On yesterday’s “Baseball Today” podcast, Keith Law was asked if he is “souring” on Desmond Jennings (emphasis is ours)

A little bit. He and Jesus Montero…I keep hearing they look bored or frustrated in triple-A. And I think both guys have some argument that they should be in the big leagues at this point. Especially Jennings…He is going to get his 1,000th plate appearance in triple-A some point in the next week and a half. That is a lot of time for a top prospect to spend at a level that most prospects just skip over entirely. And he’s been healthy. The biggest issue with Jennings has been can he stay healthy. Now he’s been healthy. I’m sure he is sitting there looking up at Tampa Bay and thinking ‘I can help these guys if they give me a chance and I am wasting my time here in triple-A.’ They are only human, and I think getting frustrated at that is understandable. It is not ideal. But it is a possible explanation for why Jennings has been good at triple-A, but not great.

This jives a lot with what we wrote a couple of weeks ago about the possibility that the Rays will  trade Jennings. The entire situation is starting to smell like the Rays are the ones that are souring on Jennings. And you have to wonder if Jennings has a future with this franchise.

It is also kind of amazing that a reporter hasn’t gotten to Jennings and given him an opportunity to air his frustrations. Jennings has exhibited a level of patience that not many prospects would show. Just ask Delmon Young  and Elijah Dukes.



  1. Rytor says:

    Maybe Durham started using Evian water for showers?

  2. pete says:

    I think the Rays must feel how i do about Jennings. I just don’t see him hitting at the big league level. He reminds me of Marlon Byrd. He will eventually be a good every day player but its gonna take time.

    • QCH says:

      this organization is pretty pathetic if its so called top prospects turn out to be no better than marlon byrd.

      • Cork Gaines says:

        Well, that is a bit extreme. The entire rotation is home grown.

      • pete says:

        Marlon Byrd was the Phillies top position prospect many moons ago. He is a decent player that flashes his tools at times and thats how i see Jennings. It wasn’t a shot at Desmond but i don’t see him as a game or lineup changing prospect.

        • Derek says:

          So what you’re saying is that they are both fast black outfielders? Because their minor league career’s are nothing alike beyond that. Byrd showed a lot more power in the minors than Jennings has shown so far, and Jennings has a lot better control of the strike zone. That’s Jeninngs’ claim to fame, his ability to control the zone. He doesn’t need to be an impact bat. He needs to play an above average CF, and get on base. They need to get him up here soon though, he has already been hit by nine pitches. That makes me wonder if teams would send hits out on near ready prospects, I would.

  3. David says:

    I disagree that the rays could be souring on him. If they were they wouldn’t be wasting their time trying to develop him in the minors. He would be traded or sitting on the rays bench and getting spot starts. I think they are just waiting for the proper moment to demote Fuld, who has marketing value (Super Sam Cape) or Ruggiano who was hot for a while…

    • Caity says:

      Well. When his finger is healed, they’ll probably designate Ruggy for assignement since Fuld makes those awesome catches.

  4. Des from Durham says:

    AAA a “level that most prospects skip over entirely.”

    I guess Keith Law doesn’t follow the Rays farm system very carefully. Has anybody made the jump from AA ever? Joe Kennedy maybe? Dwarf idiot.

    I’m thinking of pulling a Sammy Davis Jr./ Stoudamire and am converting to judiasm. That seems to be the surest way to ensure yoursels a corner OF spot on the Rays major league roster, regardless of production.

    • Sarah says:

      Yikes, Des, I’ve been enjoying your posts from Durham, but you’ve lost me here. You really want move the conversation in this just-short-of-really-offensive direction? Tell me this is merely flop of a joke. And your comment isn’t even factually logical. You really blame your time in AAA on Gabe Kapler and Sam Fuld?

    • Derek says:

      His point is “most prospects.” Not, “most Rays’ prospects.”

  5. John says:

    “The biggest issue with Jennings has been can he stay healthy. Now he’s been healthy”

    This is kind of a silly thing to say considering that Jennings is injured again and will miss the next couple weeks, don’t you think? And isn’t this the third straight season he’s missed time with injury?

  6. Des from Durham says:

    Cork: law is saying AAA is skipped often. Not in the rays system in a decade.

    Sarah: just some gallows humor after a year and a half watching kapler and fuld in the show at the mendoza line while I’m stuck on the bus in AAA. I am getting desperate down here.

  7. Nick says:

    I think this assessment is a complete overreaction. If Jennings was in the Yankees or Boston system and had yet to be called up I would agree there would be major concerns but we are talking about a team with one of the lowest payrolls in the league. The golden rule of the franchise is to maximize the amount of time they have control over their young talent because they know they cant sign them for big money when their contract is up (i.e. Carl Crawford). To keep Jennings super two status they had to keep him in the minor until early to mid July, Jennings then fractured his finger on July 10 and just came back a few days ago. The Rays will move one of their outfielders before the deadline and Jennings will be brought up then Rays fans can enjoy 4 years of Jennings.

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