who was hitting .293-8-31 with a .410 OBP and .397 wOBA, may only be here for a few days. David Price (Friday), James Shields (Saturday), and Jeff Niemann (Sunday) will start the first three games out of the break. That means, the Rays will need to promote Alex Cobb to start on either Monday or Tuesday.



  1. Matt says:

    They shouldve called up Lobaton for Shop and Canzler for guyer

  2. Blake says:

    Why is Niemann going Sunday instead of Hellboy?

  3. Neal says:

    Anyone think there’s a chance they’ll pull a Burrell and just release Shoppach? Please? I know having a rookie and almost a rookie as your only options behind the plate isn’t a good situation but the next two weeks are pretty much now or never for 2011.
    I’m sure it’s much more likely Jaso goes down if Lobaton plays well. Not sure what his option situation is though.

    • Sarah says:

      In short, no. Pat was the DH, so if he wasn’t hitting he really added nothing. Catchers bring value because they play a crucial defensive position that you can’t easily replace.

      • Gus says:

        Shoppach’s defense has regressed terribly the last month, but I think his press clippings still indicate that he’s Johnny Bench back there.

        Welcome Lobaton.

        Calling Guyer up for twice for 4 games is just a joke. And I haven’t seen much comment, but the bush-league decision to not play 2 games last Saturday not only fired up NY (they thought it was jeter-related), it denied us a favorable Hellickson-Garcia match-up and a chance to play a double header against an old team in the July heat. Makes no sense. Too clever by half, once again.

        • Sarah says:

          I didn’t get that, either (the decision not to play Saturday) Their argument was that they had some injuries, but so did the Yankees. And Rivera could only have pitched in one of the two games. I don’t care that they pissed off the NYers — heck, I live for those moments — but for what?

  4. Joe says:

    I wanted Hellickson in the 3 spot until I thought about it. Neimann is better for that spot because if they give it to Hellickson then Neimann makes 2 starts in a row vs the Yankees, no thanks, he got us 1, lets be happy about that one. Hellickson, Cobb, Price and Shields vs the Yankees is cool.

  5. Joe says:

    Also, Jaso is “injured” and McGee is joining Lobaton on the way to Tampa. Dave Martinez has shaved.

  6. Chris says:

    Reports now have John Jaso going on DL and reliever Jake McGee coming “up” as well. Bulls up against Pawtucket Red Sox. Nice trade for Sonnanstine, top hitter and two (Gomes and McGee) top relievers. Thanks, guys. Sure hope you beat the Red Sox brains in. We get to see Carl Crawford, though…

    • Joe says:

      Crawford is coming off the DL after this series. Ortiz was suspended but he will most likely appeal so no such luck there.

  7. Jon L. says:

    The Rays will miss Jaso.

  8. Matt says:

    However, Maddon will probably throw mcgee against gonzalez with the bases loaded.

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