[Ed. note: This was put together before news broke that Lobaton was going on the DL. However, we still think the comments are relevent. The difference now is that the Rays may want Lobaton to get his timing back in the minors before bringing him back.]

Joe Maddon spoke about Jose Lobaton prior to the catcher’s first start last night. And while Maddon is never short of praise for his players, he sure sounds like Lobaton is ready to be big league catcher and is not just an injury fill-in. And if that’s the case, as long as he doesn’t look overmatched at the plate, Lobaton could be here to stay (via TampaBay.com).



  1. Blake says:

    I still think there is a chance where Lobaton and Chirinos could both be up in the bigs if this stint with Chirinos up while Lobaton is hurt goes well.

  2. Daredevil says:

    Maddon completely mismanaged Lobaton this weekend. Though a switch-hitter, he is much stronger against lefties. A great first game for him would have been the past Friday against the mediocre Andrew Miller. However, Maddon instead had Jose try his luck from his much poorer side against 2 dominating RH’s, Bard and Beckett. Way to kill Lobaton’s confidence before he can get started. I know Shoppach is also much better against lefties, but his career is almost over. You have to put young players in a position to succeed, and Maddon did the opposite with Jose, who deserved much better. Now he’s hurt, Chirinos is coming up, and Lobaton’s chance appears over. Maybe he should scrap the switch-hitting thing and just hit right-handed all the time. His splits in AAA were .393 against lefties, .234 against righties.

  3. I happy to have a “real” catcher now, but I kind like Jaso, not for his bat. I just hope he can find some way to be productive for any MLB team.

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