Ken Rosenthal, friend of the Rays family, apparently has a lot to get off his chest about the Rays. But we have no idea what his point is…

First he starts by trashing the Trop…

The Rays are sick and tired of Tropicana Field and they’re not going to take it anymore…Nor should they…If I were the Rays, I’d be ticked off, too…Here they are, arguably the best-run franchise in the sport, and they’ve got no chance of sustaining success in their freak show of a ballpark – a ballpark built with the wrong kind of roof in the wrong part of the region.

But then he says the players need to suck it up…

If only for a moment, let’s interrupt the pity party…The Rays’ players are professionals. They need to suck it up through poor attendance, broken lights in the catwalks and everything else. The Trop sure didn’t stop the team from winning the AL East in two of the past three seasons and reaching the 2008 World Series.

And that Stuart Sternberg knew what he was getting into…

Owner Stuart Sternberg knew full well when he bought the team in 2005 that the Rays’ lease at the Trop ran through ‘27.

But then follows that up by trashing mayor Bill Foster

St. Petersburg mayor Bill Foster misses the forest for the trees when he talks about forcing the team to honor its lease.

Ahhhh, but just when you thought the fans would sneak by, Rosenthal takes his shot at us too…

Attendance normally jumps for teams that reach the playoffs and especially the World Series. But in ‘09, the season after the Rays reached the Series, their home attendance improved by less than 1,000 fans per game, to 23,147…This season, the average is 19,740, third worst in the majors, even though the team is surprisingly competitive again…The good news, if you want to call it that, is that Rays GM Andrew Friedman can do whatever he pleases without losing popular support – the fans aren’t coming, anyway.

But wait. Here comes the big finish. Wait for it. Wait for it…

Trading Shields, an All-Star pitcher who is under an affordable contract, might appear counter-productive. But the Rays need to exploit every opportunity to get younger, cheaper and better – or they will get swallowed whole.

YES!!! The Rays need to have a payroll less than its current $41.9 million or they will never survive! Because how can they pay for a $40 million payroll when they are only receiving $35-40 million in revenue sharing each year.

So what is Rosenthal’s point in this article? It just seems to be one gigantic Rays bashing piece. Is it about the stadium? Is it about competing? Is it about the attendance and finances? Apparently all of the above.

Or maybe his point is just that the entire situation is a mess. We’re not sure.

One last thought: Rosenthal writes “I can’t remember who said this, but I wish it had been me: Markets don’t fail baseball; baseball fails markets.”

Thanks to this new inventions called “Google,” or maybe it’s “Yoogle” — We’re not sure. The G might be silent — we figured out, in 0.16 seconds, that it was Mike Baldwin in 2001.



  1. rayalan says:

    Rosenthal is spot on in his comments. I like the Trop (Im a season ticket holder)but it has become a PR nighmare for our region. The support given this team is absolutley ridiculous.

    • Joe says:

      Why is it a PR nightmare? Is it because THEY WANT YOU TO THINK THAT IT IS? This is a serious, SERIOUS piece of brainwashing and propaganda.

  2. Michael says:

    Whoever thinks that the Rays need to get cheaper does not understand economics or has any perspective on what the Rays pull in.

    The payroll is 40 mill now so that in 2015 it can be 100 mill.

    Even if the attendance every year was 25k, it would still be 40 mill.

    The team is run by investment bankers. When Stu goes on TV and craps on the fans for not showing up, he's not saying

    "Well if only we have a few thousand more per night, we could have kept Garza or whoeverthefuck"

    he's saying

    "In four years when I gear this team up again, don't bitch when I can't sign the 2015 edition of MFIKY to a 1 year deal instead of a 2 year deal"

    The Rays make money. There is no way they don't.

  3. I read the article shortly after he posted it, it didn't come off as a Rays bashing piece to me. More a bashing of an ugly Stadium Drama. I agree with him, it felt like someone finally got the picture.

  4. Mark E says:

    People, this is all a typical media brain-washing. The Trop is "unfit for baseball" because BSPN has told us it is, a thousand times. The owner and manager are just jumping on the wave because they see BSPN's creation as a springboard to a new stadium for them. Alas, the new, $600,000,000, taxpayer-purchased StuJoe Field in Tampa will break ground... and BSPN will move on to...... Cleveland, where the relatively new stadium is a "circus"... must be, they're only getting 14,000 fans per game.


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